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Drones A Headache For Boarder Patrol Agents


Boarder officials face another challenge — how to stop smugglers using them to fly drugs over national borders.

Late one evening earlier this month, a Border Patrol agent spotted a drone flying over the U.S./Mexico border, heading toward San Ysidro in southern California, the LA Times reported.

A photo of the drone alleged to have been used in the crime appears to show a DJI Matrice 600, a powerful hexacopter costing around $4,500.



Police Department Upstate New York Has Drones


Western New York police department has purchased a drone for $9,994.99.

It will be flying the skies of West Seneca to help officers solve crimes and keep the community safe. The grant was secured by State Senator Patrick Gallivan.

West Seneca Police have been training for eight months on how to use this new technology, which officers say will assist in many different police missions including search and rescues, creek levels during flooding and crime scene analysis.

The drone is equipped to drop items to those in need, such as a during a hostage situation. They can put a cell phone in it for delivery to someone in need, during a hostage situation which will help our hostage negotiators maintain communication with them.The drone can travel up to 400 feet high, with a speed up to 50 miles per hour, with a rotating camera that captures video from all angles.

The drone also can give the investigators an indicator of where a fire started,” according to Lt. McNamara. “Accident investigation, that can be used to show the weather conditions at the time of an accident.”

The department is ready to start flying, but is waiting for final approval from the Federal Aviation Administration to use the drone at night.

Look Out eSports-Now There’s Drone Sports

Drone Racing League (DRL) organizes drone races across the globe and films them using a mix of camera drones, stationary cameras and first-person-view (FPV) video. Since its launch in 2015–2016, its races have been viewed on YouTube, Twitch and Facebook over 43 million times. DRL events have also been on TV, and the organization expects the coming season to be viewable on TV screens in up to 75 countries.

Each drone is equipped with a camera that streams images in real time to first person view (FPV) goggles worn by the pilots. The pilot literally feels like he or she is sitting on the nose of the drone, as it flies around courses in venues like outdoor stadiums, factory buildings or tents.

“Drone racing essentially means that a pilot can shift their consciousness into the aircraft, flying through tiny gaps without any fear of physical danger.

When you wear FPV goggles you share the pilot’s experience, something that has often been compared to Star Wars or a computer game.



7 Eleven Says It Used Drones For Delivery Before Amazon


7-Eleven would like to reminded the world that it had already completed 77 drone delivery flights a month before Amazon completed its first one last week. 7-Eleven’s unmanned aerial deliveries are powered by a startup called Flirtey, which bills itself as the “world’s leader in the drone delivery industry. 12 shoppers were invited to participate in a trial. They ordered items via a smartphone app for a drone to drop off at their houses, and the merchandise included everything from hot and cold food items to over-the-counter medicines. Deliveries were completed an average of less than less than 10 minutes after the orders were placed, Flirtey says. Instead of landing on the customer’s lawn or roof, the drones hovered in place while lowering their payloads to the buyers. The 77 delivery flights were completed on weekends in November, and the company intends to continue flying 7-Eleven deliveries in 2017.

Flirtey Drone Close-Up

Drones Packing Insecticides


A company called Drone Volt has introduced the Drone Spray Hornet to locate and destroy the nests of Asian hornets that are becoming pests in parts of Europe.

The Asian Hornet is believed to have arrived in France in a shipment of pottery over a decade ago and has since spread itself over much of the country and other European regions. The predatory wasp preys on a variety of insects, including bees and other native pollinators. The species is also known to defend its nests by attacking perceived threats in swarms. Drone Volt collaborated with a beekeeper to develop a drone equipped with a tilting spray system and a Go Pro Hero 4 Black Edition HD camera to safely track down and eliminate the hornet nests.

Filming Movies & Drones

Drone Racing In Dubai

Event organizers say that the event has attracted interest from a number of cities and countries, ...

Event organizers claim that the World Drone Prix will be run on the first custom-built track ...

Layout of the aerial course for the 2016 World Drone Prix

Drone racing is  set to take place this coming weekend, the World Drone Prix will play host to pilots from all around the globe battling for US$1 million in cash prizes. Drone racing was an underground hobby practiced by drone owners in abandoned warehouses, empty car parks and remote forests. Last year, California State Fair played host to an unconventional but increasingly popular type of sporting event last week. The first international drone racing contest invited budding pilots from all around the globe to battle it out for the inaugural US National Championship and a slice of US$25,000 in cash prizes. The World Drone Prix is open to pilots from all across the globe, who can submit “American Idol” type qualification videos meeting certain guidelines to gain entry to the competition. This breaks down geographical and financial barriers and has led to a field of 150 competing teams from around the world. Thirty -two teams  will battle it out in the knockout-style main event on March 11 and 12. The organizers also claim that the 591 m (646 yd) aerial course, which tempts more ambitious pilots with several Mario Kart-like shortcuts, is the first custom-built track designed specifically with drone racing in mind.

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