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Data Breaches & Stuffed Animals

screen shot 2017 02 27 at 4.34.08 pmCredit: CloudPets

If you own a stuffed animal from Cloud Pets, you need to change your password to the product. The toys — which can receive and send voice messages from children and parents — have been involved in a data breach dealing with more than 800,000 user accounts.

The breach, which grabbed headlines on Monday, is drawing concerns from security researchers because it may have given hackers access to voice recordings from the toy’s customers. However, the company behind the products, Spiral Toys, is denying that any customers were hacked.

Hackers appear to have accessed an exposed CloudPets’ database, which contained email addresses and hashed passwords, and they even sought to ransom the information back in January.

CloudPets, the brand allegedly made the mistake of storing the customer information in a publicly exposed online MongoDB database that required no authentication to access. That allowed anyone, including hackers, to view and steal the data.


The Transgendered Dolls

Tonner Doll Company

 Unveiled by the Tonner Doll Company will makes its first debut at this week’s New York Toy Fair. The doll is modeled on a teenage activist who was born a boy, but lives as a female. Jazz Jennings shot to fame when she was interviewed about her gender dysphoria by US TV presenter Barbara Walters. 

Jazz Jennings on Instagram

Jazz Jennings__ wrote: “I love her. A portion of my proceeds will be donated to help trans youth who are struggling.

My Friend Cayla Doll Banned

The Wi-Fi-connected My Friend Cayla doll could be used by hackers to spy on children, so has been banned in Germany with parents advised to destroy the to  ( Genesis )

A German watchdog is warning parents about the possible breach of their child’s privacy for those who play with the Wi-Fi-connected smart doll, My Friend Cayla.

They advise parents to destroy the doll

The Federal Network Agency, an official telecommunications watchdog in Germany known as Bundesnetzagentur, issued a warning on Friday about the smart doll, revealing that hackers can listen in and even talk to the child through the toy’s insecure Bluetooth connection.

The Cayla doll has been removed from the market and banned, marked as an illegal “concealed transmitting espionage device.”  The doll had to be pulled from shelves because according to German law, it is illegal to sell a banned surveillance device.

The same law says also makes it illegal to possess a surveillance device, with those breaking this law risking serving up to two years in jail.

But households who purchased the doll won’t be penalized for having the now illegal device. Instead, the German watchdog is advising parents to destroy it.

Manufactured by Genesis Toys, My Friend Cayla is the interactive toy that can talk and play games with the child. The Wi-Fi-enabled doll connects to the Internet via Bluetooth to be able to answer question asked by the child, responding via microphone.

5 Year Old Makes Millions Opening Toys On You Tube

5 Year old Ryan is the youngest star on YouTube and has the most hits. The family’s channel, Ryan ToysReview, was created in March of 2015, and at first, didn’t get many views. But about four months in, the channel published this video, and views started doubling with every  month. Ryan’s mom, left her job as a high school chemistry teacher to work on the YouTube channel full time. Ryan Toys Review  has been the most popular channel in all of YouTube.

According to a report from The Guardian, 20 of the top 100 channels on YouTube are focused on toys, collecting upwards of 4.5 billion views a month. Before Ryan stepped in front of the camera, he was a viewer.

Currently, average family can find themselves running an extremely lucrative business from the comfort of their living room. There are no such rules as in film and television that exist for Ryan’s job on YouTube. “All of the laws for child performers are regulated by state. The federal government leaves it to them,” said Toni Casala, CEO of Children in Film. “There are seventeen states which basically have basically no child labor laws around performance.” 

The Texas Workforce Commission, says “When a business is owned or operated by a parent or legal custodian, the parent or custodian may employ their own children at any age to work any hours, so long as the work is non-hazardous (not prohibited) and the child works under the parent or custodian’s direct supervision.

Ryans parents says, they post a new video every day, and typically film two to three videos at a time two to three times per week. They try not to interfere with Ryan’s pre-pre-school schedule, so a majority of the filming takes place during the weekend, and the editing takes place while he’s in school.

Cute Toys Are Being Pulled From The Shelves


Norwegian consumer council Forbrukerrådet, says some high-tech toys created by U.S.-based manufacturer Genesis Toys are hazardous to children’s privacy and warranted a complaint to the Federal Trade Commission and the European Union.

The toys in question are My Friend Cayla and i-Que, they both have— a smartphone app that allows kids to talk to their toy and have it respond to what they say. Even though it appears that all communication stays between the app and the product, it actually gets sent to a remote server in the United States, without asking for the user’s permission first.

Parents setting up the product aren’t informed that their kids’ voices are sent to a server called Nuance, which is then free to use the recordings. According to Nuance’s Terms of Service, the data can be used for advertising and marketing and shared to third parties.

Toys For The Holiday






Motor Skills
Social Interaction
Emotional and Social Intelligence

Product Description

Help Elsa bring back the Northern Lights as she sings “Let It Go.” Kids can wave their hand over the snowflake to create beautiful colors. Hold a hand over the snowflake and watch as the lights sparkle on Elsa’s dress.





Kids can fly Mario’s R/C quadrocopter with anti-gravity mode. Features a six-axle gyro system for flight stability, a protective cage for the rotors, and 2.4 GHz technology for up to seven minutes of flight. It has beginner and advanced modes, and a rechargeable battery.

SPEAK OUT ages 16+


This hilarious game dares you not to get tongue-tied. Players put in a mouthpiece, draw a card, and try to speak phrases while team members try to guess as many as possible.

I must assume all mouth pieces are sterilized prior to each game




Amy Schummer To Play Barbie in Sony’s New Film

Amy Schumer Barbie Movie

The PG movie will begin production in the spring for a global summer 2018.

Schumer will play a character who lives in Barbie land where Schumer’s Barbie gets kicked out, basically because she’s not perfect enough, a bit eccentric and doesn’t quite fit the mold. She then journeys on an adventure in the real world and by the time she returns to Barbie land to save it, she has gained the realization that perfection comes on the inside, not the outside, and that the key to happiness is belief in oneself, free of the obligation to adhere to some unattainable standard of perfection. Mattel, with a lot at stake since the toyline has generated $3 billion in sales, signed off on the take.


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