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Twitter Is Springing A Live Video & News Service


The social media company is teaming up with Bloomberg for a 24/7 streaming live video news service created by Bloomberg exclusively for Twitter. According to The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg and Twitter will announce the deal later Monday. The deal with Bloomberg is expected to result in the 24/7 service by the coming fall.

Twitter’s Live API


Twitter’s Live API will work similarly to the Facebook Live API that launched last April to connect professional equipment to the social medium. Big video cameras, editing boards, desktop editing software, satellite vans and more will be able to broadcast directly to Twitter through the API.

Twitter’s new tool for live video is aimed at larger media publishers and broadcasters. The Producer API, as it’s called, will allow professional publishers to connect their equipment to Twitter in order to stream live video directly to its network.

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The Organizers Behind The Women’s March Announced A Forthcoming Strike On Twitter


The proposed date of the strike, dubbed “A Day Without A Woman,” is still to come.

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They Are Threatening To Burn JK Rowlings Books



The Harry Potter author seems to be attracting a slightly more vicious crowd than usual. After speaking openly and honestly about what she perceives to be a worrying situation in America, Rowling was inundated with negativity and threats of book burnings. One user tweeted that they were planning on burning their DVDs too.

Read the dialog between the author & others tweets here


Twitter To Live Stream More Red Carpet Shows


Twitter is expanding its awards show broadcasts as part of an expanded partnership with Dick Clark Productions (DCP).

The deal will live-stream the official red carpet pre-shows for several events including the Academy of Country Music Awards (CMAs) on April 2, the Billboard Music Awards (BBMAs) on May 21, and the American Music Awards (AMAs) in November. Twitter will also broadcast live the entirety of the 7th Annual Streamy Awards in partnership with DCP and Tubefilter, which will air in the fall.

The broadcasts will feature interviews with attendees that will integrate user-submitted questions and conversations.
The live-streaming rights to the AMAs, CMAs, and BBMAs are all currently licensed to ABC, and Twitter simply can’t compete with a television network at this stage (neither in terms of audience or revenue). Therefore, it will likely remain the home of smaller awards shows (such as the Streamy Awards) for the time being — last year the platform also live-streamed The Game Awards.

The Archives Of America’s Social Media President


Photo credit: Cheriss May via Getty images

The administration has launched a White House Social Media Archive where you can find President Obama’s entire social media presence as Potus

The Digital Transition


Beware! There are Apps That Can Hack Your Twiiter Account

white sailor suit_001.png3_001

I wont mention who but there are Apps that can be downloaded and are able to hack your twitter account

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