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Afrotech 17


1000 Black techies, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs in 1 room for 2 days on the water in San Francisco? AfroTech, the largest black tech conference in Silicon Valley!

With two full days of the latest technologies and hottest startups, you will have a chance to learn from some of the best, and connect with fellow innovators.




Silicon Valley Startups Flocking To Dublin


Silicon Valley companies are flocking to Dublin, as their gateway to European and global success.  Business writer Heather Somerville on the website reports; the start-ups don’t qualify for the tax breaks available to multi-nationals simply because they only apply to profits.

Start-ups are following Apple, Intel, Google and Facebook to Europe because it makes good business sense. Somerville reports that these startups are setting up their first overseas offices in the hope that the booming tech city of Dublin will become their launchpad to global success. San Francisco data software start-up New Relic have just made the commitment to Ireland. Chief marketing officer Patrick Moran says “It feels a little bit like a mini-San Francisco. All of our startup friends are there.”

New Relic opened a Dublin office in February and plans to hire about 50 employees at their first office outside the US.Chris Cook, president and chief operating officer at New Relic, added: “Dublin is the launching point for our European strategy and an essential part of our global expansion plans.”

Fellow San Francisco-based companies like Airbnb, cloud software company Zendesk and file storage and sharing startup Dropbox are also new to Dublin.

Yelp  and Survey Money have announced plans to open a 100-person Dublin office.

Mark Harris is chief financial officer of Malwarebytes, an anti-virus software company in San Jose is expected to  open in Ireland next year.

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The Auto Industry Engineers & The Coders



Automakers are venturing on an ambitious drive to hire software “codaholics,” thats pitting Detroit against its technology partners in Silicon Valley. The auto industry is so much more high-tech than people realize,” Nair said in an interview early this year. “So we’re really competing against West Coast industries.

Four years the auto industry restructuring that included massive job cuts, Ford and its U.S. rivals need to hire thousands of engineers at a time when software is playing a much more prominent role in vehicle design than even a few years ago.

Millions of lines of computer code increasingly are the  core vehicle functions such as  braking and air-conditioning. Electronic parts including sensors and microcontrollers, used in laptop computers and smartphones, are the backbone of such vehicles. This  shift has General Motors Co., Ford and Chrysler Group LLC  seeking a  a new kind of talent — engineers with software, electronic and computer network skills — that has typically ignored Detroit. The auto industry  has been forced to increase salaries and seek promote Michigan’s image as a good place to work -this is no easy task for the automaker.

Ford is about halfway through its goal of hiring 3,000 salaried employees this year, as part of its largest hiring blitz in more than a decade. The bulk of these jobs will be engineers and IT specialists who will be based in Michigan.

General Motors CEO  wants to hire thousands of “codaholics” to write software applications for GM’s lineup of vehicles.

But these same candidates are also pondering attractive offers from other industries –like Apple Inc. and Google Inc. Executives, engineers and recruiters expect the war for talent only to intensify over the next several years.

The skill sets in  the computer industry, cell phones, all the other technology have become the same type of skill sets thats wanted in the auto industry. 

The role of computer systems in the vehicle is increasing as consumers clamor for “connected” cars that can sync with smartphones, provide real-time traffic reports or parallel-park themselves. Ernst & Young predicts that 104 million vehicles worldwide will have some form of connectivity in the next dozen years. Currently,automakers are redoubling their recruiting efforts to combat that image, by showing how they have changed since the 2009 economic crisis that pushed GM and Chrysler Group LLC into bankruptc


Apple’s Campus 2

In a report by Keyser Marston Associates for the City of Cupertino finds that Apple would add over 7,000 new high-quality jobs as a result of its expanded corporate headquarters. As a result, it’s projected that Apple’s efforts would increase the revenue of local businesses, and also enhance tax revenues for the City of Cupertino, and other surrounding municipalities. The circular four-story main facility will be one of the largest buildings in the world at 2.8 million square feet.

Campus 2

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