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Hair Policing Children Of Color 2017


Just this past Sunday, the trustees of the Mystic Valley Regional Charter School, near Boston, suspended a dress code policy that banned hair extensions, including the braided variety that many black girls sport.

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Google Making It Easier to Find Jobs


Forty-six percent of people say they have difficulty locating people available for jobs while millions are looking for work. Google for jobs will recognize when a job search query is entered into Google Search and will return a set of open jobs that will match that query. Entry level jobs will also be included. Google will locate the jobs through agencies like Monster, LinkedIn, Facebook, Career Builder & Glassdoor.

Google For Jobs has been piloting with Fad-Ex and Johnson & Johnson. Google For Jobs Will Roll out in the next few weeks.

What’s Happening With The SAT





Hacking The SAT

The SAT Cheating Problem Overseas


David Coleman, the owner of the SAT college-entrance exam, which has been plagued by a raft of cheating incidents overseas, outlined new security measures but stopped short of remedying the test’s biggest vulnerability.

The New York-based College Board said the steps include reducing the number of times the test is given outside the United States and increasing the auditing of test centers. But the not-for-profit organization did not say it would end its practice of reusing test forms overseas that were initially given in the United States – the source of many of its security lapses in recent years.

As Reuters reported last year, the College Board has failed to stop a widespread and known security problem. Asian test-preparation companies are gathering questions and reading passages from past SAT exams, and then giving their clients that material to practice upon. The questions later show up on SAT exams administered overseas, giving an unfair advantage to students who have seen them.

Reuters also found that the College Board knowingly had administered some exams overseas that it knew had leaked. More here

They’re Calling For All Innovative Students In New York City


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National Librarian Workers Day





Here’s what Newsday had to say

Metropolitan Museaum Of Art Now Has Open Access


All images of public-domain works in The Met collection are available under Creative Commons Zero (CC0). So whether you’re an artist or a designer, an educator or a student, a professional or a hobbyist, you now have more than 375,000 images of artworks from our collection to use, share, and remix—without restriction.

Anyone can just go over to the Metropolitan Museum’s website to search for images to download — just be sure to tick the check box for “Public Domain Artworks.” If that is too broad and you can’t be bothered to look for the “CC0” tag, you can always just choose from 20 thematic sets that the Met has arranged

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