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Alibaba’s Futuristic Hotel Opens Amid Concerns


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Russia & China Manipulating The Atmosphere?


China and Russia secretly conducted experiments this year aimed at manipulating the Earth’s atmosphere.

In June, scientists from the two countries jointly performed five tests that some have speculated to be military related, and detailed their results in Earth and Planetary Physics last week.

The experiments involved heating the ionosphere, which is an upper, electrically charged layer of the planet’s atmosphere. At Russia’s Sura Ionospheric Heating Facility (SURA) in Vasilsursk, a powerful transmitter was used to pump radio energy into the ionized plasma that characterizes this layer, some 310 miles above the town.


Russia's SURA facility.

Russia’s SURA facility. Image: Wikimedia Commons

Chinese Scientists Still Pressing Ahead To Perfect Human Gene-Editing Technology

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Oncologist Lu You at China’s Sichuan University said a trial he is leading, using Crispr on 10 lung cancer patients, is done and the data will be ready for submission to a scientific journal next month. Meanwhile, at the Chinese People’s Liberation Army General Hospital in Beijing, the head of the biotherapeutic department said it is proceeding with five Crispr-related trials in adult cancer patients. Crispr is still nascent and all side effects are not yet known. A Chinese branch of the World Health Organization has withdrawn an application to register He Jiankui’s project in its clinical database. … Has he surfaced yet?


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Latest On Huawei Tech Ceo Meng Wanzhou’s Bail Hearing

 Chinese tech giant Huawei Lawyer says his team worked through the night to make changes to its bail plan for Meng Wanzhou to help satisfy concerns that have been raised about her release.

David Martin says they contacted four potential sources to offer sureties for Huawei’s chief financial officer and prepared affidavits after the judge and a federal prosecutor questioned whether Meng’s husband would be a suitable person to ensure she complies with any bail conditions.

Martin says one person who is proposed to offer a financial guarantee is a realtor who met Meng in 2009 and sold two properties to the couple.

The Case

China Strikes Back

The HIV Gene Editing Doctor Is Missing or Laying Low

A Chinese scientist,He Jiankui who claimed he helped make the world’s first genetically edited babies, is missing, a report said on Monday.

The Shenzhen-based Southern University of Science and Technology dismissed claims that He has been detained.  A spokes person would not elaborate.

The spokeswoman said the school will keep the media updated.

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Image result for gene editing

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Chinese medical documents posted online this month said (here and here), a team at the Southern University of Science and Technology, in Shenzhen, has been recruiting couples in an effort to create the first gene-edited babies. They planned to eliminate a gene called CCR5 in hopes of rendering the offspring resistant to HIV, smallpox, and cholera.


U.S. Panel Warns Against Purchasing Tech From China


The US-China Economic and Security Review Commission gave a warning of dangers to the US government and private sector from a reliance on global supply chains linked to China, which is the world’s largest manufacturer of information technology equipment. 

It appears that China’s aggressive push to dominate the high-tech industry by 2025 already is a sore point with Washington and a contributing factor in trade tensions that have seen the world’s two largest economies slap billions of dollars in punitive tariffs on each other’s products this year. 

The US also has had long-running concerns about state-backed cyber theft of corporate secrets, something that China agreed to stop in 2015. But the bipartisan commission highlights the potential security risks to the United States by China’s pre-eminence in the so-called Internet of Things, or IoT.

China’s role as an economic and military competitor to the United States creates enormous economic, security, supply chain, and data privacy risks for the United States,” the report says.

The commission, is warning that the potential impact of malicious cyberattacks through such systems will intensify with the adoption of ultra-fast 5G networks that could quicken data speeds by up to 100 times.  

Their report says “The lax security protections and universal connectivity of IoT devices creates numerous points of vulnerability that hackers or malicious state actors can exploit to hold US critical infrastructure, businesses, and individuals at risk,”

The United States has already restricted government procurement from Chinese tech giants Huawei and ZTE, which deny their products are used for spying by China’s authoritarian government. 

In June, the Defense Department suspended the purchase of all commercial, off-the-shelf drones until a cybersecurity risk assessment strategy was established. In 2017, US customs authorities alleged that drones produced by Chinese company DJI, which has dominated the US and Canadian drone markets, likely provided China with access to US critical infrastructure and law enforcement data. DJI denied the allegation. 

The commission is calling for Congress to push for assessments by US government agencies on their supply chain vulnerabilities.

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