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  • Delta Airlines is rolling out Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) bag tags
  • It’s the first US carrier to use the technology to track passenger luggage
  • An app function will be available by end of 2016 to let you track your bags 

The Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology will replace the existing barcode and hand scanning procedure that’s been since the early 90s. The app will allow end users to track their bags at every stage of its journey, from check-in to baggage belt.





The Obama Administration is presenting guidelines for Federal, state and local law enforcement to define smart guns — an umbrella term for tech enabling only authorized people to shoot weapons — to curb violence. The White House said the Department of Defense will begin testing smart gun tech and implement a cash prize for manufacturers. Moreover, the Federal government and Department of Justice will move to catalyze the production of guns with this safety tech. You can read the full White House report here.

Sunday’s tweets,  covered events over a 5.5-hour period, from when the SEAL operatives departed their Afghanistan base on helicopters to when President Obama received “confirmation of high probability of positive identification” of a dead bin Laden.

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Are you lacking fashion trends? Can’t quite match up your threads? Clothes sort of look dull, drab and boring? Well There is CLUISE your personal shopping assistant. Cluise is a free APP you can download from Google Play to assist you.  This APP can assist you in your closet pick for summer, winter fall and spring.

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