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Honeywell Build’s The Worlds Most Powerful Computer

The ion trap in Honeywell’s quantum computer. Source: Honeywell

Industrial technology conglomerate Honeywell says they built the most powerful quantum computer in the world.

The system will be available for use via the cloud by the middle of this year.

Honeywell CEO, Darius Adamczyk, told CNBC News the computer will have applications across a range of sectors.

“Material science, route optimization, financial software […] Anything that really overwhelms a classic computer are perfect applications for a quantum computer given the computing power that’s available,” Adamczyk said.

Financial services firm JP Morgan has already signed up to be the first public use of Honeywell’s computer when it comes online.

Honeywell also announced investments in quantum software and applications developers,

The Next Windows 10 Update- April 2020


Microsoft will soon release … Windows 10 version 2004 scheduled for general release in April 2020.

Read About It Here

Drones, Cameras, Computers Fighting California Wildfires


The plane —  at 10,000 feet, out of signal range — sends the information to a smaller aircraft below, which relays it to a UC San Diego research team running a lab known as WIFIRE. The lab’s supercomputer produces mapping and heat-detection data within minutes, and it generates a model of how the fire might spread based on a number of factors — Eventually, such information will go to a wildfire warning center created under a new state law.

The planes are part of a pilot program. In the state’s new landscape of more frequent and more ferocious fires, it takes a village to combat the menace: private technology, state and local fire agencies and computing know-how at California’s universities.

California has already signed the program’s first two contracts. One project will use advanced computing to predict a fire’s path; the other will fund a network of “sky sensors” to detect fires as soon as they ignite and send alerts to emergency officials.

In addition to the plane pilot program, UC San Diego operates the ALERT Wildfire system with the University of Nevada and the University of Oregon, a network of almost 300 high-definition cameras trained on high-fire-threat areas. The remotely operated cameras can see up to 70 miles in daylight and 100 miles with infrared at night.



Google & Mozilla Changing What You See in Chrome & Firebox Address Bars


Chrome 77, which is due out in September, sites that use Extended Validation (EV) certificates will no longer have a space in the address bar to display the site owner’s name.

Something similar is happening in desktop Firefox 70, scheduled for an October release, will be the same.

Mozilla and Google are moving the EV information to behind the padlock icon, which users can click on to view certificate information. Mozilla says its change to EV indicators is about “reducing the exposure of EV information while keeping it easily accessible”.

Certificate vendors could charge more for EV certificates to owners of HTTPS websites, such banks and e-commerce sites, which would undergo an extended validation process.

Google explains that its new approach to EV certificate indicators in Chrome 77 is because the Chrome Security UX team “has determined that the EV UI does not protect users as intended”.

“Users do not appear to make secure choices (such as not entering password or credit card information) when the UI is altered or removed, as would be necessary for EV UI to provide meaningful protection,” Google says.

Additionally, EV indicators are an example of “positive indicators”, such as the padlock that still Chrome uses to indicate an HTTPS site.

Chrome will eventually remove the padlock icon for HTTPS sites and has already started instead to emphasize a red ‘Not secure’ warning for all HTTP sites. Firefox 77 will also follow Google Chrome’s lead on ‘not secure’ alerts for HTTP sites.



The DEF CON 27 IoT Village, organized by security consulting and research firm Independent Security Evaluators (ISE) will highlight the significant challenges of security and privacy within this universe of devices on August 8-10, Eldorado Ballroom at the Las Vegas Flamingo Hotel.

IoT Village is now the premier platform for the IoT hacking community to inform manufacturers and consumers about new vulnerabilities research. The past six years, IoT Village has established a worldwide reputation at DEF CON, the largest gathering for hackers, and has showcased over 50 speakers who have exposed more than 300 vulnerabilities. IoT Village has educated countless attendees and sponsors about the most innovative techniques to both hack and secure IoT.


Hidden Figures Mathematician Inducted Into The Air Force Hall Of Fame

Photo by Adrian Cadiz

Hidden Figure” and mathematician Dr. Gladys West has accepted the Air Force Space and Missile Pioneers award. She joined the elite list of professionals recognized by the Air Force Space Command just before 2018 came to an end. In a news release, the Air Force Space Command Public Affairs Office announced Lt. Gen. David Thompson, Air Force Space Command vice commander, presented Dr. West with one of their highest honors 19 days before Christmas.

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