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Synamedia, a software company, unveiled some new technology during CES in Las Vegas that allow streaming companies to use artificial intelligence to detect and flag users who are logged on the account in various locations. This means Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu users are at risk for getting kicked off accounts that don’t belong to them. The software can analyze locations based on who is logged in and where. Synamedia almost 26 percent of millennials share their Netflix account with others.

It’s not clear when the new software will be put into place. Therefore, Netflix moochers should enjoy their free access while they can.

MuseumRendering Courtesy of The National Museum of African American Music


The National Museum of African American Music is set to open near the end of 2019 on a date to be announced; a grand-opening ceremony will follow in 2020 in Nashville Tennessee

The museum is slated to occupy a 56,000-square-foot corner of the mixed-use Fifth + Broadway development, facing Bridgestone Arena on one side and the Ryman on the other. CEO Henry Beecher Hicks III and his team are focused on making the museum a place to look closely at the threads of black musicians’ influence and to follow them in the many directions they extend.

To serve that mission, the museum’s exhibits will be organized into five galleries. “Wade in the Water” tells the story of gospel music and its evolution into soul and other related genres, while “Crossroads” outlines the blues’ history and its effects on a huge variety of music. “A Love Supreme” traces the deep roots of jazz, while “One Nation Under a Groove” looks at R&B and its myriad offshoots, from funk to techno and beyond. “The Message” looks at how hip-hop became an integral part of the past four decades of popular music. 

Museum2Rendering Courtesy of The National Museum of African American Music

The story is massive, so patrons will have some navigational help from an app called Rivers of Rhythm (preview it at It’s similar to a streaming music service — users can choose an artist, and the app will suggest other musicians to check out: those who influenced that artist, as well as others who were inspired by their work. 

The museum has about 1,000 artifacts in its collection now and expects to have some 1,400 by the time it opens. Items displayed at a media preview in August included movie posters, instruments and stage costumes.

In addition, some 25 technology-enhanced interactive features are planned, including one that will allow visitors to sing in a choir (with a little green-screen magic) under the direction of Nashville gospel legend Dr. Bobby Jones.


British scientists have created a new computer program that can spot if someone has lied to police about being robbed.

The groundbreaking software analyses the wording of a victim’s statement in order to identify tell tale signs of fake reports.

Spanish police, who have been using the tool, found it was successful in more than 80 per cent of cases helping them to identify 64 false reports in just one week.

Developed by experts at Cardiff University, VeriPol, uses a combination of automatic text analysis and artificial intelligence to recognize when somebody has been lying or exaggerating to the police.

Thousands of false reports are submitted to the police each year with many perpetrators hoping to receive inflated insurance payouts or claims for crimes that never happened in the first place.

Using algorithms the machine is able to carefully analyze various features in the text, such as adjectives, acronyms, verbs, nouns, punctuation marks and numbers.

Experts claim a false statement is more likely to contain certain traits and giveaway signs, that can be spotted using artificial intelligence.

It is believed that false statements are more likely to be shorter than genuine ones and focus on the details of the stolen property rather than the incident itself.

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