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Sneakers Designed To Improve Athletic Performance

These shoes developed by Puma and MIT Design Lab, use bacteria to improve athletic performance.

Source: MIT Design Lab, powered by Biorealize
These shoes developed by Puma and MIT Design Lab, use bacteria to improve athletic performance.

 Puma and MIT Design Lab is developing products with a biological makeup. The idea behind this collaboration is that there is a more complete athletic experience when humans wear living, adaptable products.

“Deep Learning Insoles” and “Breathing Shoes.”

 Bacteria is the secret ingredient to the Deep Learning Insoles. Placed inside discreet crevices on the top layer of the insole, bacteria is able to detect compounds present in sweat. The bacteria then responds by changing the conductivity of the insole. The next layer registers these changes. The third and final layer broadcasts the information to the user’s smart device. Users can read all about their fatigue and performance level in real time.

The Breathing Shoe has a biologically active shoe material that is home to microorganisms. The material learns a user’s specific heat patterns and opens up ventilation based on those user-specific heat patterns. Every user winds up with a unique shoe.

High School Sports Association To Sanction esports, Shooters are Excluded

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

The National Federation of State High Schools, the United States’ primary leadership organization for high school sports like football and water polo, is getting into esports.

The NFHS, which literally writes the rules for 17 sports played by 7.9 million students in more than 19,500 American high schools, will soon add video games — MOBA, sports and fighting games — to that list. No specific titles have been named, but the shooter category, including popular titles like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Fortnite, has been specifically excluded from the program. This year, students can compete in official state championship competitions and be recognized by their state athletic associations. That exposure could ultimately lead to recruitment efforts by colleges and universities, some of which are actively seeking out esports talent.

State tournaments will begin next year in between 18 and 20 states, Koski said. Games will be spread out over two four-month seasons, running from October to January and February to May.


NBA 2K League Announces Season Structure


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The Structure

The NBA 2K League formally announced the structure it will use for the upcoming 2018 season. The season will begin in May and will last until August, a total of 17 weeks. The regular season will last 15 weeks. Within those 15 weeks, teams will play 12 weeks of matchups and three weeks of tournaments. The remaining two weeks will include the playoffs as well as the NBA 2K League Finals.

Matchups will occur on a weekly basis on Fridays and Saturdays with “staggered game windows” in order to cater to viewers around the world.

The Prize

The prize pool across the tournaments and playoffs will add up to $1 million. The “Tip-Off Tournament” will put teams into four different groups competing over five days. The top two teams from each group will advance to the single elimination playoff rounds. The “Tip-Off Tournament” will have a prize pool of $100,000. The following two single elimination tournaments will feature prize pools of $150,000 each. The final tournament also has more on the line, as it will award a playoff spot to the winner. The playoff prize pool will see the bulk of the $1 million prize pool. $600,000 will be distributed during the playoffs.

The Playoffs

The playoffs will start in August and will last two weeks. The top seven teams based on records in the regular season will qualify for the playoffs as well as the winner for the final tournament. In the case that the final tournament winner has one of the league’s top eight records, then the top eight teams will advance to the playoffs. The quarterfinals will begin with single-elimination play and the semifinals as well as the finals will be a best-of-three.

Keep your eyes peeled for the NBA 2K League to tip-off on May 1st, 2018! You won’t want to miss the first time one of the big four (NBA, NHL, MLB, NFL) sports leagues has directly invested into an esports league!

eSports & The Olympics


Olympic decision makers are still debating over the possibility of esports entering the world’s leading international sporting competition. The discussion opened in April, with the news that esports would be making an appearance at the 2018 and 2022 Asian Games in Jakarta and Hangzhou, with esports being elevated to medal sport status in the latter event. In August, it was announced that esports was up for contention to be added to the roster of sports at the 2024 Games, despite an earlier comment from IOC President Thomas Bach that some “violent” esports titles are “contrary to all theiir values”.

Four major decisions were made when leading representatives of the Olympic Movement met in Lausanne, Switzerland on the 28th of October, following invitations from the IOC:

  • Firstly, acknowledgement of esports’ burgeoning growth helped lead the Summit to recognize the potential for engagement of the youth with the Olympic Movement;
  •  esports “could be considered as a sporting activity”. This follows some research which suggests that the preparation, training and capacity for physical demands at esports’ highest level mirrors that of traditional sports
  • For IOC recognition as a sport, esports titles’ content “must not infringe on the Olympic values”. This statement parallels earlier concerns outlined by Bach;
  • Additionally, the IOC necessitates the existence of “an organization guaranteeing compliance with the rules and regulations of the Olympic Movement”. This body would manage issues such as anti-doping, betting, and match-fixing.

The decision of what constitutes an Olympic sport is an ever-changing, growing thing, alive with the context of its time and the preferences of its committee.


eSports May Soon Be Included In 2024 Olympic Games


Nothing is certain just yet, but discussions are a positive step forward for the recognition of esports at the Olympics.

Esports will be present at the Asian Games, the Olympic Council of Asia announced in April. An event recognized by the IOC, the Asian Games’ esports program will likely help push along the Paris Olympic bid committee with their discussions.

Team EnVyUs has secured a major investment from Hersh Family Investment and Interactive Group, according to an ESPN report.

The group is led by Kenneth Hersh, an executive in the oil and natural gas industry, and is based in Texas. The company reportedly offered EnVyUs a $35 million deal, which would make it one of the biggest acquisitions in the esports sector. EnVyUs is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, but will relocate to Dallas to align with its reported Overwatch League slot, ESPN said.

Disney Breaks Up With netflix


Disney will be launching a new, stand-alone ESPN streaming service in 2018. This is wonderful news to those who have left cable behind but still yearn to watch sports. It is also big for ESPN, which has had a rough couple of years. The sports media empire lost 12 million subscribers since its peak in 2011, and the company fired a number of high-profile employees in 2017, including NBA reporters Marc Stein and Chad Ford. Former ESPN writer Bill Simmons claimed that the company was too slow to recognize the importance of digital infrastructure. 

The new ESPN service will offer “approximately 10,000 live regional, national, and international games and events a year, including Major League Baseball, National Hockey League, Major League Soccer, Grand Slam tennis, and college sports. Individual sport packages will also be available for purchase, including MLB.TVNHL.TV and MLS Live.”

The NBA Africa Game Fantasy League


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