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Sprint Donating Free tech Products To Disadvantaged Teens


President Barack Obama  traveled to Greensboro, North Carolina on  to participate in a town hall on race and sports and to highlight the administration’s work to improve the lives of disadvantaged youth through its My Brother’s Keeper initiative and other programs.

Sprint plans to give cell phones, tablets, laptops or mobile hot spots to students who do not have internet at home. Students would be able to choose the type of device that might meet their needs and it would be coupled with four years of free data plans.

The company hopes to reach its goal of a million students in five years.

Guess What Radioshack Is Hooking Up With Sprint



The deal, involves the sale of 1,740 RadioShack stores to the Standard General hedge fund, will see the outlets co-brand with Sprint stores. The telecoms firm is expected to occupy around 30 percent of the space in each location, where it’ll sell mobile devices and wireless plans. Although the retailer’s troubles have led to the closure of more than half of its stores, moving in with Sprint means around 7,500 RadioShack jobs will be saved out of a total of 27,000.

Google Soon To Become A Wireless Carrier

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Google has inked deals with Sprint and T-Mobile to become a wireless carrier according to unnamed sources. Google is preparing to sell mobile phone plans directly to customers and manage their calls and mobile data over a cellular network, according to three people with knowledge of the plans. The new service is expected run on Sprint and T-Mobile’s networks. The project goes under the codename “Nova”. The service is said to launch next fall.

T-Mobile To Refund Ninety Million Dollars To Customers



T-Mobile has agreed to spend at least $90 million in refunds to customers wrongfully billed for spam messages aka cramming. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), which has filed a lawsuit against the Un-carrier in July alleging it of profited millions of dollars from the practice. T-Mobile has agreed to settle the case by paying complete refunds to all clients who received unlawful charges for what carriers contact premium SMS, largely texts containing horoscopes, flirting tips and celebrity gossip, at times amounting to $9.99 a month. T-Mobile has to notify all clients eligible for refunds, including former shoppers who have switched to other carriers, and to inform them about the refund process in a “clear and conspicuous way.” The Un-carrier will also need to have to demand the express consent of buyers before sending them premium SMS and educate them how to block third-party solutions if they want not to receive any of them in the future.

The FTC has also reached a related settlement with AT&T to pay a total of $105 million in refunds and fines for the same practice. Earlier this week, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced that a companion consumer bureau called the Consumer Economic Protection Bureau has filed a lawsuit against Sprint also for cramming.


Sprint To Cut Your Bill In Half


Sprint plans to launch its “Cut Your Bill in Half” event on Friday, and provide to customers unlimited text and talk anywhere in the country while the user is on the Sprint network. Moreover, the new plan will  allow a subscriber to pay half the amount of the data allowance they are currently paying on a different network. Sprint also plans to pay up to $350 to help customers coming from Verizon and AT&T, who are on a contract, to terminate and switch over to its network.

Sprint Stops Bid On T-Mobile





Sprint Corp has stopped its bid to acquire U.S. carrier T-Mobile U.S. Inc  after regulatory resistance showed no signs of lightning up, despite months of lobbying.


The move is a rare setback for Sprint’s Japanese parent SoftBank Corp whose billionaire founder Masayoshi Son had seen the acquisition as key to taking on U.S. market leaders AT&T Inc and Verizon Communications Inc .

Sprint, the No. 3 U.S. carrier, and T-Mobile the No. 4 U.S. carrier have not ruled out consolidation in the future. Sources say that a deal is unlikely to be approved at this time. U.S. regulators have insisted that they want to keep the number of major wireless carriers at four. French telecom firm, Iliad made a lower bid than Sprint but is in talks with U.S. cable and satellite companies to offer a better deal.

Sprint & T-Mobile Merge?



Sprint Corporation’s parent company Softbank Corp., and T-Mobile have reached a possible agreement on merging the third and fourth largest carriers in the nation. If such a merger was approved, the two companies combined would hold a customer base over 100 million subscribers. This would place the joint company closer to AT&T who boasts 116 million wireless customers, and Verizon who has around 103 million customers. The Department of Justice (DOJ), and Federal Communications Commission (FCC) would review any proposal, and there is one area they will focus on: how will the merger benefit consumers while promoting competition for choice?

When AT&T made a bid for T-Mobile three years ago, lawmakers immediately squashed the proposal, stating they prefer four major carriers in the game. T-Mobile’s power play in 2013, by rolling out amazing deals have prompted other carriers to offer installment plans, and better family plans – the lawmakers have been pleased with the competitive environment.The merger is currently in early talks, and pricing has not been confirmed. Neither company has issued a statement advising of the deal.

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