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Harvard Librarian Catalogued Years Of Cultural Heritage Destruction By Serbian Nationalists &, Testifys Before The U.N.

Torn and desecrated religious books and manuscripts.

August 1992 nearly 2 million books was destroyed as the National Library of Bosnia-Herzegovina, was burned to a shell.

András Riedlmayer holding photo album.


András Riedlmayer with photos from his many visits to the Balkan region in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

Kris Snibbe/Harvard Staff Photographer

Burned books considered sacred.
Torn and desecrated religious books and manuscripts.


Agim, a Kosovar Albanian university student who worked with Riedlmayer as an interpreter, looks at torn religious texts (pictured) inside a Carralevë mosque that was burned by Serbian soldiers in 1999.

Courtesy of András Riedlmayer



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Librarians At War: Information Hunters


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Proposed Bill Could Fine or Jail librarians


A state representative from Neosho, Missouri, is proposing a bill that could result in jail time or fines for refusing to pull banned materials from shelves. Rep. Ben Baker introduced House Bill 2044 to the Missouri House of Representatives on Jan. 8, proposing that a parental library review board of five elected residents would determine what books, DVDs, audiobooks, magazines and more would be available to minors in the library.

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Warrant Out For Her Arrest — For Failing To Return Two Library Books.


A Charlotte woman was surprised to find out Tuesday she had a warrant out for her arrest — for failing to return two library books.

Where the Sidewalk Ends"Night" by Elie Wiesel


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Librarian Discovers Book With Old Taco For Bookmark

Imagine flipping open the pages of your favorite book and finding an uneaten taco.

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Library Receipt Showing Savings On Books Goes Viral

Library receipt goes viral for showing over $7,000 savings by borrowing books. (Photo: Reddit)
Library receipt goes viral for showing over $7,000 savings by borrowing books. (Photo: Reddit)
The viral screenshot of a Wichita Public Library receipt was first posted by a Reddit user who had recently noticed that the library was keeping track of the member’s savings throughout the year and since they’ve been using the library. According to the user, who added context in the post’s replies, it is money that’s been accumulated by a six-person family that goes to the library on a weekly basis. Still, the $7,078.76 savings since they have been going to the library is leaving people in shock.

The Wichita Public Library told Yahoo Lifestyle that the program is something that it adopted in 2016 through the Polaris Integrated Library System, which is the software used by the library to manage customer accounts and inventory of the library collection. In a statement, the library’s communications specialist, Sean Jones, assured that the system makes sure to keep track of the cost of an item being borrowed without attaching it to a specific title so that a person’s reading history remains confidential.

A number of other libraries use the same system, and Jones says that the Wichita community, in particular, has responded positively to it.

Are Public Libraries Becoming More Like Social Service Agencies?



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