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Australian Researchers Have Developed “Solar Paint”



Imagine a house paint that not only makes a home look pleasing to the eye, but also supplies all of your home’s energy needs. Researchers in Australia have come up with a “solar paint” capable of absorbing moisture from the air and turning it into hydrogen fuel for clean energy.

Based at RMIT University in Melbourne, southern Australia, the research team has developed “solar paint”, containing a newly developed compound that acts like silica gel — that’s the stuff used in those little sachets that absorb moisture to keep things like food, medicines, and electronics in good shape.  Besides damp climates, the solar paint will also be effective in, for example, hot and dry climates near oceans, with the absorbed vapor coming from the nearby sea water as it evaporates in the heat.

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Australia Wants To Eliminate Passports & Replace With Facial Recognition


Australia’s Department of Immigration and Border Protection is aiming to do away with the need for passports at its international airports by introducing systems for biometric recognition of the face, iris and/or fingerprints.

International arrivals could speed through airside without ever interacting with a human official as the new technology is expected to eradicate the need for passport checks and passenger cards. Besides making the arrival experience more efficient, officials also believe the system will be better at identifying passengers on watch lists.

While a number of airports have for several years been using so-called smart gates that prompt travelers to scan their passports upon arrival, the new system, which the government wants in place within the next three years, goes much further.

The authorities plan to trial the new technology at Canberra airport from July before taking it to a busier airport, such as Sydney and Melbourne, for further testing in November.

Book “American Psycho Remove From shelves By Australian Police


American Psycho was found to be gruesome and disgusting back in its day when first published. Almost quarter of a century later – in a move which would no doubt delight its controversial author – Bret Easton Ellis’s divisive novel has become the subject of a police raid, after a bookshop in Adelaide was asked to remove copies of the book from shelves when it was discovered to be on sale without the required plastic wrapping.

Ever since American Psycho was first published in 1991, Australia’s classification laws have given it a “restricted classification” and insisted that it only be sold in a sealed wrapper and to adults”.  

According to Jason Lake, co-owner of Adelaide bookseller Imprints Booksellers, the latest edition, featuring an introduction from Irvine Welsh, arrived from the publisher without the necessary wrapper.

He said he had a phone call from a lady on Tuesday who was quite aggressive and questioned why we were selling this classified product out of its wrapper. My defence was it came to us like this. He said there was no way he would have removed the wrapping. Lake said he was asked to remove the book from the shelves by the police. The Police spoke with bookstore staff, who were very co-operative, and the matter was resolved to the satisfaction of police

Big Brother Is Watching Big Time



Next month the advertising industry in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane next month, plan to  employ new technology known as Anonymous Biometric and Objects Data Sensors (ABODS). Whereby, sensor cameras are placed behind or close to the screen frame of a digital billboard, biometrically sizing you up as you walk past.

ABODS will be able to tell your age range, sex and the color of your clothes. With this information, it will throw the ads at you that best fit your demographic.

If an advertiser wants to target a 20-something female, the first suitable passer-by will be served up an appropriately aligned ad. ABODS has already been trialed in a Melbourne shopping center and deemed a success. The sensors are very broad and can only capture age range and gender, but no personal information. The technology will be used in shopping centers, cafes and airports at first – the technology isn’t yet effective in larger spaces such as train stations, where too many people pass by too quickly.

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3D Printing & Bank Skimmers



A gang of bank ATM skimmers in Australia used new 3D printing technology to make skimming devices that were then used to steal around $100,000. New South Wales police force has said that thousands of customers from two banks were fleeced after at least 15 ATMs were targeted.

The gang, which the police suspects is Romanian, is said to have used “sophisticated” devices using 3D printers and computer-aided design (CAD) systems. Detective superintendent Col Dyson, commander of the New South Wales fraud and cybercrime squad, told iTnews the alleged gang used one particularly “sophisticated” skimming device that was entirely self-contained and accompanied by a tiny video camera. 

Dyson said, “These devices are actually manufactured for specific models of ATMs so they fit better and can’t be detected as easily.”

He told iTnews, “Previous devices have always had wires hanging off them. One of the ones used in this case does have wires hanging off it, that’s because of the design of the ATM. But the smallest one is quite impressive in that it is contained within a resin block and sealed.”


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