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Pokemon Go Cheaters Will Be Banned


Niantic is starting to permanently ban players who cheat either by spoofing their location or by using software to access the game in an unauthorized manner. You  can get permanently banned for falsifying your location, using emulators, modified or unofficial software and/or accessing Pokémon GO clients or backends in an unauthorized manner including through the use of third party software. More Here

The company does offer a form for banned users to appeal the decision if they believe a mistake has been made,


Iran, The first Country To Ban Pokemon Go


Pokemon Go has officially been banned in Iran citing unspecified “security concerns.” According to the BBC,the Iranian High Council of Virtual Spaces – the official body that oversees online activity – has prohibited the use of the GPS-powered app within the country.

Although many countries and officials have expressed security concerns over the wildly popular game, Iran is the first country to introduce an official ban of Pokémon Go.

Despite strict Internet restrictions, some fans have said that they managed to access the game in Iran using VPNs.However, this is not the first time Iran has banned a video game.In June, the National Foundation for Computer Games (NFCG) blocked the sale of ‘1979 Revolution’ – a narrative-driven title from Ink Stories that explores the struggles of the Iranian Revolution.

According to Hasan Karimi Ghodosi, the director of the National Foundation for Computer Games the NFCG had two conditions for the game’s creators to roll out the game in Iran – the game’s data servers must be located in Iran and any tagged locations within the game would need to be coordinated with the NFCG to avoid including any locations that may be of national security concern.

A Safety Warning From The United States Military’s Sprawling Joint Base Lewis-McChord

Snapshotmemorial day2015_002

“DO NOT chase Pokémon into controlled or restricted areas, office buildings, or homes on base,” it said, in a Facebook post aimed at “budding Pokemon Trainers using Pokemon Go on JBLM.”

Did You know Your Library Has…….?


Today’s modern libraries offer e-book and e-magazines, plus movies on DVD and other digital items such as services as free Wi-Fi, used bookstores. 90% of libraries now offer e-books for your device, and 39% lend e-readers to library patrons. Public libraries across the country are getting creative when it comes to being a resource for their communities. Michigan’s Ann Arbor District Library loans out art prints for two months. Library users can also check out art supplies with dies, musical instruments and microscopes. Board games, fishing poles and tackle boxes are available in Michigan’s St. Clair County Library System. And it’s not just household items. The Mesa Public Library in Arizona has a seed library, where library card-holders can get three free seed packets a month to start a garden.

New York Libraries has I-pads, and computers for the toddlers and gaming equipment like X-box and PS4 for teens, adults and seniors.

Indianapolis’ library system  and a host of others,offer students the ability to text a librarian or email or chat with a tutor for free).

If your child has prepared for the SAT/ACT and is ready to start applying to colleges, libraries also have information on awards, grants and scholarship that can help tremendously with the cost of college tuition.  

Treadmill work stations offer a way for library patrons to burn a few calories while reading or surfing the web. Three branches of the Phoenix Public Library allow visitors to reserve walking computers for 30-minute sessions. Central Library in Phoenix and THINKspot at Red Mountain Library in Mesa, Ariz., are two such maker spaces that provide tools and resources for exploring science, technology, engineering, math and art (STEAM).

Libraries offer public access to specialized equipment like 3D printers, as well as training and a collaborative environment in which to create. Other libraries offer classes and services for aspiring artists, novelists and people interested in learning out-of-the-box skills. The Bubbler at Madison Public Library in Wisconsin holds courses ranging from videogame design to screen-printing and painting. Brooklyn Public Library  in New York offer classes in digital camera editing.

Local artists have also used the Media Lab facilities at the Madison Public Library to record and produce their music.

 Libraries have been shifting from book repositories to community learning centers for years. Today many libraries offer online classes, workforce training, tax aid, health promotion, and resume and career-building support.

Your Savings:







New Game Out-Silent Hill


Silent Hills, it’s a collaboration between Hideo Kojima/Kojima Productions, Guillermo del Toro, and The Walking Dead TV series star Norman Reedus. Konami  not set a release date for Silent Hills, or even reveal anything about the game itself. The Walking Dead” star Norman Reedus lends his voice and likeness to “Silent Hills.



Back in 2008, Nintendo announced an interesting peripheral called the Wii Vitality Sensor. This device, which fit over the user’s fingertip and measured their pulse and level of relaxation, was never released to stores. Nintendo president Satoru Iwata said “We pushed forward its development on the academic assumption that by observing the wave patterns of the human pulse, we could quantify how tense or relaxed a person is, or to be more specific, how much the sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves work as functions of the autonomic nerve,” Iwata said in the Q&A. “However, after a large-scale test of a prototype inside the company, we found out that for some people the sensor did not work as expected. We wondered if we should commercialize a product which works as expected for 90 people out of 100, but not so for the other 10 people.” Moreover, Iwata said that the Vitality Sensor was an “interesting” device.

Nintendo performed experiments with the sensor in conjunction with video games but has not provided any specifics. When the device was first announced, Nintendo said that it could be used to measure how scared a player is in a horror game. Alternately, it could be used to help a gamer learn to relax in order to improve their life. However, the Sensor’s narrow use doesn’t seem to be a reason that Nintendo axed it. Iwata suggests that if they could make the device more reliable, they’d release it.

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