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Digital Attention Crisis


A new group called the Center for Humane Technology wants to reverse the trend of “the digital attention crisis” among young people.

The initial group of experts includes former Google ethicist Tristan Harris; former Facebook operations manager Sandy Parakilas; former Apple and Google communications executive Lynn Fox; former Facebook executive Dave Morin; Facebook “like” button creator Justin Rosenstein; early Facebook investor Roger McNamee; and technologist Renee DiResta.


New Luxor eSports Arena



Video game characters welcome guests at the opening announcement event for Esports Arena Las Vegas at the Luxor on January 10.

The Luxor will open Esports Arena Las Vegas on March 22, 2018  in the space formerly occupied by LAX Nightclub.

Twitch is a live-streaming video platform that made $1.7 billion in revenue last year from kids and young adults watching other people play video games,” says Christopher LaPorte. “Gaming is the second most-popular content category on YouTube. 

Esports resource Newzoo’s third annual Global Esports Market Report released last year projected the esports economy would grow to nearly $700 million in 2017 and $1.5 billion by 2020. On February 1, international multimedia news provider Reuters announced the launch of a new wire service devoted to coverage of esports and the competitive gaming industry.

Top Board Games For 2017



Constructing real stained-glass windows may or may not sound like a good time, but it’s pure pleasure in the world of Sagrada. In this dice-drafting game, players take turns picking dice from a pool available each round, then slotting those dice into the “window” they’re constructing on a personal player board. The boards themselves dictate where certain dice can go—only red dice here, only 2s there—while the game has its own global placement rules.

The 7th Continent

The 7th Continent sets you off (solo or with up to three friends) on a Choose Your Own Adventure-style quest to explore a mysterious island in order to rid yourself of a curse. The game is driven by a huge box of square-shaped cards, which represent the terrain you explore, the items and creatures you find, and the skills and upgrades you acquire to help you along the way.

Exit: The Game

the best of the current “escape room” games, these adventures are just terrifically designed—but they are hard. Don’t bust these games out with young children and expect everyone to have a good time.

Twilight Imperium: 4th Edition

The biggest, longest and most sprawling game of interstellar conquest and diplomacy is back for its fourth and best edition. It’s been streamlined (meaning you may just still see daylight after someone finally wins, for a change) but it’s still an absolute beast and a must for any fans of the maximalist style of board gaming.


NMBR9 is a spatial puzzle all about getting chunky cardboard numbers as high off the table as possible. Play couldn’t be simpler, and the game has no setup—just open the box! On each turn, a single card is revealed, showing a single number. Every player takes a copy of that number from the box and places it on the table before them. 

Codenames Duet

This is a giant version of the game we saw at Gen Con. The real deal is smaller.

The mission is to find only those words that belong to your team—but the catch is that each teammate only knows some of the words. (A double-sided card sits in a plastic stand throughout the game, showing each player which words they need to uncover.)


 Downforce flies past, giving that sense of pure speed. Car movement is card-driven; discard something from your hand and move multiple cars the requisite number of spaces shown beside their colors. 



eSports Tournaments Are Soaring

Players from Chinese eSports organisation LGD Gaming practicing at the one of the team's villas in Shanghai.  Peter Stebbings / AFPPlayers from Chinese eSports organisation LGD Gaming practicing at the one of the team’s villas in Shanghai. Peter Stebbings / AFP

eSports is said to be on a trajectory to become bigger than the US National Football League (NFL) or the National Basketball Association (NBA), or indeed, any so called “true sport”.

Mr Leonsis told the audience at the Monumental Sports & Entertainment (MSE) Global Summit earlier this month said “It will dwarf the NFL, it will dwarf the NBA, because first and foremost, it is a global phenomenon.”

eSports will be a demonstration event at the 2018 Asian Games in Indonesia, and then a medal event four years later in China.

Alex Lim, the South Korean secretary general of the International eSports Federation (IeSF), says ninety per cent of the worldwide population is on the internet and half are playing games,” .

Global revenue from eSports soared 41 per cent to US$696 million with $266m coming from sponsorship, according to the eSports research consultancy Newzoo.

Infographic brought to you by Predator.

An infographic showing everything you need to know about Worlds 2017

SONY To Launch Robotic Dog

The robotic dog will feature a bevy of sensors including a camera embedded in the nose, and will go on sale in Japan on Jan. 11 for 198,000 yen ($1,750), excluding tax, plus at least 90,000 yen for a three-year data plan,

Hackers Stole Several HBO Shows



Hackers recently siphoned 1.5 terabytes of data from HBO, and have since leaked unaired episodes of Ballers, Room 104, and Game of Thrones. HBO says it has been looking into the hack since it was discovered, but few conclusive details are known.

The assumption is that the entertainment industry is 5-6 years behind in technology.  Netflix lost 10 episodes from Orange Is The New Black‘s fifth season this year because the episodes were on servers running Windows 7. Larson Studios, the post-production company that was hacked, claims the hackers weren’t even looking for the show, just computers running Windows.

The other theory is that the hackers targeted individual employees. Even if HBO keeps all of its files and internal documents behind heavily encrypted security, it likely doesn’t extend that level of security to each individual employee.

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