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Special rules apply to the official Twitter account of the president of the United States (@POTUS) that do not currently apply to his personal account (@realDonaldTrump). The rules are described under the Presidential Records Act, which states that certain records generated by the White House do not belong to the US president, but are instead a matter of public record.

A new bill introduced in Congress this week is looking to enforce those rules with regard to Trump’s personal account since he often uses it to make announcements altering US policy, both foreign and domestic—even though there’s a zero chance in hell anything Trump tweets will ever disappear online.

It’s called the “Communications Over Various Feeds Electronically for Engagement” THE COVFEEFE ACT

It was introduced by Rep. Mike Quigley, the Illinois Democrat who in March brought us the MAR-A-LAGO Act, which would require the publication of White House visitor logs. (The Trump White House has decided to keep the logs secret, reversing an Obama administration policy of publishing them automatically.)

Google Has Launched In Cuba

Google Credit: Magdalena Petrova

Google servers are now in Cuba and the internet is up and running.

The computers are part of Google’s global network of caching servers, which store frequently requested content locally so it doesn’t have to be accessed over long distances.That speeds up access in any country but is particularly important in a nation like Cuba, which has relatively low connectivity to the rest of the world.Cuba is connected to the rest of the internet almost exclusively via the ALBA-1 submarine cable, which runs from the island to Venezuela. Currently surfing the internet is still very pricey in Cuba. Government-run internet cafes charge several euros for an hour or two of online time — a large amount in a country where the average wage is about 20 euros (US$22) per month.


RUTHERFORD Q. STARBUCKS Is Begging You Not To Buy Their Unicorn Frappuccino



Here’s what he says

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Elimination Of Internet Privacy Rules


The United States Senate is planning to start the process Today to eliminate rules that would prevent broadband internet providers from collecting sensitive data from subscribers. A vote is expected to take place on Thursday.

The expected vote was confirmed to International Business Times by a spokesperson for Florida Democratic Senator Bill Nelson, who will speak in opposition of the measure on Wednesday, and open internet advocacy group Public Knowledge.

FCC’s Privacy Rules

Technology & The Music Industry


In the past five years, the number of times you visit a band’s Wikipedia page can tell if a band is going to break in the next year or so. For instance, about eight months before The Weeknd began to play across radio stations throughout the country, there was a huge spike of views on their Wikipedia page. And there are now firms that create analytics of data of the number of YouTube clips that are played. Another way record labels or representatives of an artist are able to tell if an artist is going to break is through the use of Shazam (an app that identifies the media playing around you). Shazam is able to show the most “Shazamed” song in your particular area.

Previously, record executives would instinctively know this song or artist was going to be a hit. But that led to repetitive-sounding music that often was the same thing time and time again. Now we have songs and artists that sound really distinct, and that diversity is in part because it’s possible for the data and technology to draw attention to people’s taste.

The millennial generation is the first that has been able to experience music almost entirely out of chronology. Because of the internet, we are able to explore any era or kind of music at any time. As a consequence, there are fewer successful albums and more one-hit wonders. Technology has influenced the way we define a successful album. Earlier generations have a tendency to create links with the ownership of music through cassette tape and CDs. At the same time, radio is pulling us in a more conservative direction in terms of playing fewer songs with little diversity.

But the millennial generation associates music and music ownership with the internet and cellphones. For them, the access to music via the internet results in almost a paralyzing effect of having so many choices. For instance, with so many opportunities, if you choose restaurant A, you are missing out on restaurant B, C, or D. It’s similar with music.

Fans Not Happy About Super Mario Run Needing To Connect To Internet


Super Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto, has revealed that upcoming mobile game Super Mario Run will require an active internet connection to be played and gamers are not happy about the requirement.

 Miyamoto, says an active internet connection is necessary because it is too difficult to offer the World Tour single-player mode as an offline mode, particularly because the mode is also related to the Toad Rally and Mushroom Kingdom modes.

Toad Rally needs to access the play data and scores of other users, the information can only be acquired from a server. Mushroom Kingdom, meanwhile, requires purchase verification as players will purchase items through coins earned in the game. Again, this will be impossible to do without an internet connection.


Facebook Creating Artificial Intelligence To flag Offensive Live Videos

brown & beige5_001

Facebook  is working on automatically flagging offensive material in live video streams,  using artificial intelligence to monitor content.

The social media company has been embroiled in a number of content controversies this year, from facing international outcry after removing an iconic Vietnam War photo due to nudity, to allowing the spread of fake news on its site.

Facebook has historically relied mostly on users to report offensive posts. Facebook has been increasingly using artificial intelligence with “an algorithm that detects nudity, violence, or any of the things that are not according to their policies.

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