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Self Driving Uber Kills Woman

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A 49-year old pedestrian, who was struck while pushing her bike and later died from her injuries, was walking outside of the crosswalk, according to a Tempe police department statement.  The car was operating in self-driving mode, the police said, but a vehicle operator was behind the wheel at the time. The National Transportation Safety Board said on Twitter that it planned to open an investigation of the incident.

The Volvo XC90-based prototype was traveling at 38 mph in a 35 mph zone when it hit the pedestrian. The car made no attempt to brake or swerve. But while Uber’s prototype most likely isn’t to blame, the operator behind the wheel could ultimately face charges.

A report from the Governors Highway Safety Association released March 1 said Arizona had the highest rate of pedestrian fatalities in the nation, based on available data from 2017.

The complete Tempe Police Department statement:

The vehicle was traveling northbound just south of Curry Rd. when a female walking outside of the crosswalk crossed the road from west to east when she was struck by the Uber vehicle. She was transported to a local area hospital where she passed away from her injuries. Her next of kin has not been notified yet so her name is not being released at this time. Uber is assisting and this is still an active investigation.


History of California Blacks & Queen Califia


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North America, had Africans who came before slavery, and before Columbus. In many cases, these Blacks and other indigenous nations established thriving civilizations in ancient America. Queen Califia and the California Blacks were one such ancient Black nation.

Reigning over the Empire of Xi, in the ancient kingdom of Utla, the nation of AtLan, was the great queen of gold and diamonds, ruler of the California Blacks. Queen Califia, decorated warrior general – mother, was the grand and beautiful royal leader in the beloved, wealthy, and powerful, Land of the Blacks:

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A civilization with an abundance of natural resources: gold, diamonds, vast quantities of precious stones and metals, with territory spanning thousands and thousands of miles throughout California. From the coast of San Francisco to Bahia Mexico, as far inland as Colorado, Utah, and all the Pacific Ocean Island Nations including Hawaii, and Australia. Places where most of the original inhabitants were aborigine, black and brown people of color.

It is now also an archeological fact that the true original people of the Americas included many nations and the Black Californians were one of them as decedents of the Olmecs, West Africa Manding, Egyptians, (Kings of Kush) and the First Emperor of China, (Shangdi’s, Shang Dynasty.)

Other ancient civilizations occupying California in the distant pass include members of Black Mojave and Washitaw mound builders as well as the following:

Ancient indigenous Black Nations of America California Blacks Olmecs
Washitaw – Mound Builders Louisiana / Mid-West
Yamassee South East
Black Foot
Pequot and Mohegans Connecticut
Darienite Panama

Ancient America Sacred Cave Art - Massive Cave Art Beautiful! #2 

The California Blacks lived by a strict moral ethics code: living in harmony with the people, animals, land, sea, earth, sun and heavenly planets. Their wood-built homes, official dwellings and structures were arranged in granger and complicity, from holy sites, cliffs residents, monumental buildings, scared caves and mounds that were enhanced and decorated magnetically in silk, gold, diamonds and precious stones. Some appear to have illumination, electricity.

Ancient America Sacred Cave Art # 5 - Modern World Meets Ancient Hunters

Ancient America Sacred Cave Art - Yellow Diamond Harvest # 3

Ancient America Sacred Cave Art - Massive Cave Art Beautiful! #2


Queen Califia and the California Blacks were all directly or indirectly related to our decedents of the Olmecs of South America, West African Nile Valley, Kings of Kush, Emperor Remises the Great and the Yellow Emperor, Shangdi of China.

The Black Californians were not American Indians but indigenous people of African ancestry. As a mixed culture, they closely resembled today’s African Americans and Melanesians from the Pacific Islands. The history of the Black Californians appear to be conveniently erased, ignored, shrouded in mystery, myth and ignorance, all in an effort to keep our history obscure by not mentioning that the original people of California and America were Black and American Indians whose civilizations existed together peacefully thousands of years before Columbus.


Olmec Cave Art King of the California Blacks #2

Ancient America Sacred Cave Art # 5 - Modern World Meets Ancient Hunters

What happen to the California Blacks and the Original Blacks of California and the South West?

The extermination of the Blacks of California was indeed the largest act of genocide in American history. “The idea, strange as it may appear, never occurred to them (the Indians) that they were suffering for the great cause of civilization, which, in the natural course of things, must exterminate Indians.”
– Special Agent J. Ross Brown, Indian Affairs

California was one of the last areas of the New World to be colonized. It wasn’t until 1769 that the first mission, Mission San Diego de Alcala’ in California, the first of 21 missions, would become the primary means for the Spaniards to subjugate the ingenious. The leader of this effort was Junipero Serra. Disputing what history books currently tell you, the missions were coercive religious, forced labor camps. Through bribes, military, and even onslaught European diseases (that usually targeted children), the colonizers ensured that eventually sick and desperate natives would come to the mission for help. The people taken there had their children taken from them and harsh, manual labor was the rule. Beatings and filthy living conditions were common. The death rate at the mission was appalling. By 1818 the percentage of Natives who died in the missions reached 86 percent. Over 81,000 “converts” eventually managed to successfully flee the missions. Soon after, there were Indian revolts. The San Diego mission was burnt down in 1775 during the Kumeyaay rebellion. Mohave Indians destroyed two missions in a dramatic revolt in 1781. Santa Barbra and Santa Inez Missions were destroyed in 1824. In 1834, Mexican Governor Jose Figueroa freed the Indians from the mission system and stripped the friars of their power. More than 100,000 native people had died because of the mission system. But that did not mean things went back to how it was before. The Spanish didn’t give the land back. Instead, the land was distributed to political insiders and a system of ranches developed. By the start of the Mexican-American War, 26 million acres were controlled by just 813 ranchers.

Gold Rush and Genocide
After Johann Sutter became a Mexican citizen in 1840, he was awarded a land grant of 48,827 acres by the government. On June 18, 8141, he and his partner James Marshall began Sutter’s Mill shortly after. While building the sawmill, Marshall discovered gold the morning of January 24, 1848. History in the state of California would forever change for the original natives of the land. Ironically the gold rush that followed didn’t enrich either man and they too were forced off the land by whites more ruthless than them. In the chaos of the gold rush, almost all of the enslaved indigenous people and Indians were killed. Many others escaped.

After many years of war with Spanish invaders of the Southwest, with Mexico and the United States, the empire of the California Blacks was completely diminished. The survivors blended into the African American Black population of California and the United States. Their descendants still exist among millions of Black Californians today. One such family is the Blackmons of California.


Black Caliornia SACRED Cave Art - Cross of Egypt #4

Ancient America Sacred Art - AtLand King of Glod & Diamonds # 9

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While Europeans were drinking gutter water from polluted city rivers, huge aqueducts transported America’s water from fresh springs.“But what impressed most, were special merchant areas filled with timber and tile and other building materials being  bought and sold. As well as green grocers streets where everyone could buy  every sort of vegetable, fruit, honey, past and chocolates.

Astonished by personal cleanliness and hygiene of the colorfully dressed populous and by their extravagant use of soaps, deodorant and breath sweeteners.” — American Holocaust – Robert Beverly

Long  before Europe – coming out of their ‘dark age’ – realized that the world was not flat, there were nations  that were scientifically advanced. There were highly civilized

california blacks


Head Dresses


The First Statue Of Liberty -The Original One


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The Obama s Striking Deal With Netflix


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Netflix is in talks with former President Barack Obama for a new series.

 The New York Times reports that the deal would have Obama and his wife, Michelle Obama, provide content that would only be available on Netflix. Sources close to the deal indicate that the series might focus on inspirational stories or feature moderated discussions of the topics that were highlights of the Obamas’ time in the White House.

The report indicates that some episodes could feature conversations on health care or voting rights moderated by Barack Obama, while Michelle Obama might moderate a show focusing on nutrition, for example. Other potential show ideas rumored for the deal include documentaries or other projects endorsed by and possibly introduced by the Obamas.

Executives from Apple and Amazon have also reportedly been in talks with the former president and first lady.

Terms of the Netflix deal are unknown at this point.


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  Well-known hacker,Adrian Lamo, has died at the age of 37. Adrian Lamo, first rose to notoriety in the early-2000s by hacking into systems at The New York Times, Microsoft, and Yahoo, which he was subsequently convicted for.

Lamo was more recently widely known for his involvement in passing information on whistleblower Chelsea Manning, a former US Army soldier who befriended Lamo. In an internet chat, Manning told Lamo that she had downloaded and burned classified files to a disk.

Lamo, with help from two friends in military intelligence, informed the US military of the breach. Manning was later arrested and sentenced to 35 years in prison. Her sentence was later commuted by President Barack Obama, and she was released last year.

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Bitcoin Mining Banned In Plattsburg New York


Thursday evening, the city council in Plattsburgh, New York unanimously voted to impose an 18-month ban on Bitcoin mining in the city.

Mining is the extremely energy-intensive computational process that secures the Bitcoin blockchain and rewards miners with bitcoins. The Bitcoin ban was proposed by Plattsburgh Mayor Colin Read earlier this month after local residents began complaing about wildly inflated electricity bills in January. The ban affects only new commercial Bitcoin operations and will not affect companies that are already

Most cryptocurrencies require a “mining” process in which servers are used to guess the solution to a complex equation—the computer that gets the answer gets the newly minted coin. It takes a lot of electricity to be a miner, and the ones who are successful tend to use a large network of mining rigs. To cut down on their energy expenses, miners have flocked to cities with cheap power and we’re just beginning to learn what cost that brings for the municipalities themselves.

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Apple Maps Has Bike Station Locations

Locations of bike stations in 179 cities in 36 countries is now searchable in Apple Maps thanks to transportation data company Ito World. To find the nearest stations, simply type “bike sharing” in the search box when you open the app, then select the top result, which should have a “nearby” label with it.

The current time the information isn’t as detailed as you’d want it to be, so it only shows the locations of the bike stations rather than information on bike availability. 

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