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YouTube Cracking Downing On Weird Videos Targeting Children


YouTube has new guidelines about which videos are able to make money through advertising. You need to have 10,000 total views on your channel before you can start making money off ads. You can’t make money on YouTube with hateful or incendiary content. And you can’t make a quick buck off the inappropriate use of family-friendly characters. or Pepper Pig drinks bleach.

The result has been a dip in income for some creators, who complained they had trouble knowing which videos were being demonetized and why. So today, YouTube is announcing a way for creators to understand which videos have been flagged as inappropriate for all advertisers and a way to appeal what they see as unjust advertising bans, restoring the flow of marketing money.

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Boy * Learns To Drive With YouTube


After Watching you tube boy drives his 4 year old sister to Mcdonalds while parents were sleeping.

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You Tube Will No Longer Allow Creators To Make Money Unless ……..


Five years ago, YouTube allowed anyone to sign up for the service, start uploading videos, and immediately begin making money. This model helped YouTube grow into the web’s biggest video platform, but it has also led to some problems. People were creating accounts that uploaded content owned by other people, sometimes big record labels or movie studios, sometimes other popular YouTube creators.

 YouTube has announced a change to its partner program to try and alleviate some of the bad stuff.  From now on, creators won’t be able to turn on monetization until they hit 10,000 lifetime views on their channel. YouTube believes that this threshold will give them a chance to gather enough information on a channel to know if it’s legit.

5 Year Old Makes Millions Opening Toys On You Tube

5 Year old Ryan is the youngest star on YouTube and has the most hits. The family’s channel, Ryan ToysReview, was created in March of 2015, and at first, didn’t get many views. But about four months in, the channel published this video, and views started doubling with every  month. Ryan’s mom, left her job as a high school chemistry teacher to work on the YouTube channel full time. Ryan Toys Review  has been the most popular channel in all of YouTube.

According to a report from The Guardian, 20 of the top 100 channels on YouTube are focused on toys, collecting upwards of 4.5 billion views a month. Before Ryan stepped in front of the camera, he was a viewer.

Currently, average family can find themselves running an extremely lucrative business from the comfort of their living room. There are no such rules as in film and television that exist for Ryan’s job on YouTube. “All of the laws for child performers are regulated by state. The federal government leaves it to them,” said Toni Casala, CEO of Children in Film. “There are seventeen states which basically have basically no child labor laws around performance.” 

The Texas Workforce Commission, says “When a business is owned or operated by a parent or legal custodian, the parent or custodian may employ their own children at any age to work any hours, so long as the work is non-hazardous (not prohibited) and the child works under the parent or custodian’s direct supervision.

Ryans parents says, they post a new video every day, and typically film two to three videos at a time two to three times per week. They try not to interfere with Ryan’s pre-pre-school schedule, so a majority of the filming takes place during the weekend, and the editing takes place while he’s in school.

YouTube Blocks North Korea’s Channel

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youtube north korea ban kim jong un

YouTube has blocked the  a North Korean state-run channel broadcaster used as a propaganda tool by the country’s autocratic regime.

The channel’s content consist of news broadcasts on everything from Kim Jong-Un’s nationwide outings to coverage on the country’s nuclear tests. Now, when you visit Korean Central Television’s YouTube page, you’re confronted with a message that states: “This account has been terminated for violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines.”


YouTube’s Gaming


YouTube’s gaming set to launch September 2, 2015 as a standalone website and will also be available via apps on Android and iOS. The YouTube Gaming service will offer gamers more than 25,000 game-specific pages to let them quickly find game-related videos and other content. The service will also curate live-streams from thousands of gaming-related channels.

With YouTube Gaming service, the company also wants to make it easier for people to live-stream games on YouTube. The company has launched a new page called Stream, currently in beta, which gives users the option to start streaming at a personal URL.

YouTube Gaming will utilise HTML5 technology to stream content. It will also allow streamers to use a “DVR Mode.” DVR Mode will allow gamers to buffer last four hours of a stream and play it at a later time.

The new YouTube Gaming service will be launched on Web on YouTube’s new Gaming website and will be available in all countries where YouTube is available. The Android and iOS clients, on the other hand, will be released in the UK and USA on Wednesday, with other countries getting the support

Shoppers Flock To You Tube For Pre & Post Purchase Discussions


More and more, users are flocking to YouTube  for all of their pre- and post-purchase discussions.  On YouTube, any product can be reviewed. There are no limits. Believe it or not, there are still plenty of products and services that you simply won’t find on Amazon or your favorite e-commerce site; those sites are limited to reviews of products they sell. YouTube is loaded with popular commercial product reviews . It’s not just about the volume and depth of YouTube reviews; it’s about the quality and the experience. Video reviews get viewed, commented on and shared (and sometime even go viral) on YouTube more than any other platform, which then sparks immediate discussion and product buzz for brands.


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