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New England Patriots & Miami Dolphi Purchased Slot in Overwatch League

Credit: Blizzard

New England Patriots and the Miami Dolphi both purchased multi-million dollar slots in the Overwatch league. It remains unknown as to how the owners of the Pats and Dolphins will decide to field a team. Teams such as NRG, Fnatic and Cloud9 have all secured recent investment whilst Misfits, Dignitas and Splyce already have links to traditional sports – such as NBA or NFL.

Facebook Wants In On eSports

Intel Extreme Masters Katowice

Katowice, Poland is home to the largest eSports event in the world—Intel Extreme Masters. Photo courtesy ESL
esports.jpg ESL

Facebook said Thursday that it has partnered with ESL, formerly known as the Electronic Sports League, to live stream video game tournaments, also known as eSports.

As part of the deal, Facebook  will live stream upcoming ESL contests in which players battle each other in the first-person military shooter game, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Facebook will also host a weekly show dedicated to highlights and interviews with players participating in the Counter Strike tournament.

Each week ESL will live stream 30 hours of Counter-Strike tournaments, known as RankS competitions, via Facebook, the companies said. The RankS competition involves 300 gamers from North America and Europe who battle to win a cut of the $40,000 prize money ESL awards each month. In total, ESL plans to broadcast over 5,500 hours of gaming tournaments, starting in June.


ESL Africa

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Look Out eSports-Now There’s Drone Sports

Drone Racing League (DRL) organizes drone races across the globe and films them using a mix of camera drones, stationary cameras and first-person-view (FPV) video. Since its launch in 2015–2016, its races have been viewed on YouTube, Twitch and Facebook over 43 million times. DRL events have also been on TV, and the organization expects the coming season to be viewable on TV screens in up to 75 countries.

Each drone is equipped with a camera that streams images in real time to first person view (FPV) goggles worn by the pilots. The pilot literally feels like he or she is sitting on the nose of the drone, as it flies around courses in venues like outdoor stadiums, factory buildings or tents.

“Drone racing essentially means that a pilot can shift their consciousness into the aircraft, flying through tiny gaps without any fear of physical danger.

When you wear FPV goggles you share the pilot’s experience, something that has often been compared to Star Wars or a computer game.



African American Hair Appears To Be A Problem With Video Games

Black character creator options in video games still have a long way to go

Source: Mic

Black players don’t get to look like themselves in video games.

Video game character customization isn’t exactly a new trend, but recent titles like Fallout 4NBA 2K17 and even newer Pokémon entries make it easier than ever to create a main character that looks just like you — they say it helps to have straight hair.?

Even when games get skin tone options right, the hair type and facial structure typically is ignored resulting accustom made black character that ends up looking more like a brown white person. See Here

Black character creator options in video games still have a long way to go

‘FIFA’ customization wins by a hairSource: Xavier Harding/Mic
Black character creator options in video games still have a long way to go

Dome afro, one of three black hairstyle options in ‘Mass Effect: Andromeda.’Source: Xavier Harding/BioWare

The WWG Gaming Comunity


the WWG

Twitch Streamer Gets Swatted Off The Plane


On Thursday, the relationship between Paul Denino, known as “Ice_Poseidon” online, and his fans got out of hand as he was escorted off of a flight after someone called in a bomb threat in his name. This practice is known as “swatting,” and it’s how malcontents in the gaming community terrorize people they don’t like.

The usual setting for a swatting is someone’s home, so a plane is kind of crazy, although not entirely without precedent. In 2014, Sony Online Entertainment President John Smedley tweeted his flight, and trolls quickly tweeted at the airline saying there was a bomb aboard the flight. The plane was grounded in Phoenix.

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