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25,000 Children In Britain Are Problem Gamblers

About 25,000 children aged between 11 and 16 are problem gamblers, with many learning to bet via computer games and social media.  The commission has learned that approximately 370,000 (12%) children in England, Scotland and Wales have gambled in the past week, . More than quarter of a million children gambled with a licensed operator, such as a bookmaker or online casino. About 25,000, are defined as problem gamblers, with a further 36,000 at risk of developing a problem. Fruit machines remain the most common introduction to gambling for young people at 24%, followed by the National Lottery at 21%.

The commission also learned that children were increasingly being exposed to gambling in less traditional ways, such as through eSports (computer games competitions) and via social media.

The report found that 11% of children took part in skins betting, allowing online gamers to bet using in-game items, such as weapons or outfits, which can have real monetary value if traded.

Skins betting, an industry worth up to $5.1bn (£3.8bn) last year according to one US report, is a common feature of games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Earlier this year, two men were convicted for running a website that allowed children to bet on the Fifa series of online football games.

More than one in 10 children reported having played casino-style games, which simulate roulette or fruit machines, on Facebook or smartphone apps.


YouTube Cracking Downing On Weird Videos Targeting Children


YouTube has new guidelines about which videos are able to make money through advertising. You need to have 10,000 total views on your channel before you can start making money off ads. You can’t make money on YouTube with hateful or incendiary content. And you can’t make a quick buck off the inappropriate use of family-friendly characters. or Pepper Pig drinks bleach.

The result has been a dip in income for some creators, who complained they had trouble knowing which videos were being demonetized and why. So today, YouTube is announcing a way for creators to understand which videos have been flagged as inappropriate for all advertisers and a way to appeal what they see as unjust advertising bans, restoring the flow of marketing money.

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FBI Alerts Parents On Toys With Cloud Backed Features


The FBI say, many toys sporting cloud-backed features such as speech recognition or online content hosting “could put the privacy and safety of children at risk due to the large amount of personal information that may be unwittingly disclosed.

“Security safeguards for these toys can be overlooked in the rush to market them and to make them easy to use,” the FBI warns. “Consumers should perform online research of these products for any known issues that have been identified by security researchers or in consumer reports.”

This comes after a number of kids’ toys were found to be indirectly spying on kids by collecting and storing data, including audio conversations and personal information, without parents’ knowledge.

My Friend Cayla and i-Que robot

Germany’s Federal Network Agency, or Bundesnetzagentur, has banned Genesis Toys’ Cayla doll as an illegal surveillance device.

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NY Times To Run Special Print Only Section For Kids


The New York Times today announced that it will run its next print-only section, a special broadsheet devoted to kids, along with the Sunday, May 14 edition of the newspaper. The special section is a visually engaging mix of features, illustrations, photography and how-to’s for kids – although readers of any age will enjoy it. Readers will not only have fun, but will learn some new tricks, including how to write a newspaper story; how to win an argument with your parents; how to make the best homemade slime imaginable (written by a 13 year-old!); how to bake a chocolate chip cookie pizza; how to nail the spelling bee; how to go big with a 16-year-old aspiring Olympic snowboarder; how to design your own superhero (with help from Marvel); how to make a killer paper airplane (with help from NASA); how to make your own crossword puzzle (with help from Will Shortz), and much more.

Second Hand Marijuana Smoke In Children?


Researcher at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York City found that when young children were exposed to secondhand marijuana smoke, the main component  Delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) appeared in a significant percentage of their urine samples. THC is the psychoactive chemical in marijuana.

Babies -Teens Is Too Much Tech To Soon?

Although my weblogs dont focus on children I do think that this one is quite interesting

 Toddler on computer

Too much technological exposure in a school aged child can result in boredom in the classroom, inattentiveness, and possible behavioral problems.

The concern with technology and teens is that teens can  become over-stimulated. Used to multi-tasking with checking their various social media feeds, while listening to their iPod, playing Angry Birds, and doing homework, teens brain’s become too busy too fast resulting in a feeling of anxiousness, aggression, and boredom. In addition, teens fail to learn necessary social skills when over-using social media. Experts recommend limiting teens exposure to technology as well as time spent on various devices. Teach children old fashioned values, such as hanging out with friends instead of tweeting them.

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