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Hackers Steal Army & Xbox Technology


Four men have been charged with breaking into the computer systems of Microsoft, the US army and leading games manufacturers, as part of an alleged international hacking ring that netted more than $100m in intellectual property, the US Department of Justice said on Tuesday.

The defendants, aged between 18 and 28, are believed to have stolen more than $100 million in intellectual property and other proprietary data from the likes of Microsoft Corporation, Epic Games, Valve, and even the US Army. This includes pre-release versions of Gears of War 3 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Apache helicopter simulation software developed for the US army, and information about the Xbox One console.

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Upcoming Trends



Microsoft software company is acquiring Nokia’s Devices & Services business and the right to license Nokia’s patents to other entities. Assuming the deal is approved by Nokia’s shareholders and regulatory agencies, Microsoft will spend approximately $7.2 billion on the acquisition.

 21-year-old electronics and communication engineer revealed this week that Facebook paid him $12,500 for spotting a software vulnerability that could allow a hacker to delete any image stored on the social networking site. While the company is known to pay out for discoveries like this, such a large amount is thought to be rare, meaning Facebook’s security team considered it to be potentially very damaging. The engineer found a way for a hacker to generate a photo removal link and have it sent to their own inbox, thereby allowing them to delete the image without the uploader knowing.

Sony plans to support virtual reality on the PlayStation 4 using proprietary headsets 

Macworld US editor Jason Snell has confirmed that he has received the invite to the Apple event on 10 September. The event is scheduled for 10 September at 10am at the Town Hall on Apple campus.Earlier today news broke that Apple has issued invites to the rumoured 10 September iPhone launch event.

The upcoming Xbox One will allow eight controllers to connect at once, according to Microsoft. Four controllers has been the norm for consoles of late, so the question is: what can you do with eight controllers at once?That question will be answered sometime this November when the Xbox One is released.


Games Adapted From Books



Frank Herbert’s 1965 novel, Dune, is a  modern science fiction story is of nobility, power, political scheming, psychological conflict, and the treacherous pursuit of spice on a desert world. Cryo Interactive molded Dune’s themes and characters into a computer game in 1992, assigning players the role of Paul Atreides and tasking them with driving the cunning House Harkonnen from the planet.

Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened is the first entry in the series to have Holmes deal with supernatural elements, much like he did in Doyle’s The Hound of the Baskervilles, and one of the strongest entries to Frogwares’ series. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes is Doyle’s introductory collection of Sherlock Holmes stories, originally published in 1892.


 Dynasty Warriors 3
Xbox; PlayStation 2

Japanese game studio Koei released Romance of the Three Kingdoms in 1985, a turn-based simulation title based on the Chinese historical novel of the same name. Romance of the Three Kingdoms (Chinese: Sanguo Yanyiis attributed to 14th-century scribe Luo Guanzhong and is a dramatic explanation of the final years of China’s Han Dynasty. It is considered one of the four great classical novels of Chinese literature. 

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six

The Rainbow Six franchise was born from the mind of Tom Clancy. In 1996, the prolific American author founded Red Storm Entertainment with his business partner, Doug Littlejohns, who had been a submarine captain in the British navy. 


Suikoden II

Like Dynasty Warriors, Konami’s Suikoden series is loosely adapted from one of the four great classical Chinese novels. This time the inspirational text is Water Margin (Chinese: Shui Hu Zhuan), a 14th-century novel traditionally attributed to Shi Nai’an. Water Margin tells the tale of 108 outlaws who gather on Mount Liang to form an anti-government militia. 





The Future Of Gaming


New software tracks a person’s facial expressions and maps it—in real-time—onto a digital character. The technology could make it easier to create computer animated characters that closely match the expressions of an actor.

Begin by, shaking your head once in front of the Kinect sensor the software uses so it can capture an impression of the shape of your face. The mapping gets better over time, because as a person moves his or her face, the system works to learn its shape better, producing a more accurate mimic. The software was created by Hao Li, Jihun Yu, Yuting Ye, and Chris Bregler of Industrial Light and Magic.

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