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FeliCa a subsidiary of Sony, is being prepared for use in smartwatches and other wearables. Sony is looking to take part in a whole new level of wearable tech, with the creation of a chip that could allow smartwatches and other devices of this nature to be capable of contactless mobile payments.


Apple  has   secured a patent for a smartwatch from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (No. 8,787,006)


Fitness devices , health monitoring applications and advancements in social media and mobile device technology provide new opportunities for health care providers, but also raise some pertinent privacy issues. According to a report from the California HealthCare Foundation by health economist and consultant Jane Sarasohn-Kahn, proliferation of extremely large databases of health information challenge regulators’ and society’s ability to ensure individuals’ data rights and privacy. For example, while personal health information held by health care providers and insurers is protected under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), many other sources of consumer data are not covered and can be disclosed to third parties. The report notes user-generated data that could be used in health profiling are held by gyms, Websites, banks, credit card companies, cosmetic medicine groups, fitness clubs, home testing labs, massage therapists, nutrition counselors, alternative medicine practitioners, disease advocacy groups, and marketers of non-prescription health products and foods. - The report warns data shared on a social networking site can become a “digital tattoo” for a consumer, which is  impossible to remove. 

Tools are being developed such as the Personal Data Locker for consumers to control their user-generated data. Former chief medical officer of Practice Fusion, Dr. Robert Rowley, is developing FlowHealth, a communication platform for care teams and patients, facilitating transitions of care, and aggregating patient-centered data from the sources where it is found. -

A report earlier this year from Accenture revealed that the vast majority of U.S. patients want to control their health data; however,(55 percent) believe they do not have very much—or any—control over their medical information. - 



This new technology helps investigators create a crime scene in 3-D view here

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The  High-tech job training being launched by the White House this week will include veteran-specific programs and placement efforts, Vice President Joe Biden told the Veterans of Foreign Wars annual convention on Monday.

Details of the technology training are scheduled to be made public today.  Biden said that part of the push will be to target communities with high veterans unemployment rates, and to rapidly retrain them in high-demand programming languages and technology trades.

Robotics & Healthcare



Last year, scientists at the University of Maryland School of Medicine in Baltimore developed a creepy-crawly device inspired by the  maggot that zaps tumours with electricity and sucks up the debris.

The finger-like prototype has multiple joints allowing it to move in several directions. The project was funded by the  National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering.

Scientists in Singapore created a tiny robot which can access a person’s stomach via the throat to cut up tumors using miniature claws.One robotic arm holds the tumour while the other slices away.

Engineers across the globe are racing to design the lightest, most autonomous robotic exoskeleton, not only to restore movement to disabled people but also to boost the strength and endurance of those who carry heavy cargo or walk very far, like soldiers or rescue workers.

Strapped to the lower body, such devices are powered by motors that take some of the strain off the muscles — similar to the brain-controlled suit that helped a paraplegic kick a football at the World Cup opening ceremony.

Several prototypes have been developed, but many battle to meet the key challenge of compact, long-lasting, carry-on power supply.

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