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Smart Wearable s That Keep You Safe



Tattoos That Control​ Your Smartphone



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Virtual Bouncers In Casinos


Many casino operators still rely on analog systems, such as old-fashioned surveillance equipment, VCRs and tapes to track and scrutinise frauds.

 Top surveillance technologies that modern casinos operators are now using.

1. License plate readers technology can detect the cheaters’ cars right before entering the casino property. The working is very simple. The camera captures the snapshots of every car entering the premises and special optical character recognition software converts the letters and numbers into text. The car plate is then compared with the ones marked as undesirables in the database and if a match is found, the screens come up hot.

2. Face recognition

Video surveillance enables biometric face recognition through which human face is scanned by cameras right at the entry door. Biometric face recognition is a relatively new technology, a technology that even Walmart uses to trap shoplifters

Virtual Reality Increasingly Used For Home Design


Mr. Loberg presented mixed reality live on stage. The audience was able to watch Mr. Loberg build a virtual timber-frame structure in front of them, watching his mixed-reality view projected onto a screen. They could then download an app to their iPhones, key in their seat number in the auditorium and see the virtual wooden-framed construction on stage for themselves.

Virtual-reality simulation is increasingly being used by architects and is slowly making its way into architectural schools.

A virtual office interior. (DIRTT Environmental Solutions)

AT&T and The Scammers

brown & beige4_001

Here’s what the FCC had to say

Athletes & Technology


To rise above the competition, the modern athlete must train intelligently and use the most innovative techniques to outfox opponents. And technology can help with that.

Stephen Curry is considered by many to be the greatest shooter in National Basketball Association history. Curry’s complex, next-generation regimen involves an excessive amount of “Steph drills,” which often involve doing two things at once, like dribbling with one hand and catching a tennis ball with the other. To make it even harder, he uses military-grade goggles with strobing effects that produce blanks in the visual space, requiring him to react based on partial information. As a result, he’s cognitively and physically prepared for virtually anything his defender throws at him.

Tracking technology devices have the ability to provide intelligent feedback on various physiological properties. Sensors embedded in jerseys can now track a player’s performance metrics in order to calculate their risk of being injured, and they can also alert them when it is safe to return to play.

Facebook’s Lab Area 404


Expensive, dangerous machines like a computer-controlled 9-axis drill, Area 404 houses one of the few rooms at Facebook Mark Zuckerberg isn’t allowed in. It’s too unsafe despite all the precautions, certifications, and training Facebook offers its hardware engineers.



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