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Google Adding Resturant Wait Times


 Google will now include a pop-up box that appears when you click on a time frame in the popular times’ chart. The box will provide a live or historical data labeled as “busy,” “usually busy,” “usually not busy,” etc., along with the wait time.

Below the popular time’s chart, there’s also a section that helps users plan their visit by offering info on the peak wait times and duration. (e.g. “People typically spend 45 mins to 2 hr here.”)

The new wait time feature will be supported on nearly a million sit-down restaurant listings worldwide, initially in Google Search.

Google is at least partly challenging existing apps like NoWait, which is handy for seeing restaurant wait times.  NoWait also lets you put your name on the list for those restaurants that don’t take reservations Google’s app doesn’t.

You can view the times in the restaurant listings on both mobile and desktop. It will then come to Google Maps to Android, at which point it will expand to include grocery stores, the company says.


McDonalds Will Begin Deliveries In January in Florida Via Uber


Soon McDonald’s across Florida, delivery will be a new option to get your fast food. This is  a result of a new partnership between Uber Eats and the company and is initially planned for 200 stores in Miami, Orlando, and Tampa.

Customers will be able to order through the UberEats app or online starting next month. Like other restaurants available through UberEats, the company’s $5 delivery charge applies to any order.

The fast food chain already delivers through Postmates and DoorDash. However, the service and delivery fees for larger orders are more expensive than UberEats. McDonald’s is also planning to launch an order-by-app option, where customers can order and pay ahead of time, and pick up from a local store.More than two thirds of its business is from drive-thru sales, indicating that convenience is a key driver of its sales.

Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands Hotel: CE LA VI

Ce La Vi, on the rooftop of the Marina Bay Sands hotel in Singapore, is teaming up with Russian diamond company World of Diamonds, offering an experience lasting eight hours. The two-person package includes a 45-minute helicopter ride over Singapore, a luxury cruise, and a chauffeur-driven Rolls-Royce ride to Ce La Vi. The diners will be presented with 10,000 roses and an 18-course meal. The dinner finalises with the couple being presented with a 2.08 carat blue diamond ring with a rose-gold plated platinum band, that World of Diamonds has named after actress Jane Seymour.


Technology Plays a Larger Role In What Families Are Eating



Restaurants are playing a key role in most family’s weekly – and sometimes daily – routine. When families either  dine out or order take out they can expect an increasingly healthier options with a side of technology.

As technology becomes a critical tool of convenience – the desire to use options like touch-screen ordering, smartphone apps and mobile payment when dining out is stronger than ever.

According to new research from the National Restaurant Association, 63 percent of Americans have recently used technology at restaurants, such as using a smartphone or tablet to order takeout or delivery, with even more saying they are likely to do so if these options become available. In turn, nearly half of restaurateurs plan to devote more resources to customer-facing technology this year. 

The National Restaurant Association’s What’s Hot culinary 2014 survey revealed that locally sourced items, environmental sustainability and healthy kids meals will continue to be top menu trends for the year, reflecting consumers’ growing interest in what they eat and where their food comes from. To find restaurants that serve nutritious options for children, download the National Restaurant Association’s free Kids LiveWell app.

Eight out of 10 consumers say restaurants offer more healthy menu options now compared to two years ago, and seven out of 10 say they are more likely to visit a restaurant that offers healthy options.

 Environmental sustainability, local sourcing, health-nutrition, children’s nutrition and gluten-free cuisine topped the list for current food trends that will be the hottest menu trends 10 years from now. The five items that gained most in trendiness since last year in the annual survey were nose-to-tail/root-to-stalk cooking, pickling, ramen, dark greens, and Southeast Asian cuisine.

Nose to Tail – refers eliminating waste by cooking stalks, roots leave etc

Restaurant Chains To Roll Out Table Top Tablets


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The rising number of chain restaurants that have begun, or are planning to implement tabletop tablets in the future. These chains include Chili’s, Red Robin, MacDonald’s and Buffalo Wild Wings.  Applebee’s, which will be rolling out tabletop tablets starting in March 2014 yearlong. So why would your customers want to begin offering tabletop tablets? Applebee’s president Mike Archer says a common pain point for customers is having to find the server to pay a check. Implementing this kind of technology puts more control into guests’ hands and enables them to pay at their table. This move can also encourage more favor with the tech-savvy Millennial Generation. Tabletop tablet implementation is expected to continue growing throughout the restaurant industry as the technology becomes more affordable and customer-friendly.


Restaurants and Technology


Restaurant technology is booming as savvy consumers continue to expect more from their favorite eateries, and restaurateurs strive to plug into new advancements. Communication is key, whether between customers and staff, or behind the scenes, and many of the new restaurant technologies address that priority.  In an industry that has been slow to embrace modern technology, many establishments are stepping up to make the most of cutting-edge restaurant technology.Restaurant technology that improves customer service is one of the biggest trends. Finding ways to incorporate mobile app technology into the restaurant experience is a hot topic. Netpage Unlimited( NPU) is an on-location, organization-wide, web-based messaging solution. More than a wireless paging system, this solution enables easy communication with customers and staff through texting, pagers, and emails. This system enables restaurants to manage a wait list, delegate staff responsibilities, provide real-time data to management, and more, all from a central command station.

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