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Hacking Group Anonymous Say Nasa Is About To Announce Alien Life?


Black Lives mateer Website Hit By DDoS Attacks 100 Times


Over the course of seven months in 2016, more than 100 distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks were leveled against the Back Lives matter Website, with the intention of making it inaccessible to visitors.

Attacks began to grow in size and frequency in July, followed by another substantial increase in September and October

May 1 Anonymous Affiliated Ghost Squad announced an attack on Black Lives Matter to take down the website for most of the day accusing the group of anti white racism.

Anonymous Declares War-On Trump


Hacking Group Anonymous Declares War On Trump


The “hacktivist” group  Anonymous has declared “total war” against Donald Trump.

Here’s what they said. “Dear Donald Trump, we have been watching you for a long time and what we see is deeply disturbing,” a masked Anonymous member begins in the recording. “Your inconsistent and hateful campaign has not only shocked the United States of America, you have shocked the entire planet with your appalling actions and ideas.”

Anonymous says it has a detailed plan for taking down The Donald. On April 1, for example, the group plans to take down the website for Trump International Hotel & Tower. The collective also plans to destroy his brand by unearthing dirt that discredits his image. Already, the group has hacked Trump’s voicemail and leaked the messages



Group–Anonymous Had A Million Mask March

Their protest was part of the Million Mask March, a global effort tied to the Anonymous movement, an international network of activists and computer hackers. Protesters wore Guy Fawkes masks, a symbol of the Anonymous movement.His likeness has become a symbol for the Anonymous movement.

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