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Nike Facing Discrimination From Female Employees



  • Two former Nike employees filed a class action lawsuit against Nike at the District Court of Oregon Thursday alleging sex discrimination on the grounds that Nike pays women less than their male counterparts, promotes women less and offers them smaller annual salary increases and bonuses, according to court filings.  According to a company statement emailed to Retail Dive by a spokesperson, “Nike opposes discrimination of any type and has a long-standing commitment to diversity and inclusion. We are committed to competitive pay and benefits for our employees. The vast majority of Nike employees live by our values of dignity and respect for others.”
  • However, the two plaintiffs who filed the lawsuit, claim the company fosters an environment “where women are devalued and demeaned” and that “the company hierarchy is an unclimbable pyramid.” They claim that women are passed over for promotions and must “far outshine her male counterparts” to succeed.
  • In addition to poor promotion opportunities, former Nike employees Johnston and Cahill also claim the company ignores female employees’ complaints about sexual harassment and discrimination, and that “male bad behavior is rarely penalized.” The lawsuit draws on Johnston’s experience at Nike, from 2008 to 2017, as well as Cahill’s from 2013 to 2017, and other — sometimes unnamed — employees.
  • The company has attempted to make up for its “toxic” workplace culture by apologizing to employees, promoting women and raising salaries. Even though the lawsuit claims that the company’s workplace is “hostile” and “devalues its female employees.” Among the chief offenders was Edwards, who, according to the lawsuit, “caused and exacerbated a hostile work environment.”

    The filing also points states that, prior to his abrupt departure in March, Edwards was considered the likely replacement of current CEO Mark Parker and was offered a $6 million retention award by Nike, as well as a 14.3% increase to his salary, just weeks before his resignation. Meanwhile, in 2017, Cahill claims she was paid $20,000 less than a male colleague on her team who did “substantially similar work,” and Johnston alleges that her starting salary was $2,000 less than a male employee hired shortly afterward.


Comey Book Sales Top 600,000 The First Week

Comey book sales top 600,000 in first week
© Getty Image
Former FBI Director James Comey‘s new book, “A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership,” sold more than 600,000 copies in its first week, including print, audio and e-books, according to the book’s publisher, Macmillan’s Flatiron Books.

Levi Jeans & Automation

Eureka Lab [Photo: courtesy of Levi’s]
A team of designers took weeks to figure out exactly where to fade the indigo and position the tears for the most authentic vintage look. Then, factory workers used sandpaper and harsh chemicals to make it look properly worn in. The jeans were probably washed for hours so that the blue color would fade out–even though those dyes would inevitably end up polluting the groundwater. It could take weeks for a team of Levi designers to figure out exactly where to fade the indigo and position the tears for the most authentic vintage look.

They now have a new laser technology that will, in a snap, do what now takes much longer. The breakthrough uses infrared light to etch off a very fine layer of the indigo and cotton from a pair of jeans, creating the same kind of faded finishes and tears in 90 seconds flat.

This new tech, which Sights will automate many new aspects of the company’s denim-making process, from the design and prototyping to the manufacturing, to catering to consumer demand.

[Photo: courtesy of Levi’s]

The company employs 13,500 workers around the world—not including those that work in third-party factories. Levi’s jeans are sold at 50,000 retailers in 110 countries. This will will mean retraining hundreds of people and changing the time it takes to get products to stores. But by introducing these laser-wielding robots into Levi’s factories around the world, it has the potential to eliminate many repetitive, dangerous tasks that are an everyday part of the job for denim workers.

[Photo: courtesy of Levi’s]

[Photo: courtesy of Levi’s]

Between 80 and 100 billion never-worn garments are sent to landfills globally every year. This new technology will shift our model from ‘sell what you make’ to ‘make what you sell,’ which will absolutely improve their overall inventory health.

Russia’s Counterfeit Culture


It appears that Russia has a thriving market for fake street wear. Russia’s fragile economy, international sanctions and low wages has kept demand for fakes alive and well. 


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Dutch Police Fashion Program

Dutch Police of Rotterdam will soon be able to confiscate your clothes if you can’t prove that you legally paid for them.

The new measure is geared toward young men in the designer or expensive-looking clothes that the police have reason to believe were stolen or bought using funds from criminal activities. They plan to undress them on the street.

Signals —-These are young people with no income, sometimes even debts from a previous conviction, but also wear an outfit that exceeds 1500 euros.

It’s not clear how police will decide if you bought your clothes legally. Nor is it clear whether the squad will be trained to spot rare Supreme, or if they’ll just be looking out for young men flexing a Rolex or a Gucci belt.

According to a spokesperson from the Rotterdam police, the program will only be brought in to Rotterdam West and is intended to only target a small group of men aged 16-30 who are already involved in crime. However, many residents have already expressed concerns about the city’s plans.

Some of the young interviewed cited worries about racial profiling, increased tensions with the police, and a reluctance to change how they dress. As one of our interviewees eloquently put it, “It’s not a crime if you are wearing a KILLER look.

The police must be fashion conscious

What they’re looking for :with this winter weather – for example – jackets from the Canada Goose and Woolrich brands of around 1,000 euros are particularly popular. 

Timberland Supreme CDG 6in PREM "Supreme x Comme Des Garcon" - TB0A14MC

Supreme TNF Mountain Parka "TNF/FW17" - SU3051

// large

Gucci - Black Aged Logo HoodieGucci - Black Aged Logo HoodieGucci - Black Aged Logo Hoodie



H&M Should Be Ashamed & The Boy’s Parents Must Have Been Desperate Back in The Day Racist Adults & Kids Called Black People Monkeys

Why does this Child of color have to be a cool monkey?

And why is this child depicted as a survival expert?


Why not use one of these ?

Apple’s 1990 Sneakers Going For $30,000. Do You Own A Pair?



apple sneakers

When Apple launched its first color desktop computer, in 1990, the tech giant also created a prototype pair of sneakers with its signature rainbow logo.

They were first sold to a lucky Apple employee some time in the mid-’90s, according to BitRebels.  They later sold for only $79 on eBay  back in 2007.

In the years that followed, the whereabouts of the shoes were unknown — until a friend of Leon Benrimon, director of modern and contemporary art at Heritage Auctions, found them at a garage sale in San Francisco.

Now, Heritage Auctions is auctioning off the pair at its Beverly Hills location. Bidding will begin at 11 am on June 11, and the sneakers are expected to go for at least $30,000. The starting bid will be $15,000. The Adidas sneakers, size 9 and a half, are made from the typical white leather material of the times. They feature Apple’s logo on the tongue and on the side. The soles are made from rubber that supposedly doesn’t leave skid marks.


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