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  • With “Amazon Key In-Car,” Prime members with “compatible vehicles” can opt to have packages delivered inside their cars when parked in a publicly accessible area. Amazon expects those locations to typically be at a customer’s home or workplace, according to a company press release. Compatible vehicles include 2015 or newer Chevrolets, Buicks, GMC, Cadillacs or Volvos with active roadside assistance accounts.
  • The service carries no charge for Prime members and is available starting now in 37 U.S. metropolitan areas, the same areas where Amazon Key is already available. More cities and more vehicle makes and models will be added over time, Amazon said.
  • The app also provides notifications with an initial four-hour delivery window, when the delivery is on its way and again when it’s been delivered. Customers can track when their car was unlocked and relocked in the App’s activity feed and rate their in-car delivery
  • More than three quarters (75.9%) of women said they’re unwilling to use it, as did 60.9% of men — a 68.8% average for all, according to a study by InsuranceQuotes.
  • People are leery of giving Amazon a key to their homes. Almost 80% said they are afraid that Amazon Key couriers will steal something (80.4% of women and 78.4% of men); 76.9% of women and 69.9% of men worry about a breach of privacy; and 61.8% of women and 56.2% of men are concerned about “malicious exploitation” of the service.



Retailers That Could Go Bankrupt

Toys R Us —-the nearly $12 billion toy seller the third-largest retailer in history to go bankrupt.Toys R Us bankruptcy —  the third-largest in retail history — did not happen in a vacuum.

Payless, Gymboree, rue21 and True Religion have all successfully exited Chapter 11 this year with healthier-looking structures.

Lands’ End

While the retailer’s catalog is still doing well, it’s suffering from an association with Sears
Credit: Lands’ End

With hundreds of store closures and lackluster sales, Sears could soon be gone for good
Credit: Wikimedia Commons user Thivierr
Nine West

Lackluster performance and a high debt load are haunting this retailer
Credit: Nine West Facebook pag


Some suppliers have demanded stricter terms from Bon-Ton.
Credit: flickr: MikeKalasnik

Claire’s Stores

Claire’s has “exhausted” many of its refinancing options, Debtwire says.
Credit: Geograp

Neiman Marcus

Neiman Marcus could still turn around its business, but some analysts aren’t sold on the possibility.
Credit: Wikimedia

99 Cents Only

The space that 99 Cents operates in is getting even more competitive
Credit: wikimedia

J. Crew

It’s been a tough year for J. Crew, with several executive departures and a high debt load
Credit: Flickr user epicharmus

Black Friday

Singles Day

Image shows a delivery man in Shanghai on 11 November 2017

Image copyright AFP
Image caption A delivery man delivers parcels during Singles Day in Shanghai


Back in the 1970’s in Communist China very little thought went into shopping because there was not much to buy. People simply bought what little was available.Even in the 1980s, shopping in Beijing was little better. Shopping was get what you needed.

Officially called the 11.11 Global Shopping Festival. 11.11 stands for the 11 November, when it is held. The two numbers were chosen to symbolize the wishes of single people to be in a relationship, as two elevens next to one another appear like two couples.

It was originally a non-commercial festival started by male college students who didn’t have a girlfriend. They created a day to get together to celebrate bachelorhood.

But the Chinese retailer Alibaba caught on to it and has turned it into the largest online shopping day in the world. Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba (BABA, Tech30 sales soared past $18 billion after just 13 hours of the retail blitz known as Singles Day, eclipsing the $17.8 billion it managed in the full 24 hours last year. 

  Although Singles Day still mostly targets Chinese consumers, it’s also increasingly spreading to other countries, experts say.


Instagram Trends For 2018

Snapshotmemorial day2015_001

The popularity of producing video content is expected to rise in 2018. And especially so with Instagram. You can expect to see refine Instagram stories and better video content. The prevalence of Instagram stories will only continue to increase.The Instagram stories feature is becoming popular in a variety of niche markets.

In 2018, we will see more influencers vlogging. Furthermore, with updates occurring in social media algorithms, video content will become important in building audiences and generating engagement.Video content is also important for business, companies and brands – not just influencers. They receive higher engagement rates and people tend to comment, like and share them more often. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat, all these platforms provide the brands with an opportunity to generate video content that can be shared with followers immediately (ex. Facebook Live or Instagram Live Stories).

There will be Lots of influencers posing in a greenhouse, newsstands, at McDonald’s and sporting bob haircuts. This is after they have bathed in a tub full of flowers and sliced grapefruits. Ouch! grapefruit sounds a bit drying to me. Don’t forget  Glitter and sparkle.


Influencers on a variety of platforms are going to have to be a lot more transparent with their audience in 2018 selling.

Shopping Becoming More Popular On Instagram

Shopping on Instagram has now been available for some time now. It was first made possible in late-2016 when the platform introduced shoppable photos.

2018, we can only expect to see Instagram shopping. Shopify has been testing the feature throughout 2017, and the company notes that product tags are only visible to users in the US. Merchants can only sell physical products like food, books, clothing, toys, art, stationery, and electronics.

Black Friday Here Already

Uber Gets Into The Credit Card Business


Begining November 2, Uber will give users the option to get the card right in its app and will populate all of the information they have on file for their customers into the application. You also can apply for the card online.

After a few minutes, an applicant can get a verdict yes or no. The card is automatically available for use for Uber rides and UberEats purchases and a physical card will show up in the mail within a week or so.



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