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The Reason Why Galaxy Note 7 Exploded


According to a report by Instrumental, the aggressive design strategy of cramming the biggest possible battery into the smallest possible frame is what caused the Galaxy Note 7 to explode. The large battery inside a 5.7-inch device with all the other features, including a separate slot for the S Pen to fit in, has reportedly been the cause of these explosions. To fit the large battery, Samsung left virtually no space (less than 0.1mm in some places) around the circumference, when the company ideally should have left a 10 percent gap for the battery to expand over time. The compression of the battery thanks to the stress of being placed in pockets, alongside the natural swelling, is reportedly the driving factor causing many Samsung Galaxy Note 7 units to catch fire. Samsung lost billions from the recall.

They Are Still Using Their Galaxy Note 7 Anyway!


Even after the recall due to the risk of explosion, consumers are still using their Samsung Galaxy Note 7 anyway.

More about that here

The initial recall on September 2nd Samsung would “voluntarily replace [users’] current device with a new one over the coming weeks,” but didn’t mention whether it was safe to continue using the device. A week later owners were advised not only to exchange their device “now,” but to also power it off completely.

New York States’3D Lottery Game

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The New York Lottery has just released a scratch-off game that can be played in augmented reality using your iPhone or Android smartphone. It’s called Gold Castle, and it is the first of its kind in the country. You simply scratch off a small section for “3-D Play” and scan the barcode into an app. A castle pops up out of your ticket, and you can tap glowing windows to see if you won.

City & State recently spoke with the head designer of the new game, Liana Kadisha, who is the chief products officer at Paymaxs.

Selling Your Android? Make Sure You Data IsReally Deleted


Researchers have discovered that data can be recovered after a factory reset. The file itself isn’t actually overwritten — the system just throws away all the info on the file, essentially tossing it in with whatever free space you have.

What can you do to prevent someone from recovering your data?

Encrypting your Android Phone is the strongest way to prevent its data from being recovered.  Devices running Android 6.0 Marshmallow are required (except maybe some low-end devices) by Google to have mandatory encryption for maximum security.

Devices running Android 5.0 Lollipop or lower (and supports encryption), it’s highly recommended you turn on encryption (Settings > Security > Encrypt phone) to scramble its data before doing a factory reset. (The setting location may vary on different devices.)

Then factory reset it

New York Bill would Require Driver To Submit Phone In Accident


 A device called “textalyzer” designed to help the authorities determine whether someone involved in a motor vehicle accident was unlawfully driving while distracted.

The roadside technology is being developed by Cellebrite, the Israeli firm that many believe assisted the Federal Bureau of Investigation in cracking the iPhone at the center of a heated decryption battle with Apple.

 The first-of-its-kind legislation proposes in New York, that drivers involved in accidents would have to submit their phone to roadside testing from a textalyzer to determine whether the driver was using a mobile phone ahead of a crash. To bypass the Fourth Amendment right to privacy, the textalyzer allegedly would keep conversations, contacts, numbers, photos, and application data private. It will solely say whether the phone was in use prior to a motor-vehicle mishap. Further analysis, which might require a warrant, could be necessary to determine whether such usage was via hands-free dashboard technology and to confirm the original finding.

The legislation was prompted by intense lobbying from the group Distracted Operators Risk Casualties (DORCs). The son of its co-founder, Ben Lieberman, was killed in 2011 by a distracted driver in New York. The proposed law has been dubbed “Evan’s Law” in memory of 19-year-old Evan Lieberman.”Cellebrite has been leading the adoption of field mobile forensics solutions by law enforcement for years.

The law, which is before the New York Senate Transportation Committee, would recast the motor-vehicle driving law to make it so that motorists give “implied consent” for “determining whether the operator of a motor vehicle was using a mobile telephone or portable electronic device at or near the time of the accident or collision, which provides the grounds for such testing. Police will inform motorists involved in an accident that “the person’s license or permit to drive and any non-resident operating privilege shall be immediately suspended and subsequently revoked should the driver refuse to acquiesce to such field test.”

The Consumer Electronics Show 2016

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5G Mobile Communicationas

MiWaveS 5G network concept

Research indicates, there will be a completely new radio technology for the 5G mobile communications standard expected to hit the market by 2020. Research work in the UK and across Europe into the next generation mobile phone standard is currently focusing on the use of millimetre wave radio transmission at very high 30-300GHz frequencies.

If implemented, this will represent the biggest technology change for a mobile generation since the switch from analogue to digital GSM technology more than a decade ago.

The first discussions on potential global standards will start next month at a 3GPP standards meeting in Arizona.

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