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Apple’s 1990 Sneakers Going For $30,000. Do You Own A Pair?



apple sneakers

When Apple launched its first color desktop computer, in 1990, the tech giant also created a prototype pair of sneakers with its signature rainbow logo.

They were first sold to a lucky Apple employee some time in the mid-’90s, according to BitRebels.  They later sold for only $79 on eBay  back in 2007.

In the years that followed, the whereabouts of the shoes were unknown — until a friend of Leon Benrimon, director of modern and contemporary art at Heritage Auctions, found them at a garage sale in San Francisco.

Now, Heritage Auctions is auctioning off the pair at its Beverly Hills location. Bidding will begin at 11 am on June 11, and the sneakers are expected to go for at least $30,000. The starting bid will be $15,000. The Adidas sneakers, size 9 and a half, are made from the typical white leather material of the times. They feature Apple’s logo on the tongue and on the side. The soles are made from rubber that supposedly doesn’t leave skid marks.



Rare Comic Books Go To Auction In New York City


Berk’s collection of more than 18,000 books and 300 pieces of comic-book art goes on display March 11 at the Metropolis Gallery in New York City. He will then sell it off during an online auction at that begins May 15, 2017

Rare Working Apple Computer Fetches $365,000.00

corporate office2_001

A rare, vintage, fully functional Apple-1 computer fetched $365,000 at an auction at Christie’s in New York City on Dec. 11. The PC is the only one out of the 60 Apple-1 computers to have documentation that it was sold straight from Steve Jobs.
The henry Ford museum paid $905,000.00 in Dearborn, Michigan earlier this year at a Bonhams auction for a similar Apple-1 computer. The Ricketts Apple-1, named after its original owner, was first purchased by Charles Ricketts in 1976 straight out of Steve Jobs’ garage in Los Altos, California. Included with the computer are the cancelled checks for his purchase from his neighbor’s budding business, including one dated July 27, 1976 for $600 with the label “Purchased July 1976 from Steve Jobs’ in his parents’ garage in Los Altos.” Another cancelled check for $193 with the label “Software NA Programed by Steve Jobs in 1976” is dated August 5, 1976.

Lagerfield Sketches Up For Auction

Rico Baca, auctioneer and co-owner of the West Palm Beach auction house. Baca hopes that attitude and the Lagerfeld signature attracts buyers to a Jan. 11 auction of an archive of sketches for Tiziani designs.

During the  1960s, the Rome-based Tiziani designed movie costumes and clothing for Elizabeth Taylor and other celebrities. It also was one of the European fashion houses where Lagerfeld freelanced, early in his career as a designer. 

Tiziani’s founder, Evan Richards, kept Lagerfeld’s designs and sketchbooks together with other work produced for the fashion house in the 1960s, and the archive was maintained by subsequent owners. The sketches might not have survived if they were left in Lagerfeld’s hands. In 2007, as a nearby wastebasket filled with discarded sketches, Lagerfeld told The New Yorker, “I throw everything away!” He added, “The most important piece of furniture in a house is the garbage can! I keep no archives of my own, no sketches, no photos, no clothes—nothing! I am supposed to do, I’m not supposed to remember!”

Baca could not estimate the value of the unique archive as a whole, but bidding on the sketches likely will start at $500 each.“It was not meant to be art, but as 50 years have gone by, it has become art because it was done by Lagerfeld,” Baca said.

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1st Apple Goes For Auction

corporate office2_001

Apple’s pioneering Apple-1 computer, is up for auction in Cologne Germany.  Starting bid is $116,000 and it is  estimated that it can go from $260,000 to $400,000 or even higher. The same German auctioneer sold one of the other six working Apple 1’s for  $640,000 last November. Sotheby’s in New York sold one for $374,500 

Apple I at the Smithsonian Museum

Apple I at the Smithsonian Museum (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Apple I On display at the Smithsonian

Apple I On display at the Smithsonian (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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