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Alibaba’s Futuristic Hotel Opens Amid Concerns


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Space Hotel Taking Reservations For $10 Million



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Trends In Retail 2018


Pop-up stores allow retailers to wow consumers in small spaces with limited investment, and malls increasingly bring in non-traditional and multicultural retailers to differentiate and enliven their offerings. Platform, a Los Angeles-based shopping center, requires potential tenants to demonstrate the unique experiences they will provide. Nordstrom, meanwhile, has launched Nordstrom Local, a clothing “store” that instead of merchandise, showcases personal stylists, same-day ordering, on-site tailoring, and experiential amenities including manicures and a variety of beverages to relax with.

Fetchr, a delivery service in Dubai, uses your smartphone to determine your location and deliver your goods to wherever you are. Walmart and leading supermarket chains continue to expand their online ordering/in-store pickup options. When on-demand services are available, the customer designates a pickup time, then pulls into stations with kiosks where associates are standing by to load the groceries (some may even have treats on-hand for your kids and furry friends).

Westin Hotels helped lead the way with RunWESTIN™, a New Balance-sponsored program of scenic three- and five-mile running routes available to hotel guests. Lululemon, a yoga clothing specialty retailer, offers yoga classes and running clinics, while Williams-Sonoma provides in-store cooking classes.

Companies like Saks are offering consumers a single point of contact though a new company, In-store associates can recommend and sell their clients products online through a storefront application.

Personal stylists are no longer available only at high-end fashion retailers. Stitch Fix  a subscription service (subscriptions are, in fact, optional), it differentiates itself by using data analysis to understand each customer and deliver apparel tailored to his or her personal style.

Best Buy’s Secret To Success

Best Buy have survived in spite of analysts’ predictions that Amazon would eat them for lunch. What’s Best Buy’s secret? According to CEO Hubert Joly, the firm has beat Wall Street’s expectations by matching Amazon’s prices, turning brick & mortar stores into showcases, providing new shipping and delivery options, quietly cutting costs, and training staff to consistently deliver a better customer experience. Every brand and retailer needs to think about the basics as they implement the trend-based strategies presented here. Great tech and people delivering service with passion is a must-have combination for thriving in the experience economy.


Bargain-flight apps, Affected By Google’s Change


The change probably has something to do with Google Flights and Google Trips. Google used ITA’s tool to create Google Flights, which aggregates airline prices directly inside its powerful search engine. The product competes with companies like Priceline Group Inc.’s and Chinese travel giant International Ltd.’s Skyscanner.

New Technology For Booking Travel


Instead of entering a hotel search and receiving a page with hundreds of options, new data-driven travel agents—using humans, AI or both—are tailoring options based on a traveler’s personal preferences. These new agents use chatbots or messaging to communicate with travel bookers. Elaine Glusac, writing at The New York Times, offers these examples of data-driven travel planners.

Pana caters to frequent travelers. For a monthly fee, Pana is available 24 hours. It uses member profiles and past trips to funnel travel requests to human agents.

Mezi uses chatbots to handle travel booking. If a complicated issue arises then humans get involved; afterward they train the bots to handle it in the future. The more you book with Mezi, the more it learns about your preferences.

Savanti Travel helps frequent travelers cut costs while gaining status with travel companies. It doesn’t operate on commission to avoid the urge to find more expensive bookings.

Hello Hipmunk is a travel-planning messaging system. It runs through Facebook Messenger, Skype or Slack, and lets you topic hop as if you were talking to a human. It can offer tips such as on the cheapest times to travel.

Flightfox specializes in complicated itineraries. The service books flights only; for a fee, agents find the best prices and send you links so you can do the booking yourself. It also uses points systems to find the best deals.

They Say Airbnb Is Turning Brooklyn White


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Co-Living Next Big Trend In Hospitality


Co-living can be seen as a dorm for adults. Back in September  2016 , AccorHotels announced it was launching a new brand, Jo&Joe, largely inspired by co-living and hostels. And in December 2016, Hilton Worldwide announced it too was considering launching an “urban Microtel” brand concept in the near future. They view it as a  solution for the urban housing crisis, A remedy for lonely Millennials seeking out true connections in this all-too digitally connected universe and a new live/work alternative for remote workers and global nomads.

Here’s what signifies Jo&Joe as co-living

  • Urban city-center locations “close to public transport and less than 15 minutes away from the major points of interest”
  • A central bar for locals and guests alike to frequent
  • Local and affordable craft cuisine
  • A collaborative kitchen where guests can cook for themselves or each other
  • A “Happy House” area where guests can do their laundry, relax, cook, or unwind, just as they would when they’re at home
  • Shared sleeping arrangements in the “Together” space, where you’ll find “an ingenious modular sleeping area that guests share without sacrificing privacy”
  • Private sleeping accommodations in rooms and apartments for two to five people with private bathrooms and possibly a kitchen space, called “Yours”
  • Alternative accommodations that take the form of “OOO! (Out of the Ordinary)” experiences. They could be yurts, hammocks, or caravans, for example, for the ultimate social media bragging opportunity
  • A mobile app that connects guests, Jo&Joe staff members, and locals alike to serve as a “social accelerator

Podshare based in Los Angelos

Common based in New York City

Sabbatical, which is opening its first location in Puerto Rico in August and plans to expand to Mexico City and Montenegro in 2017

Commonspace  Based in Syracuse New York

WeLive based in NYC’s Wall Street, Washington D.C. & Crystal City

PureHouse (,co-housing in Williamsburg, Brookly provide spaces that support entrepreneurs, digital nomads, artists and designers- 

OpenDoor ( has properties including the 16-room Farmhouse in Berkeley, California

 The Collective ( has launched the largest co-living site of its kind in UK capital, accommodating more than 500 people.

Zoku ( in Amsterdam

Roam ( and you can stay in its co-living centres in Bali, Miami, Madrid and London (its Sloane Square site opened at the end of last year). Tokyo and San Francisco are coming soon.

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