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Nokia Delays Sale To Microsoft

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Nokia has delayed the sale of its smartphone business to tech giant Microsoft until Apri.l It was reported that Nokia had still not received approvals from certain antitrust authorities in Asia.

September 2013, Microsoft announced its plans to acquire Nokia’s Devices & Services business,  for more than $7 billion. The deal also reportedly included a number of licensing agreements and patents by Nokia to Microsoft. The deal was expected to close by the end of the first quarter of this year.The Washington-based company is buying up Nokia’s core cell phone business — including its feature phone divisions — for $5 billion. The remaining $2.18 billion will be paid out as part of a licensing deal that will give Microsoft non-exclusive rights to Nokia’s patents for ten years. Microsoft has an option to continue the agreement after the initial ten years and will also license Nokia’s location-based business Here, becoming its largest partner.


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Microsoft software company is acquiring Nokia’s Devices & Services business and the right to license Nokia’s patents to other entities. Assuming the deal is approved by Nokia’s shareholders and regulatory agencies, Microsoft will spend approximately $7.2 billion on the acquisition.

 21-year-old electronics and communication engineer revealed this week that Facebook paid him $12,500 for spotting a software vulnerability that could allow a hacker to delete any image stored on the social networking site. While the company is known to pay out for discoveries like this, such a large amount is thought to be rare, meaning Facebook’s security team considered it to be potentially very damaging. The engineer found a way for a hacker to generate a photo removal link and have it sent to their own inbox, thereby allowing them to delete the image without the uploader knowing.

Sony plans to support virtual reality on the PlayStation 4 using proprietary headsets 

Macworld US editor Jason Snell has confirmed that he has received the invite to the Apple event on 10 September. The event is scheduled for 10 September at 10am at the Town Hall on Apple campus.Earlier today news broke that Apple has issued invites to the rumoured 10 September iPhone launch event.

The upcoming Xbox One will allow eight controllers to connect at once, according to Microsoft. Four controllers has been the norm for consoles of late, so the question is: what can you do with eight controllers at once?That question will be answered sometime this November when the Xbox One is released.


Getting The World Connected Online


 Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg wants the world’s 7 billion people online through a partnership with some of the largest mobile technology companies. Facebook Inc. on Wednesday announced a partnership called It includes the world’s biggest social network, plus Korean electronics giant Samsung, Finnish handset maker Nokia and wireless chip maker Qualcomm Inc. More companies are expected to join.

Google Inc., which is not a part of the effort, launched a similar project earlier this year with the goal of getting everyone on Earth online. Called Project Loon, the effort launched Internet-beaming antennas aloft on giant helium balloons.


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