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Tianjin China Library Defends Use Of Fake Books

The deputy director of the futuristic six-story library in the coastal city of Tianjin – designed by Dutch architectural firm MVRDV China has defended the building’s design. Reports about it went viral when it was revealed that many of its “books” were actually only images printed on the walls.

The library soon was the talk on the internet after photographs of its interior and white floor-to-ceiling bookshelves in the main entrance hall circulated on social media.

However, the euphoria was short lived with stories about its “fake books” soon making headlines around the world.

Tianjin Binhai Library, deputy director told Agence France-Presse that the mix-up was because authorities approved by the plan stating that the atrium would be used for circulation, sitting, reading and discussion, but omitted a request to store books on shelves. therefore they can only use the hall for the purposes for which it has been approved.

The library has about 200,000 books stored and hopes to house 1.2 million volumes in the future. About 15,000 visitors flocked to the library over the weekend

New Book Out -Secret Brooklyn: An Unusual Guide


Michelle Young and co-founder Augustin Pasquet wrote  and provided photographs for their book  Secret Brooklyn: An Unusual Guide

Some of the unusual places featured in their book consist of the Roosevelt House at Brooklyn College, The Puppet Library features over 100 puppets, some as large as 20 feet tall, that sit on the bleachers of a gymnasium.

Abandoned Shooting Range in the Park Slope Armory

The militia of the 14th Regiment once used an extensive, multi-level shooting gallery below the Park Slope Armory.

32-Park Slope Armory-Brooklyn-NYC-Untapped Cities_39

Abandoned shooting range

Puppet Library located below Park Slope Armory

Park Slope Armory-Veterans Musuem-Tom Miskel-Brooklyn-NYC-Untapped Cities-006

Park slop Armory once home to the 14th Regiment of the U.S. militia


   Wild Parrots of Brooklyn

The best way to see the parrots is through a monthly free tour run by Steven Baldwin, who estimates there are 150 Quaker Parrots in Brooklyn today.  The parrots are more famous for roosting in Green-Wood Cemetery, the location where you can see the parrots most up-close is on a leafy residential street in Flatbush.

The fake Town House in Brooklyn Heights  building number 58 is not what it seems; it is a fake brownstone, behind which lies a hidden subway ventilator. It also functions as a emergency exit.The fake brownstone on Joralemon Street is also rumored to serve as a secret passageway to the 4/5 trains running in the tunnel below. A writer for the Brooklyn Heights Blog swears that he saw a glimpse of the 4/5 station when he peered inside the metal door marked “Exit 1

Substation 21-Brooklyn Heights-MTA-Robert W. Lobenstein-Subway-NYC-002

Substation #21, active since 1908. The substation was built to power the IRT subway extention from Atlantic Avenue to both Flatbush Avenue and New Lots Avenue.  It’s a real gem because it simultaneously houses both vintage equipment and modern functioning equipment.

John Green’s New Teen Book Coming Soon


Turtles All the Way Down begins with a fugitive billionaire and a cash reward. It is about a lifelong friendship, the intimacy of an unexpected reunion, Star Wars fan fiction, and tuatara. But at its heart is Aza Holmes, a young woman navigating daily existence within the ever-tightening spiral of her own thoughts.

October 10th 2017

Comdey Central’s The Daily Show Opening Donald Trump Twitter Library For 2 Days; Whats Next?



The pop up library is scheduled to open this Friday @ 3 West 57th Street near Fifth Avenue, a few blocks from Trump Tower,  admission is free and open to the public between 11 AM-7 PM ET. The library will exist only for a weekend. The pop-up library in Manhattan will  close Sunday

It will contain several exhibits, including a short documentary about Trump’s Twitter usage and a video retrospective called “Sad!” that “will solemnly display a collection of people, places and things that the President has deemed ‘SAD!’”


It is SO SAD & SHAMEFUL how some can JOKINGLY  take politics and politicians only to incite humor or even danger in this day and age when there is so much turmoil and power hungry leaders worldwide SHAMEFUL with everybody across the globe watching ONLY IN NEW YORK!

More on it

National Librarian Workers Day





Here’s what Newsday had to say

The Country Of Georgia Will Have A Library On Their Trains


Georgian Railway is going to have libraries in the trains. the idea is to create comfort and joy while  traveling  because passengers will be able to access and read books.

Collecting books for the trains started on the scale of whole Georgia: Volunteers, authors and publishing houses brought books to the train stations in Kutaisi, Batumi, Ozurgeti.

National Parliament Library of Georgia is actively involved in the project. It will offer passengers interesting books. There will be electronic system created, which will help them find the book they want to read.



CIA Put 12 Million Declassified Documents Online


There are almost 12 million pages of its records online, from the CIA, allowing anyone with an internet connection to browse 50 years worth of declassified intelligence reports, briefings, and other once-secret documents. The database contains US discussions about assassinating Fidel Castro, details of Nazi war crimes, reports of UFO sightings, and a study into human telepathy dubbed “Project Star Gate,” and Mind Control.

Best Books Of 2016


8. You Are Having a Good Time, by Amie Barrodale
It’s fascinating to watch people do awful things to each other, especially when you can’t quite tell why they’re doing them, and neither can they. In this debut collection of stories, Barrodale senses that muddle is more common than motive. As one of her less-explosive failures puts it, “We are people who never get it right.”


 Sweet Lamb of Heaven, by Lydia Millet
A paranoid thriller about a mother and daughter in flight from a sociopath husband, the novel is a frightening performance of vertigo. Millet delivers a narrator growing aware of her own unreliability

“The North Water…is a great white shark of a book ― swift, terrifying, relentless and unstoppable.” … A nineteenth-century whaling ship sets sail for the Arctic with a killer aboard in this dark, sharp, and highly original .

The 400-Year Untold History of Class in America

The audacious new novel about family and ambition from “one of the best living mystery writers” (Grantland) and bestselling, award-winning author of The Fever, Megan Abbott.

3Private Citizens, by Tony Tulathimutte
It’s a rare and bracing thing to see a debut novelist confident enough to pour acid on an entire system (in this case, the one we call meritocracy). The millennials have teeth. 


President Obama To Preserve Senate Torture Report In His Presidential Library

Snapshotpink boots2_001

The Senate Intelligence Committee’s 6,700-page history of the CIA torture program will be kept among Barack Obama’s presidential papers — safe from the Republicans on the committee who have attempted to have it destroyed.The executive summary of the report, which was released in December 2014, contained shocking description of brutal torture tactics like waterboarding, and other types of torture.

Following the election of Donald Trump, Senate Democrats have urged Obama to make the full report public, fearing that it could be destroyed.

The public will still have to wait to see the report, however. In a letter to the Senate Intelligence Committee’s top Democrat, Dianne Feinstein, White House Counsel Neil Eggleston wrote that “the President has informed the archivist that access to classified material, among other categories of information, should be restricted for the full twelve years allowed under the act.”After the report was completed, the Intelligence Committee sent copies to the White House, the CIA, the Department of Justice, and several other federal agencies, hoping to dissuade the agencies from practicing or authorizing torture in the future.

While the Obama administration has not complied with Burr’s request, executive branch policy remains that the report should not actually be read by anyone. A year after it was released, government lawyers confirmed that at the Department of Justice, it had not even been taken out of its package, and that the CIA had made “very limited use of it.” The administration has also refused to make the report available under the Freedom of Information Act. Anti-torture advocates argued that a full public accounting of the facts would keep the CIA from using torture in the future.

The Myth of The Disappearing Book


As early as 1894, there was speculation that the introduction of the phonograph would end the demise of books: They’d be replaced by what we today call audiobooks.

This happened again and again. Movies, radio, television, hyperlinks and smartphones – all conspired to destroy print books as a source of culture and entertainment. Some claimed the end of books would result in cultural regression and decline. Others envisioned utopian digital futures, overstating the advantages of ebooks. Studies have shown how people develop a close relationship with objects such as books, televisions and computers. Sometimes, we even make them, giving a name to our car or shouting at our laptop for not working properly. As a result, the emergence of a new technology – like e-readers – doesn’t just indicate economic and social change. It also causes us to adjust our relationship with something that has become an integral part of our day-to-day life.

President Obama Will Pass On Digital Tools When He Leaves Whitehouse

brown & beige3_001

The digital material will all be sent off to the National Archives and Records Administration.This will include Obama’s tweets and his snaps. Those materials will also be preserved in a more readily available form “wherever possible. @POTUS44, will be handled by the National Archives and Records Administration. Similar accounts will be set up for the Obama administration’s Instagram and Facebook posts. 

The president’s staff also plans to have much of his social media material ready for download by the time Obama’s term is up, so it’s ready and easy to access for fans and researchers and whoever else wants to take a look. 

The White House’s accounts, including @POTUS, will be wiped clean while maintaining their followers. That’ll prevent any jarring difference in message and, that way, each successive president will have a clean digital slate. @POTUS will be made available to the 45th President on January 20, 2017.

The Digital Transition


More On Pokemon GO

The Pokémon Go, which launched last Wednesday, has proved so popular that it has rocketed to the top of the Apple Store and helped boost the stock

However,Pokemon Go players are being lead into ambushes by robbers and even to the locations of dead bodies. The game — which leads players on a real-word scavenger hunt in which they can view Pokemon characters in virtual reality through their phone’s cameras — is causing some users to find trouble.In Missouri, a group of armed robbers lured eight players to one of the game’s Pokestops —

So far, there haven’t been any deaths or crimes related to Pokémon Go in New York City, many residents credited the game, which was created by Niantic and the Pokémon Company, with making them more social and helping them explore the city.


  • Tell your kids about stranger-danger. The way that the game is designed can bring people together in the real world as they search for Pokemon in common areas called gyms and pokestops. Obviously, you never know who you could run into while playing.
  • Set limits on where your kids can go. “Don’t leave the street/neighborhood without me” can limit the amount of strangers that you or your kids could encounter.
  • Watch the road! I’ve already seen a number of people – both kids and adults – so engrossed while staring at their phones and following a map, that they’ve walked right into the street and into objects. Pay attention!
  • And as always, if you run into an individual that is suspicious or  up to no good – don’t hesitate to dial 911!


Literary Rejections That Became Popular

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Russian Comrades Raids Ukrainian Library In Moscow


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Go Set A Watchman ——-Missing Text

Snapshotpink bag3_001Readers complained that there is missing sentences and paragraphs in the final pages of “Go Set A Watchman”. It is unknown how many of the books purchased are missing the pieces of text. The  Publisher Penguin Random House, said the misprint occurred after an error at the printers resulted in six pages towards the end of the UK edition.  Replacement copies are currently being printed to resolve the issue. Many of the misprinted books were sold through Amazon, which sent an email on Wednesday to all customers who had purchased Go Set a Watchman and offered to replace all books with missing text free of charge.

A pile of copies of the UK edition of Harper Lee's Go Set a Watchman

The UK edition of Harper Lee’s Go Set a Watchman sold more than 105,000 copies on release day but some were missing text in the final pages. Photograph: Hannah McKay/PA

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African-American students attempt to get served at a lunch counter reserved for white customers in Virginia in 1960.

African-American students attempt to get served at a lunch counter reserved for white customers in Virginia in 1960. Photograph: Bettmann/Corbis

Atticus as a fictional character that meets his daughter’s eye in Mockingbird. There he appears to be a champion of civil rights, but in the (fictional) truth revealed in Watchman, he is “really” a racist. This is typical in the North of the United Aversive racism

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Go Set A Watchman Coming July 14, 2015

The sequel To Kill A Mocking bird , Go Set A Watchman is to be released July 14, 2015.

New details have emerged that call into question the official story of how and when the work was discovered after being stored in a safe-deposit box for many years. According to both Tonja Carter, Harper Lee’s lawyer, and the publisher HarperCollins, Carter stumbled upon the typewritten text when she was rummaging around a batch of old documents last August.

But the New York Times on Thursday provide a very different series of events. According to the newspaper, Go Set a Watchman was found almost three years earlier – by a rare books expert from the Sotheby’s auction house, who was asked to review documents held in a safe-deposit box in Lee’s hometown of Monroeville, Alabama, where she lives today in a nursing home.

At a meeting in October 2011, the paper reports, the Sotheby’s expert, Justin Caldwell, came across the manuscript of a novel that he noticed as distinct from To Kill a Mockingbird, Lee’s celebrated account of the racial fault lines of a small town in the deep south told through the eyes of a child named Scout.

Go Set a Watchman is described as a “parent” book to Kill a Mockingbird – though it is set 20 years after the famous novel, in the same fictional town of Maycomb, Alabama, it was in fact written before Mockingbird, with Lee having been encouraged by her then editors to have another go.

On the night of the launch, excerpts will be read at New York’s 92nd Street Y by Mary Badham, who played Scout alongside Gregory Peck in the legendary 1962 film version of To Kill a Mockingbird.

Google’s Map Of Favorite Books

Snapshotmemorial day20151_001Snapshotmemorial day2015_002

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President Obama Picks Chicago For future presidential Library


President Obama has chosen his hometown of Chicago to host his future presidential library. Obama’s library will be built on Chicago’s South Side, where the University of Chicago has proposed two potential sites not far from the Obama family’s home.

The University of Chicago’s victory beat out three other schools on the short list:The University of Hawaii, New York’s Columbia University, and the University of Illinois Chicago, a public school that proposed building the library on Chicago’s West Side. While the library won’t be built until after Obama leaves office, fundraising has already started for the expansive project, which is expected to cost hundreds of millions of dollars to build while serving as an economic engine for the surrounding area. The Barack Obama Foundation, formed by longtime Obama associates, screened proposals and recommended the winner to the president and first lady Michelle Obama, who only recently made the final decision.

State Of America’s Libraries Released 2015



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Cute Socks Sold At The British Library

An Infograph


 Barland’s Project

Look Out Ludlum & Lustbader Here Comes Snowden


Glenn Greenwald, a former columnist for Britain’s The Guardian, to debut in March, 2014. Greenwald received classified spy documents from Snowden in secret meetings in Hong Kong after he fled the United States last spring.

The book Greenwald’s  time with Snowden in Hong Kong and  mainly about the surveillance state based on the documents he has and his reasons why the surveillance state is menacing. Metropolitan Books, is the publisher, a unit of Henry Holt and Co. Greenwald has also been discussing a movie deal.

The New York Times reported in October that 20th Century Fox , Sony Pictures Entertainment and cable TV network HBO had all considered an on-screen project. But Greenwald said that no movie deal had yet been struck.

Potential competitor books are being prepared by Barton Gellman, a blogger and former Washington Post reporter, and Luke Harding, a journalist for The Guardian.

Gellman, principal author of The Washington Post’s Snowden’s stories but no longer on the paper’s staff, said his project pre-dates the emergence of Snowden.

A person familiar with the Guardian project, who asked to remain anonymous, said that at the time Greenwald left the newspaper, the two parties tentatively agreed that to ensure neither party would have a marketing advantage, the books would be published simultaneously.

Snowden is believed to have downloaded many thousands of classified NSA and British government documents, and he sparked a debate around the world about U.S. electronic surveillance. He was granted temporary asylum in Russia after being charged in the United States under the Espionage Act.

One author who is staying clear of the Snowden saga is James Bamford, author of The Puzzle Palace, the first major investigative book on NSA, which was published in 1982

Bamford said  who published two other books about the NSA said “I hate crowds when it comes to books … I’m sitting this one out” .




The George Washington Presidential Library opened Friday on his Mount Vernon Estate. The Library will house Washington’s writings and rare books and serve as home to visiting scholars and researchers.

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Beautiful Libraries Of Africa

The University of Timbuktu was a medieval university in Mali, West Africa, which comprised three schools; namely the Masajid of Djinguereber, the Masajid of Sidi Yahya, and the Masajid of Sankore. During its high time, the university at Timbuktu had an average attendance of around 25,000 students within a city of around 100,000 people. There were four levels within the University curriculum, that included, the “Circle of Knowledge”, the “Superior Degree”, the “Secondary Degree”, and the “Primary Degree”. Teachings mostly consisted ofQuranic principles; however, literature covering topics of science, mathematics, logic, astronomy, history, and medicine, (among other disciplines) were also taught

Saint Catherine’s Monastery was established in 381 and is widely considered the oldest monastery in the world. The library was built sometime in the sixth century, which makes it the oldest continuously running library on Earth. As you would guess, the library has an incredible collection, boasting over 3,500 codices in a variety of languages — second only to the Vatican’s.

National Library of South Africa

The country’s oldest library dates back to 1818. Throughout the years, the library received many donations of rare books and manuscripts, and in 1873 the library became a legal deposit library for the Cape Colony, receiving copies of all books published therein. In 1916, the library expanded its legal deposit requirement to cover the whole country. As a result, the library has one of the most amazing and extensive collections in the entire continent. In 1999, the library united with the State Library of Pretoria to form the two branches of the National Library of South Africa.

In 1845 the Port Elizabeth News Society started a public subscription library. At first, the group met in a small room, but they earned so much money that they were soon able to buy the entire building. Then the government rented it to use as a court house for almost half a century before the building was torn down and replaced with the current structure, which open in 1902. In 1983 the building was declared a historic monument.

Image courtesy of Mike Barwood’s Flickr stream.

7. CL Marais Library, South Africa

The CL Marais Library was built in 1901, before the official establishment of the current Stellenbosch University in 1918. The library had to expand quickly to keep up with the college, and by 1926 it already had to be renovated to add additional space. In 1938, a new library was erected and, by 1983, even that library grew too small and yet another building had to be constructed to contain the school’s ever-growing collection.

Image courtesy of Clive Reid’s Flickr stream.

Kenyatta University Library, Kenya

This strikingly modern building was completed and opened late last year. It is six stories high and each level serves its own specific function: all acquisition and binding is done in the basement, the first floor offers a student lounge and check-out desk, the second floor houses the social science books, the third is home to the humanities section, the fourth holds the science and technology titles, the fifth is where you can find the special collections and the top level serves as a reading area for students and faculty.

Balme Library, Ghana

The main library of the University of Ghana houses six departments and a special section for the disabled. The library’s current holdings number over 100,000 books, including a collection of rare books and prints. It is regarded as the best library in West Africa.

Image courtesy of Swegg’s Flickr stream.

11. Keren Public Library, State of Eritrea

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