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Facebook’s App For Teens-LASSO


Facebook has released an app called Lasso that lets users create fun, short videos designed to compete with TikTok, the viral 15-second video app that recently merged with In 2018, only half of teens say they still use Facebook, compared to in 2014, when 71 percent of them said they did.

Facebook Planning A Camera Device That You Attach to Your TV


Facebook’s next attempt at hardware will reportedly come in the form of a device that can be attached to a TV and provide the user with access to some video content. While this in principle sounds like what an Amazon Fire TV Stick or Roku Stick does, the difference will be Facebook’s option is expected to come equipped with a camera and will be a unit that needs to be attached to the top of the TV, instead of hidden behind the TV like most media devices these days. Though not confirmed by the company, who have reportedly declined to comment, the information on this new product comes courtesy of a new report out of Cheddar, which in turn credits “people familiar with the matter” for the details.

Facebook plans to hold out until Spring, 2019 before officially announcing the new TV-based device, although this is only a tentative date at the moment with one of the sources expressing the launch date could change, or be pushed back due to the device still being in the development stage.

Twitchcon 2018

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Squad Stream-

Twitch streamers who regularly play games like Fortnite, PUBG or Destiny 2 are  all streaming together, but their content is split between multiple streams. Viewers never get the whole show. With Squad Stream, Twitch is hoping to change that. Starting later this year, streamers will be able to “squad up” and simultaneously share all four of their broadcasts in a single viewer. Viewers will be able to seamlessly swap between channels and follow along with the chat of whichever stream they’ve selected as their main view.

Snapchat filters


Even if Snapchat’s user numbers continue to decline, their use of filters has become a hallmark of online communication in recent years. That’s why the company launched Snap Cam today, an app that brings all those filters to your computer’s webcam. Not only is it a fun idea, it was announced at TwitchCon.

Thanks to a custom Twitch extension, Streamers will be able to integrate Snapchat lenses into their streams.

Twitch Sings — a video game designed for streaming


Community may be essential to the DNA of Twitch, but most video games are designed to be played, not watched. Twitch Sings hopes to change that — the social streaming platform teamed up with Harmonix to create a new karaoke game designed for livestreaming.

Facebook Released A Redesigned Version Of Messenger


Messenger has gone back to the basics. Although the widgets are still present in the app, they’ve mostly been hidden away in spots where you can safely ignore them.

Instagram Beats Out Snapchat As The Most Used App Among American Teens


  • Instagram has surpassed Snapchat as the most used app among American teens surveyed by the investment bank Piper Jaffray.
  • The bank’s latest semiannual survey of teens found that 85% of respondents said they used Instagram at least once a month, compared with 84% who said they used Snapchat the same amount.
  • Overall, Snapchat and Instagram were the two most used apps among the surveyed teens, with Twitter and Facebook trailing behind.
  • The survey found that 85% of teens said they used Instagram at least once a month, while 84% said they used Snapchat at least once a month. This is the first time Instagram surpassed Snapchat in Piper Jaffray’s survey dating back to spring 2016. The company reported 1 billion active monthly users in June.

Facebook’s Portal

  •  Photo: Conrad Martin
Photo: Conrad Martin

Facebook recently announced the launch of Portal, its new smart home device for hands-free video calling.  Portal can track information like who you call, how frequently you call them and which apps you use — and that data could be used to serve you targeted ads on other platforms owned by the company.

2. In other security news, two new companies backed by SoftBank are teaming up to keep hackers from accessing your vulnerable smart home devices. (Think lightbulbs and thermostats.) Most devices that fall under the “Internet of Things” umbrella are notorious for flawed security, meaning hackers could use them to spread malware, access user data or gain control remotely.

Instagram Will Use Artificial Intelligence To Detect bullying In Photos


Although the majority of photos shared on Instagram are positive and bring people joy, occasionally a photo is shared that is unkind or unwelcome,” Adam Mosseri, the new head of Instagram, said in a press release. “We are now using machine learning technology to proactively detect bullying in photos and their captions and send them to our Community Operations team to review.”

Instagram’s parent company, Facebook, also introduced its own anti-bullying tools this month. Those features allow users to remove “troll comments” from their feeds, with the options to delete or hide comments in “bulk” and report comments on behalf of the victim. Facebook has hired thousands of people to look over content that may run afoul of its rules.


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