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Sprint & T-Mobile Merge?



Sprint Corporation’s parent company Softbank Corp., and T-Mobile have reached a possible agreement on merging the third and fourth largest carriers in the nation. If such a merger was approved, the two companies combined would hold a customer base over 100 million subscribers. This would place the joint company closer to AT&T who boasts 116 million wireless customers, and Verizon who has around 103 million customers. The Department of Justice (DOJ), and Federal Communications Commission (FCC) would review any proposal, and there is one area they will focus on: how will the merger benefit consumers while promoting competition for choice?

When AT&T made a bid for T-Mobile three years ago, lawmakers immediately squashed the proposal, stating they prefer four major carriers in the game. T-Mobile’s power play in 2013, by rolling out amazing deals have prompted other carriers to offer installment plans, and better family plans – the lawmakers have been pleased with the competitive environment.The merger is currently in early talks, and pricing has not been confirmed. Neither company has issued a statement advising of the deal.

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