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Heating Products On The Go With Smart Packaging

Technology converts a wireless charger and smartphone app into a precision induction heating system applicable for a range of packaging types including metal, plastic, paper and glass
Inductive Intelligence’s tech offers induction-heated-anywhere containers by marrying food and beverage packaging with wireless charging, software, RFID/NFC tags and sensors.

The package requires two things to work, data and metal. The data comes in the form of a radio-frequency identification (RFID) or Near Field Communication (NFC) tag which tells the device exactly how to heat the product. The package in turn is telling the device about the heating progress based on a temp sensor in the tag. In the case of cans and flexible foil packaging there is enough metal in the existing package to heat the product. In the case of paper, plastic and glass, a metal insert needs to be added to the package either in the base or in the cap.

It can definitely heat packages larger than single serve.  Out of the gate we’re focused on smaller items, but we definitely plan to move up in size over time, and even move into the autonomous vehicles and robotic deliver.

 How hot can you get it? How hot do you want it?  The toughest question is really around manufacturability. We’re a startup with an enabling technology. Until we get into more trial runs, that’s a tough question to answer with the level of detail many brand managers want.

2,000 Buses In Ecuador Equipped With Alarms For Sexual Harassment

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Last he San Carlos Cooperative equipped around 2,000 buses in Ecuador with a text message alarm system that responds to sexual harassment reports. When harassment occurs, victims can text ‘ACOSO’ (‘harassment’) to a designated number, along with the number of the bus they’re traveling on. The organization immediately notifies the driver, who makes a loudspeaker announcement. At the same time, police are called to board the bus at the next bus stop, and a psychologist reaches out to the victim.

The issue of sexual harassment on public transport is particularly horrifying in Latin America. But this is a global issue, too. Research suggests 80% of all women experience harassment on public transport, while 90% of these incidents go unreported.

Verizon pledges 10 Million To Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund



In addition to the $10 million donation, Verizon is waiving South Texas customers’ data, talk, and text charges, and giving prepaid customers an extra 3GB from August 26th to September 15th – a one-week extension over what had previously been announced. The company is also deploying Cells on Wheels (COWs) and Cells on Light Trucks (COLTS) to supplement mobile coverage, working with government agencies to help first responders with communications services, staffing shelters with Verizon employees to assist responders and residents alike, matching employees’ donations, and offering emergency financial assistance to employees. Plus, employees will receive up to a week of paid volunteer time to volunteer for the Harvey recovery effort in the coming months.

  • Amazon: matching cash donations up to $1 million
  • Apple: $2 million donation to the Red Cross, matching employee donations 2 to 1
  • AT&T: $350,000 to various organizations, matching employee donations up to $50,000 each
  • Facebook: matching up to $1 million in donations made on its platform
  • Google: matching campaign for consumers up to $1 million, $250,000 donation to the Red Cross, matching employee donations up to $250,000
  • Microsoft: $100,000 grant to the Red Cross

Facebook Working On New Option: Sending Money

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Facebook is testing a new option designed to handle person-to-person payments through its Messenger chat application. The company confirmed it has added a new option in its flagship app’s main navigation titled “Send or Request Money.” The feature will move Facebook users into Messenger in order to manage payments, or it sends them over to the App Store to download Messenger, if it’s not already installed.

Messenger’s support of peer-to-peer payments is only available in the U.S. for the time being, so the new “Send or Request Money” feature is only being shown to U.S. Facebook users, we understand. The test began two weeks ago.



Tech Inequality In HR Dept

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A recent study suggest that  92 % of workers in HR dept some form of outdated system.  The HR tech industry is growing fast.

In the last five years it has grown by 50 percent into a $10 billion industry. Attracting and retaining talent has become crucial for every company worldwide . There are plenty of roadblocks preventing businesses from taking the HR tech leap. For instance, there are often concerns from HR employees around the difficulty of the technology. You’ll want to ensure that you focus on integrating user-friendly software or hardware that won’t intimidate your employees. And you also want to avoid simply adding more technology on top of what you already have, otherwise employees may look at it and say “Why do I need other tools in addition to my current HRIS system? according to Steffen Maier, co-founder of Impraise — a company that provides real-time employee feedback for HR — and Tom Haak, partner at Crunchr — a company that uses data analytics to create meaningful employee data.Attracting and retaining talent has become crucial for every company worldwide and therefore, having a great work culture should be a part of every company’s priority list, if companies want to remain competitive, motivate employees and grow their business.

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Today’s Libraries Changing Role


Makerspaces, incubators for small businesses, and programs support entrepreneurs and the new workforce which is now commonplace in libraries around the world.Libraries are also experimenting with new ways to organize and display collections.

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Trends In Technology



Jennifer Elisseeff, an engineer at John Hopkins University , is trying to change the need for joint replacement surgery. She and her team are working on injectable tissue engineering. This would replace the need for surgery if someone needed a joint replacement.


Mechatronics is aimed at improving everything about an automobile. This would include the performance, the fuel economy, and many other factors. This would integrate new electrical components and software into vehicles.


The need to worry about hackers may soon be over! Nicolas Gisin, from the University of Geneva, is currently working on a tool that would detect whenever someone is trying to eavesdrop.


This is one of my favorite new technologies that will soon take over the world. Nancy Lynch and Stephen Garland are trying to develop tools that would prevent software from crashing. This is almost impossible, but error-free software would be amazing!

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