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You Tube’s Super Chat


Super Chat does double duty: keeping their conversations and connections with (super) fans meaningful and lively while also giving creators a new way to make money. They started Super Chat beta with a few creators, such as iHasCupquake, Great Library (buzzbean11) and Alex Wassabi. They also plan to broadly launch Super Chat on January 31 for creators in 20 countries and viewers in more than 40 countries



Women Create

YouTube has funded a global production program at YouTube Spaces showcasing talented female creators both in front of and behind the camera.

Cue the Women’s Program: 51 channels from 6 cities around the world with a combined subscriber reach of over 43 million subscribers produced content as part of a special YouTube initiative to spotlight and empower female creators in 2016. Their goal is to support the creation of female-driven content and inspire women to make more videos for YouTube – ultimately, to help create a world where everyone’s voice can be heard.

Vessel-Banking To Be The Next YouTube


Former Hulu CEO Jason Kilar is the man behind creating Vessel. YouTube has a broad range and large library of content. At the end of the day, this is about getting unique or different content on Vessel, and pulling from YouTube’s paid stars original content. Vessel has poached some of YouTube’s big names, but more importantly the company is focused on ensuring that the content that is on Vessel remains exclusive for 72-hours. That is the one major requirement that those who want to publish or upload to Vessel. Vessel’s major draw is that individuals who sign up with the company to create original content, will ultimately make a lot more money – and specifically, the company has said that that figure could be as high as $50 per thousand views, compared to the current $2-3 per thousand views on YouTube. It remains to be seen though just how successful this medium will be, and whether it will truly take digital subscriptions to the next level.

You Tube To Offer Subscription Fees



The initial trial of the plan will involve up to 50 YouTube channels, sources say, with pricing for each channel beginning at $1.99 per month. There has also been no word on which channels would get the subscription treatment. You Tube will compete with Netflix and Hulu

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