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Children Reading More On Screen Than Print



Today children are reading more on computers and electronic devices than in print. However,studies reveal  those who read daily on screen are less likely to be strong readers than those who read regularly in print.

According to research from the National Literacy Trust, sponsored by Slaughter & May, 39% of children and young people read on electronic devices daily, whereas only 28% read printed materials on a daily basis. The number of children reading e-books has doubled in the last two years from 6% to 12%.

Children surveyed also showed a preference to reading on a screen: 52% said they would rather read on electronic devices; just under a third of respondents (32%), said they preferred to read in print. Of the two sexes, girls are much more likely than boys to read in print, with 68% of girls reading in print compared to 54% of boys. Tablets proved to be the device most commonly used for reading fiction; 36% of respondents who have a tablet read fiction on it, with 30% reading fiction on their computer, and 23% reading fiction on their smartphones.

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