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Companys Sues Hackers That Help Players Cheat With Pokemon Go



Pokemon Go Cheaters Will Be Banned


Niantic is starting to permanently ban players who cheat either by spoofing their location or by using software to access the game in an unauthorized manner. You  can get permanently banned for falsifying your location, using emulators, modified or unofficial software and/or accessing Pokémon GO clients or backends in an unauthorized manner including through the use of third party software. More Here

The company does offer a form for banned users to appeal the decision if they believe a mistake has been made,


Iran, The first Country To Ban Pokemon Go


Pokemon Go has officially been banned in Iran citing unspecified “security concerns.” According to the BBC,the Iranian High Council of Virtual Spaces – the official body that oversees online activity – has prohibited the use of the GPS-powered app within the country.

Although many countries and officials have expressed security concerns over the wildly popular game, Iran is the first country to introduce an official ban of Pokémon Go.

Despite strict Internet restrictions, some fans have said that they managed to access the game in Iran using VPNs.However, this is not the first time Iran has banned a video game.In June, the National Foundation for Computer Games (NFCG) blocked the sale of ‘1979 Revolution’ – a narrative-driven title from Ink Stories that explores the struggles of the Iranian Revolution.

According to Hasan Karimi Ghodosi, the director of the National Foundation for Computer Games the NFCG had two conditions for the game’s creators to roll out the game in Iran – the game’s data servers must be located in Iran and any tagged locations within the game would need to be coordinated with the NFCG to avoid including any locations that may be of national security concern.

Israeli Army Identifies Pokemon Go As Their Lastest Threat



The army  has banned its forces from playing the game on Israeli military bases due to security concerns. In a directive to soldiers and officers, the army warned the game activates cell phone cameras and location services, and could leak sensitive information like army base locations and photographs of the bases.

The military is also concerned that soldiers could download a fake application that impersonates Pokemon Go but could leak information from soldiers’ phones. Pokemon Go players roam streets and buildings holding up their mobile phones and following a digital map to catch creatures that appear on the screen.

The AIG insurance company in Israel is taking advantage of the Pokemon craze to market its personal accident insurance policy that covers accidents caused while playing such mobile phone games. Yifat Reiter of AIG said the company has received dozens of inquiries about the accident insurance for Pokemon players. Distracted Pokemon players have suffered moderate injuries.

Last week, a 15-year-old girl suffered a head injury after she fell off her bicycle while pursuing Pokemon creatures, and a 35-year-old player ran into a glass door and suffered “massive bleeding” in his legs. For Palestinians, Pokemon Go is a frustrating game to play, because mobile high-speed internet services don’t exist in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The Palestinians are among a few markets in the world that still use older 2G technology, according to the International Telecommunication Union, a U.N. agency.
A Gaza-based animator was one of the first people in the territory to download the game. The fourth Pokemon he wanted to catch was located on the premises of the Palestinian Legislative Council, an off-limits government building run by Hamas, the Islamic militant group that controls Gaza.

Other Games Besides Pokemon Go



Geocaching is an outdoor game app in which people use an app or a GPS device to discover hidden containers around the world. Yes, real containers, and some of them even contain small trinkets for trade.It’s like a  real-life treasure hunt


SpecTrek is an augmented reality ghost-hunting game in which users must walk or run to various locations to find virtual ghosts and “catch” them on their phone’s camera.


BallStrike, users have to punch or kick a series of balls that appear all around them in their phones’ or tablets’ rear-facing cameras. The idea is for the user to twist and turn to hit each ball, making the ball explode.

Zombies, Run!’

Zombies, Run! is an immersive running game app in which gamers are tasked with surviving a zombie apocalypse. As gamers jog in real life, they can listen to scary story lines and sound effects of zombies chasing them. In fact, gamers have to speed up whenever a zombie is on their heels. The farther you run, the more supplies you collect to survive.

The Walk’

In The Walk, which was developed by the same team that created Zombies, Run!, the gamer must carry a package that could save the world to a mysterious destination.

As the player walks during the day, they get closer and get closer to the destination, while also unlocking immersive audio story clips along the way. The game takes three months to complete, which might be long enough to develop a new fitness habit.

Superhero Workout’

Superhero Workout was developed by the same creators of Zombies, Run! and The Walk. In the game, the user becomes the pilot of a battlesuit tasked with defending the world against alien forces. The game requires the user to complete real-world exercises, from abdominal crunches to arm punches, to defeat the aliens. The app uses motion detection to track progress.


The Dude Who Invented Pokemon Go


John Hanke, the mensa level genius who worked for Google is the dude behind Pokemon Go. Know as a really smart guy who is difficult to speak to. Pokemon Go is not the first time Hanke has reinvented our reality. At the turn of the millennium, the former US government worker founded the digital mapping firm Keyhole, which was bought by Google and turned into the game-changing Google Maps, released in 2005.

A Safety Warning From The United States Military’s Sprawling Joint Base Lewis-McChord

Snapshotmemorial day2015_002

“DO NOT chase Pokémon into controlled or restricted areas, office buildings, or homes on base,” it said, in a Facebook post aimed at “budding Pokemon Trainers using Pokemon Go on JBLM.”

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