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Until now, the company had been quiet on the subject. Google  has allowed its engineers and other employees to spend a day a week (or 20% time) on side projects, but the program has been pared down significantly. The company has also sought to satisfy many of its employees in different ways, allowing some to start new projects internally, and using its venture arm, now called GV, to finance the startups of some of those who choose to leave.

Area 120 is a new approach, half incubator, half new take on the spirit of the 20% time program. (It’s name, sometimes shortened to 120, is a reference to the 20% time idea).Instead of spending a day a week on a side project, those accepted into the program may be able to spend six months on it.



Recent stats show e-book sales slipping and print book sales advancing slightly. Sony is no longer selling an e-reader. Amazon is opening physical bookshops.

Reasons people prefer eBooks:

  • Storage – People can store hundreds, even thousands, of books within one device.
  • Ease of purchase – Buying an eBook is just a click away.
  • Portability – The worst thing is finishing a book on vacation and not having the next book to start.
  • Price – The price of an eBook is usually less than a print book.
  • Purchasing Options – A person can find an eBook at almost 80 different online outlets.

Reasons people prefer print books:

  • Tangibility – They get a tangible item for their money.
  • Accomplishment – They feel more accomplished when the mass of the book moves from the right side to the left and they know they are almost done.
  • Library – Some people like to have a library of books to select from.
  • Aroma – Some people like the smell.
  • DIY – One person has said she couldn’t use a stack of eBooks to prop up her couch if the leg fell off.


Who is Doing all the Reading?

in 2005:

Gender: Female (53%) vs. Male (42%) – 11pt differential!
Age: 18-29 (40%), 30-49 (47%), 50-64 (51%), 65+ (47%

How do People Find New Books to Read?

Not much has changed from 1999 to 2005. Below are the % statistics for 2005.

  • Choosing an Author whose book you like: 30%
  • Based on Recommendation from someone you know: 27%
  • Browsing a bookstore or library: 22%
  • Based on Book Reviews: 7%
  • By Subject: 6%
  • By Browsing an Internet Site: 3%
  • Advertisement You’ve Seen: 2%                                                                                                 More Here


Hackers of IT security company Offensi, who are known for reporting security vulnerabilities to Microsoft and AT&T in the recent past, have now discovered a security vulnerability in the online environment of United Airlines. The security vulnerability was discovered by Offensi and reported to the airline company, which in turn placed a fix for the problem into production within the matter of one day. The airline company expressed their gratitude  by awarding Offensi with 1,000,000 airmiles. Air miles are rated 2 cents per mile by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service, valuating the award at $20,000.

The hackers decided to donate the award to charity.


U.S. President Barack Obama wants children to submit science and tech ideas for a new kid advisory committee he had formed.

AKA “Kid Science Advisors,” the program aims to hear out what child scientists and innovators all around the nation find interesting and what they think would be helpful for the future of science.The White House would like to listen to whatever these kids have in mind – It could be on something scientific or technological.

The idea to compose a kid scientist advisory came about the meeting of President Obama with a 9-year-old kid Jacob Leggette.

Leggette was able to create interesting materials such as a bubble-blowing wand and a miniature model of the White House, using a 3D printer. He got the chance to meet and show the President his works during the 6th White House Science Fair in April, when an ocean-energy probe made by a 14-year-old also impressed the President.

Leggette asked Obama about what he thinks of having kid scientists as advisors.

The U.S. leader was delighted with the idea so he suggested to create a kid advisory panel, which will be made up of children who can share their ideas on what is essential in the field of science and technology.


Inspired by a friend in Ethiopia, Hannah Herbst from Florida made an ocean-energy probe prototype, BEACON, designed to help developing countries have a power source using ocean currents. -The ninth-grader from the Florida Atlantic University High School previously presented the ocean-energy probe prototype in the Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge in 2015. Herbst won the challenge and was named America’s Top Young Scientist.

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A recent study suggest that  92 % of workers in HR dept some form of outdated system.  The HR tech industry is growing fast.

In the last five years it has grown by 50 percent into a $10 billion industry. Attracting and retaining talent has become crucial for every company worldwide . There are plenty of roadblocks preventing businesses from taking the HR tech leap. For instance, there are often concerns from HR employees around the difficulty of the technology. You’ll want to ensure that you focus on integrating user-friendly software or hardware that won’t intimidate your employees. And you also want to avoid simply adding more technology on top of what you already have, otherwise employees may look at it and say “Why do I need other tools in addition to my current HRIS system? according to Steffen Maier, co-founder of Impraise — a company that provides real-time employee feedback for HR — and Tom Haak, partner at Crunchr — a company that uses data analytics to create meaningful employee data.Attracting and retaining talent has become crucial for every company worldwide and therefore, having a great work culture should be a part of every company’s priority list, if companies want to remain competitive, motivate employees and grow their business.

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Google announced that its new messaging app, Allo, would feature an “incognito mode” that offered end-to-end encryption. Such technology can make it difficult for law enforcement to recover messages during investigations even if they have a warrant. In Washington DC, the FBI director, James Comey, has lobbied the administration to put restrictions on such technology. Other apps with encryption include Apple’s iMessage  and Facebook’s WhatsApp.

The timing of Google’s app is  of importance. The release comes just months after Apple’s high-profile court battle with the US government over encryption built into its iPhones. The FBI had wanted Apple to rewrite the software on a phone used by one of the San Bernardino shooters to help it retrieve data. Apple refused, and the bureau said it eventually found another way into the phone.

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