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One of the biggest tech projects in the works is the Department of Information Technology’s proposal to change 9,100 pay phone kiosks into Wi-Fi hot spots.

The city received several applications for the proposal that will give new life to the kiosks. In addition to providing free, high-speed Internet for anyone who has a smartphone, tablet or computer, the call boxes will also give access to 911 and 311 and may include other features depending on the vendor.

California-based Solatube proposed a special system that would deliver natural sunlight into buildings during a blackout. New Yorkers will have a chance to see these prototypes at a demo night on Oct. 7 at the New York Academy of Sciences.

City Councilman James Vacca, who chairs the technology committee, started a pilot program that will bring interactive “smart tables” to PS 392 in Throgs Neck, PS 175 on City Island and PS 108 in Morris Park. The desk-sized touch screen computers provide educators with a useful tool that can be implemented in countless ways. The tables in the pilot come preloaded with various educational software that is geared for early education. For example, students can learn reading and grammar by repositioning the words on the screen while a teacher explains the language rules at the same time. Students can learn in groups, teachers can teach interactively and students can get introduced to technology early.

Smart Tables were also showcased at Microsoft’s DigiGirlz Day some years back

The FDNY’s Electronic Pre-hospital Care Report, can upload the patient’s stats to an online cloud server that can easily be accessed by the city’s hospitals. Ambulance staff  can the use tablets and Wi-Fi in  the truck to transmit the anonymous data to the system. Awaiting doctors not only have more time preparing emergency rooms for the patient, they also can provide guidance to the responders to treat immediate injuries. This can save the city over a million dollars.


Wearable Tech



Ralph Lauren plans to unveil its high-performance smart compression shirt, the Polo Tech,  at the start of the U.S. Open.

Polo Tech, featuring sensors knitted in to read heartbeat, respiration and other biometrics.  Data collected by the shirt are stored by a “black box,” which also is enabled with ways to capture movement and direction. The black box transmits data, including stress levels and energy output, into the cloud for display on a tablet or smartphones.

“What Ralph Lauren is hoping to do is take the technology and to look at opportunities that we believe, and that our customers believe, would help them to live happier and healthier lives

Intel is , collaborating with the Council of Fashion Designers of America and luxury retailer Barneys to find new ways for technology developers and fashion designers to work more closely on wearables. The first item up is a luxury smart bracelet to be sold at Barneys New York. The idea is to draw other designers in, as well. An update on the bracelet will come in the next few weeks,

Tory Burch partnered with Fitbit for accessories she designed exclusively for use with the fitness brand’s Flex, including a brass pendant and bracelet and patterned silicone wristbands.





Amazon is paying $970 million in cash for the online gathering place for gamers. Bezos, Amazon’s chief executive officer, has made video games a focus of a strategy to add more entertainment services. Google and Twitch were in talks earlier this year on a transaction that valued Twitch at about $1 billion, a person familiar with discussions said in May. While the deal with Google was being discussed, investment banker Frank Quattrone introduced Twitch to other potential bidders.

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New York on Location. It’s going to happen on the Kaufman Astoria Studios backlot on Sunday, September 21, 2014 (rain date: Sunday, September 28, 2014) from
11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.—yes, right in the middle of the Kaufman Arts District. It will be a wonderful opportunity to learn about and celebrate film production in New York. All Free

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Printed 3D Castle



For the last two years, Andrey Rudenko has been 3D printing a concrete castle in in his yard, layer by layer. Now, his castle is finally finished.

Andrey shared pictures of his process over the past two years to mixed reactions from the 3d printing community. While some may have thought he was headed off the deep end, many were enthralled by his progress and eagerly anticipating each update.

His printer is completely custom built and able to spew out concrete reliably thanks to tons of trial and error. His current settings give him layers that are 10mm tall by 30mm wide. He mixes his own concrete to make sure that it is the exact consistency he needs to avoid clogging his print head.









A previous version of the D-shape printer

The printer

This isn’t a 3D printed club house, not just a 3D printed building, but rather an entire 3D printed estate including all the structures and the swimming pool!

The huge project is being printed by D-shape, a large scale printing facility out of Italy. In conjunction with Kushner studios, D-shape is coming over to America and beginning the construction in Gardiner, New York. Typically used for items like chairs and sculptures, a new modified version of the printer will need to be created to accommodate things like pools and buildings.

The D-shape printer, as you can see in the video above, is a powder based printer that uses crushed stone with a binder. It is very much like the Plan B printer we shared earlier, only scaled up to a massive size. There may be some issues when printing a structure as large as a 2,400 square foot home, but the benefits are fairly evident. They don’t have to worry about a nozzle getting clogged up by inconsistent concrete thicknesses as they are only dispensing a binder, which they can control very tightly.

New York state construction permits were issued for a fully 3d printed structure. There are more pictures, including the plans for the estate over at

They’ve already laid their power lines, hopefully they’ll begin printing soon so we can see some updates!

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