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The United States Presidential Election ‘s 2016/ Live Data


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Presidential Election Live Data


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A tour Of Google’s South Carolina Data Center


Very few Google employees have access to its data center campuses. But even if you can enter the campus, there are different levels of clearance required the closer you get to the heart of the territory. You need separate clearances to enter the building, to enter the corridor that lead to the data center, and then to enter the data center itself.The most secure areas of the data center have underfloor laser beams that will detect movement.

The Internet Of Things & Security


The Internet Of Things is getting bigger & bigger. Security must be address.  When power is first introduced to the device, the authenticity and integrity of the software on the device is verified using cryptographically generated digital signatures.In much the same way that a person signs a check or a legal document, a digital signature attached to the software image and verified by the device ensures that only the software that has been authorized to run on that device, and signed by the entity that authorized it, will be loaded. The device must have protection from various run-time threats and malicious intentions.

The device also needs a firewall or deep packet inspection capability to control traffic that is destined
to terminate at the device. Once the device is in operation, it will start receiving hot patches and software updates. Operators need to roll out patches, and devices need to authenticate them, in a way that does not consume bandwidth or impair the functional safety of the device. Security at both the device and network levels is critical to the
operation of IoT.  Fortunately, this does not require a revolutionary approach, but rather an evolution of measures that have proven successful in IT networks, adapted to the challenges of IoT and to the constraints of connected devices.

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