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A company called SST has a  technology called ShotSpotter  that can tell law enforcement exactly where in a city someone has started shooting.They notice the sharp crack of outdoor gunfire, then send the data to a computer that calculates just where the shots were fired based on how long it took the audio signal to reach the microphones.

SST is expanding its services so it can detect not just outdoor shootings, but also indoor incidents so tragically seen at schools in Sandy Hook and Columbine.

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Neuroscientists can now harness the power of distributed computing with Thunder, a library of tools developed at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute’s Janelia Research Campus. Thunder speeds the analysis of data sets that are so large and complex they would take days or weeks to analyze on a single workstation, if a single workstation could do it at all. Researchers say they have used Thunder to quickly find patterns in high-resolution images collected from the brains of active zebrafish and mice with multiple imaging techniques.  Images of the brain  is analyzed in minutes,  without the lengthy delays associated with previous methods, says  Janelia Research Campus group leaders Jeremy Freeman, Misha Ahrens and other colleagues. New microscopes are capturing images of the brain faster, with better spatial resolution, and across wider regions of the brain than ever before. However, all that detail comes encrypted in gigabytes or even terabytes of data. On a single workstation, simple calculations can take hours.

‘ BigBelly Solar trash cans are branded as solar power green’ receptacles (no more than 3/5 full) are emptied 1.75 weekly vs 3.50 a year ago. Which leave employees free to keep other parts of the city clean.




Japan wants robot athletes to compete in 2020 olympics. Tokyo will hosts the Olympics in 2020 and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe would like the world’s robots in competition. China held an event in which humanoid robots battled each other in 16 events. Other robot competitions include the DARPA Robotics Challenge, the RoboGames, and the RoboWorld Cup.



Tech summer camps are growing in popularity particularly around the Pacific Northwest.

iD Tech Camp is holding several summer tech camps at the University of Washington.Video games are very popular. At iD Tech Camps, kids ages 7-to-17 are learning how to code, program, and develop video games and apps. They also get hands-on training in Photoshop, web design and popular robotics classes.

Camp counselors are trying to get young people trained in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) programs. iD Tech Camp points says more than one million jobs in STEM fields are expected to go unfilled by 2020. Yet, 9-out-of-10 high schools don’t offer computer science classes. Computer Science is a field where the females are  outnumbered by males. Still at the tech camps there are more boys than girls.

Major tech companies like Twitter, Facebook, Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn released their workforce diversity figures this week after much pressure. According to USA TODAY, males outnumbered female staff by an average of 70% to 30%. The majority of workers were white followed by Asian.


Twitter’s Figures & Stats



Twitter’s diversity figures, by ethnicity. Graphic via Twitter.

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Researchers are testing a birth control microchip that can be turned off and on with a remote. Health Reporter Stephanie Stahl explained how it works. A tiny implanted chip that was first tested as a way to deliver medicine for osteoporosis. Bill and Melinda Gates are behind the effort to use the technology for birth control. Biotech firm MicroCHIPS is testing the chip that can hold enough hormone to prevent pregnancy for up to 16 years. When a woman wants to conceive the chip is turned off with a remote, and their making sure it can’t be hacked. “The remote control must be put up against the skin in order to establish communication.  Bob Farra, President and COO of MicroCHIPS says “The reason we do that is we want people to have close range communication to prevent anyone from listening in to the encrypted signal.” Some experts point out that women already have Implantable birth control options like the IUD, but many still choose the pill. Doctors say unlike the IUD, the birth control chip doesn’t need to be removed every time a woman is ready to have a child. Testing will continue for the next couple of years. If it’s eventually approved, the chip is expected to cost about a thousand dollars.     View Here



FeliCa a subsidiary of Sony, is being prepared for use in smartwatches and other wearables. Sony is looking to take part in a whole new level of wearable tech, with the creation of a chip that could allow smartwatches and other devices of this nature to be capable of contactless mobile payments.

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