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Concerns about Wearable Health Devices Creating Hypochondriacs


The ‘worried well’ will be sent into hyperdrive. There may be an influx of patients with potentially valid concerns about their risk of falling ill in the future.”There is unfortunately the danger that the unscrupulous of our profession could prey on the fears of patients, convincing them that treatment is necessary, where it is not.”

Apple has launched the latest version of the Apple Watch, which is one of the first mainstream devices available to consumers that can carry out ECG tests and detect a number of heart conditions, such as a low heart rate or arrhythmic beating. apple watch 4


Apple Is Investigating Video Of Exploding iPhone 7 Plus


Apple investigating video of exploding iPhone 7 Plus


ShakeShack managers and sommeliers at the new Union Square Cafe 2.0 eatery will wear devices to take better care of their diners. When the announcement came that all  that all  managers and sommeliers at his Union Square Cafe 2.0 would be sporting Apple Watches when it reopened this month, patrons paniced that the glow of organic bonhomie would be replaced by a bunch of smartphones. To ease the tensions, only  sommelier and managers will receive an Apple Watch which will not be seen. Servers will not wear the watch.These watches will be connected to an app developed by Resy, a tech-forward reservation system startup, and integrated into the restaurant’s point of sale system.This technology, is expected to allow the restaurant to take better care of its guests. Managers will be able to monitor with statistical precision how long a table has been seated and thus when their order should be taken.Likewise, guest using the Resy app will have a profile wherein preferences, allergies and past orders can be noted. The restaurant can also create profiles for every member of a party, not just the reserver.

‘Servers will not be wearing the watches and somms and managers wear long sleeves.’

Servers will not be wearing the watches and somms and managers wear long sleeves.’ Photograph: Issei Kato/Reuters

Apple Confirms-their Watch & Tattoos don’t Mix


After a number of Apple Watch buyers with tattooed wrists reported that their ink appeared to be interfering with the Watch’s ability to read their heart rates. last Friday, 9 to 5 Mac spotted an update to the company’s support page for the watch that confirms the problem.Apple measures blood flow in part by shining green light — which your red blood absorbs — into your wrist. It then calculates your pulse by tracking how much of that light gets absorbed. But, it seems, the light can have problems getting through tattoo ink to get an accurate reading.

The document says”The ink, pattern and saturation of some tattoos can block light from the sensor, making it difficult to get reliable readings,” . There is no indication from Apple that variations in natural skin tone cause similar problems; the ink seems to be main problem here.

 Being able to measure fitness statistics is one of the main selling points for the Apple Watch, and is the focus of one of its latest ads for the device. The success of companies such as Jawbone and Fitbit have shown that there is a wearables market out there for fitness buffs, and it’s probably one of the easiest markets for Apple to tap into in the early days of its Watch launch. However, Apple does caution instances in which the Apple Watch may have trouble reading your heart rate.

The obvious example is when the watch is too loose and its sensors aren’t in contact with your skin. But Apple said the device can also have problems when it’s being jostled at irregular intervals — such as when you’re playing tennis or boxing — or when it’s cold outside and your blood may be shunted away from the surface of your skin as part of your body’s natural response to lower

Apple Watch Falls Short On Tattooed Arm


Everything fine on his un-inked left wrist, but when he switches to the right, the wrist detection is playing up, as the watch keeps asking for the passcode.The watch would lock up every time the screen went dark and prompted for a password. There were no notifications. Apple explains that the Watch uses LEDs to detect how much blood is flowing through your veins, but that various factors can mean the device won’t get a reading. Speculation suggests the pigments in the two tattoos might be preventing the Watch from being able to see inside their veins, leading the device to assume it’s not being worn and therefore not issuing notifications. Natural pigments appear not to have any effect on the Watch. Other issues include receiving calls on the watch but can’t make them,

Apple is addressing these issues.

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