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Google’s Chrome 67 Password-Free Logins



Chrome 67 will save users from having to remember multiple passwords for most websites. Users will be able to log into online services using biometrics like fingerprints and authenticators like a security key or mobile phone via bluetooth. A “private/public key pair generated by an authenticator such as a security key, fingerprint reader, or any other device that can authenticate a user.”

Firefox Quantum To Match Google’s Chrome in Speed?


Coming November 14,2017

Quantum BetaQuantum Beta

Best Browsers of 2017

chromelogomozilla firefox logooperabrowsermicrosotedge


 Google’s Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera and Edge

Bing Search             Webopedia

Google May Receive Massive Fine for Breaking Antitrust Rules


google antitrust hefty fine headquarters hq Google has been the subject of an investigation by the European Commission relating to accusations of anti-competitive practices for over a year. Now, there’s word that the company is about to be hit with a likely hefty fine as the Commission prepares to share its findings and administer sanctions.

Regulators allege the company violated antitrust laws when it boosted the rankings of its Shopping service “irrespective of its merits,” as their statement read. “The commission is concerned that users do not necessarily see the most relevant results in response to queries — to the detriment of consumers and rival comparison shopping services, as well as stifling innovation.”

According to some analytics companies, more than 90 percent of searches in Europe are started on Google. The next nearest competitor, Bing, accounts for 2.67 percent.


Browers; Which One Do You Like Better ?








Explorer 11


Firefox Switched From Google To Yahoo


A new version of Firefox has emerged, and the web browser has made the switch from Google to Yahoo for its default search engine – at least over in the States.

American users who don’t want to use Yahoo can of course always change the search bar back to being Google-powered – it’s just that the default is now Yahoo.

Google Planning To Enter Into The Wireless Business?

business suit3_001

The word is Google is planning to enter the wireless space as a carrier in the future and it won’t involve Google building its own network from the ground up as it’s done with Fiber. Google has reportedly had talks with both Verizon and Sprint to buy access to their wireless networks that it will then sell to consumers as a wholesale provider. Since Google Fiber is now only available in three cities for the time being, this would severely limit the scope of its wireless footprint.

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