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Restaurant Chains To Roll Out Table Top Tablets


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The rising number of chain restaurants that have begun, or are planning to implement tabletop tablets in the future. These chains include Chili’s, Red Robin, MacDonald’s and Buffalo Wild Wings.  Applebee’s, which will be rolling out tabletop tablets starting in March 2014 yearlong. So why would your customers want to begin offering tabletop tablets? Applebee’s president Mike Archer says a common pain point for customers is having to find the server to pay a check. Implementing this kind of technology puts more control into guests’ hands and enables them to pay at their table. This move can also encourage more favor with the tech-savvy Millennial Generation. Tabletop tablet implementation is expected to continue growing throughout the restaurant industry as the technology becomes more affordable and customer-friendly.




Phablets are a growing breed of mobile devices incorporating both a smartphone and a tablet computer in a single compact package (phone + tablet = phablet).

Smartphones take on more and more computer-like capabilities (viewing news, sports, photos, movies, taking photos and videos, and the like), there’s an increasing desire for screens with a larger display size and higher resolution. Combine this with the increasing number of users who want to “go mobile” with tablet computers, and you have the need for a more compact tablet computer. Since display sizes for smartphones are typically three to five inches and for tablet computers seven to ten inches, there’s a “gap” in the five- to seven-inch size. Enter a combined device: the phablet.

Several phablets are on the market, but one new arrival has attracted a lot of attention. Of course we had to check it out, and here’s what we found:

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3, an Android phablet, is a marvel of compact technology measuring 6 inches high, 3.1 inches wide, and a super slim 0.33 inches thick. The display measures 5.7 inches diagonally and uses AMOLED (active matrix organic light emitting diode) screen technology for a bright, crisp view at a full HD resolution of 1290 by 1080 (385 ppi).


Dubai Patients Are Prescribing Android Tablets


 In a few weeks, more than 3,000 tablets will be available across the Authority’s network of primary health centers (PHCs), hospitals and speciality centers. The tablets with built-in connectivity will provide access to DHA’s services, promote health education, allow access to e-government services, and serve as a platform for surveys and feedback. For those looking to while away time there will be recreation options including social media and games.

The vision- the tablet initiative will change the current health-care model to a paperless and dynamic delivery system and turn the focus on customer satisfaction. The Smart Government initiative enables all government services to be accessible via smartphones and smart platforms. The move is also in line the Authority’s Strategy  of 2013-2025. the four goals include — prevention and awareness; easy access to health services; quality, and investment and competitiveness.

Tablet technology in health care is a global trend. Smart devices with various applications have transformed the way health care is delivered and accessed. Health-care providers use the platform to disseminate information on prevention of chronic diseases and on healthy lifestyle choices with an aim to reduce health-care costs. The tablet initiative is part of the Authority’s Information Technology (IT) roadmap which comprises three inter-related categories – electronic medical records (EHR), health information system and smart hospitals

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