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eSports Tournaments Are Soaring

Players from Chinese eSports organisation LGD Gaming practicing at the one of the team's villas in Shanghai.  Peter Stebbings / AFPPlayers from Chinese eSports organisation LGD Gaming practicing at the one of the team’s villas in Shanghai. Peter Stebbings / AFP

eSports is said to be on a trajectory to become bigger than the US National Football League (NFL) or the National Basketball Association (NBA), or indeed, any so called “true sport”.

Mr Leonsis told the audience at the Monumental Sports & Entertainment (MSE) Global Summit earlier this month said “It will dwarf the NFL, it will dwarf the NBA, because first and foremost, it is a global phenomenon.”

eSports will be a demonstration event at the 2018 Asian Games in Indonesia, and then a medal event four years later in China.

Alex Lim, the South Korean secretary general of the International eSports Federation (IeSF), says ninety per cent of the worldwide population is on the internet and half are playing games,” .

Global revenue from eSports soared 41 per cent to US$696 million with $266m coming from sponsorship, according to the eSports research consultancy Newzoo.

eSports & The Olympics


Olympic decision makers are still debating over the possibility of esports entering the world’s leading international sporting competition. The discussion opened in April, with the news that esports would be making an appearance at the 2018 and 2022 Asian Games in Jakarta and Hangzhou, with esports being elevated to medal sport status in the latter event. In August, it was announced that esports was up for contention to be added to the roster of sports at the 2024 Games, despite an earlier comment from IOC President Thomas Bach that some “violent” esports titles are “contrary to all theiir values”.

Four major decisions were made when leading representatives of the Olympic Movement met in Lausanne, Switzerland on the 28th of October, following invitations from the IOC:

  • Firstly, acknowledgement of esports’ burgeoning growth helped lead the Summit to recognize the potential for engagement of the youth with the Olympic Movement;
  •  esports “could be considered as a sporting activity”. This follows some research which suggests that the preparation, training and capacity for physical demands at esports’ highest level mirrors that of traditional sports
  • For IOC recognition as a sport, esports titles’ content “must not infringe on the Olympic values”. This statement parallels earlier concerns outlined by Bach;
  • Additionally, the IOC necessitates the existence of “an organization guaranteeing compliance with the rules and regulations of the Olympic Movement”. This body would manage issues such as anti-doping, betting, and match-fixing.

The decision of what constitutes an Olympic sport is an ever-changing, growing thing, alive with the context of its time and the preferences of its committee.


eSports May Soon Be Included In 2024 Olympic Games


Nothing is certain just yet, but discussions are a positive step forward for the recognition of esports at the Olympics.

Esports will be present at the Asian Games, the Olympic Council of Asia announced in April. An event recognized by the IOC, the Asian Games’ esports program will likely help push along the Paris Olympic bid committee with their discussions.

Team EnVyUs has secured a major investment from Hersh Family Investment and Interactive Group, according to an ESPN report.

The group is led by Kenneth Hersh, an executive in the oil and natural gas industry, and is based in Texas. The company reportedly offered EnVyUs a $35 million deal, which would make it one of the biggest acquisitions in the esports sector. EnVyUs is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, but will relocate to Dallas to align with its reported Overwatch League slot, ESPN said.

Russian Hackers leaked Confidential medical Files of Olympians


Russian hackers accessed medical files of several Olympian s in Rio. The Russian hacking team goes by the name Tsar Team (Apt 28) gained access to WADA ‘s anti doping administration and management system (ADAMS). Tsar Team is also believe to be behind the Democratic Party Hacks. The investigation into the breach is ongoing, but WADA believes spear phishing was the technique of choice and that other ADAMS data is unaffected. Athletes affected include Serena Williams and Simone Biles.

Serena Williams and Simone Biles are among those affected.

Athletes affected include Serena Williams and Simone Biles. Medical reports listing drugs they were cleared to use are posted on the website of the hackers. WADA is regretful about this situation.



Fair Competition

Bahamas' Shaunae Miller falls over the finish line to win gold ahead of United States' Allyson Felix, right, in the women's 400-meter final during the athletics competitions of the 2016 Summer Olympics at the Olympic stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Monday, Aug. 15, 2016.

Felix becomes the most decorated woman in U.S. track and field history




eSports @ The Olympics

The Rio de Janeiro eGames Showcase will take place at British House, Parque Lage in Rio de Janeiro on the 15th and 16th of August.

The showcase will feature some of the leading eSports personalities in the world taking part in a showcase of SMITE and a full international Super Smash Bros. tournament.

The venue, British House, will celebrate the best of London and the UK during the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, from its sporting excellence to its business and culture.

Located at the historic Parque Lage, one of Rio’s most recognisable buildings, the house is set in the botanical surroundings of the Mata Atlântica, at the foot of the Corcovado

Japan Wants Robotics Competition In 2020 Olympics


Japan wants robot athletes to compete in 2020 olympics. Tokyo will hosts the Olympics in 2020 and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe would like the world’s robots in competition. China held an event in which humanoid robots battled each other in 16 events. Other robot competitions include the DARPA Robotics Challenge, the RoboGames, and the RoboWorld Cup.

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