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20 Years AgoThe World Wide Web Was Created


December 20th 1990 was the  twentieth anniversary of Sir Tim Berners-Lee’s submission to CERN titled “Information Management: A proposal.” Over a year in a half later, he created  HTTP, HTML, WorldWideWeb (the first web browser), CERN httpd (the first server software), and the first web server (, paving the way for an unprecedented era of human communication and interconnectivity.

In March 1989, CERN scientist Tim Berners-Lee wrote a proposal to develop a distributed information system for the laboratory. was the comment that“Vague, but exciting” , Mike Sendall his supervisor, wrote on the cover,“Vague, but exciting”, and with those words, gave the green light to an information revolution.

Read the proposal

The birth of the World Wide Web
Computing at CERN

Japan To Launch Internet Fasting Camps for Addicted Students

Answer the following Questions

Do you spend way too much time online? Do you logon first thing when you wake up? Take your smartphone to the bathroom to check your messages? Surf the Web while you’re driving? Go online when you should be working? Check Twitter and Facebook last thing at night? Sweat when you get separated from your smartphone? Go balistic when your Internet connection drops?

According to the Japanese government, more than half a million of the nation’s children aged between 12 and 18 are addicted to the Internet and in need of help.

To deal with the issue, the Education Ministry said from next year it’ll offer addicted students the chance to attend so-called Internet ‘fasting camps’, a disconnected world free from computers, smartphones, tablets, and any other Net-connecting devices. 

The ministry said there was evidence that the addiction was having a negative impact on not only their performance at school but also their health, with sleep and nutritional disorders, as well as depression, reported. Even deep vein thrombosis gets a mention.

While centers for Internet addiction already exist in many countries, Japan, one of the most connected nations on the planet, currently has few places specializing in treatment for those considered to be Web addicts. 

The Treatment

The government will use existing facilities such as youth outdoor learning centers for its Internet fasting camps, a place where, over a number of days, students will be gradually and gently encouraged to reconnect with the real world.

Therapy sessions will be offered by trained psychologists, and lectures about outdoor activities without a smartphone will be given by experts.

Last month, DT’s Jam Kotenko investigated the subject of Net addiction in a piece which included a look at Digital Detox, a personal wellness retreat organization in Ukiah, California, where participants have to hand over their gadgets and gizmos in exchange for a week in the wilderness.

Microsoft’s IE11


Both Windows 8.1 and  Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) Preview is now available.  Fast, fluid and perfect for touch, IE11 continues our vision of providing the best Web experience across the full range of Windows devices and screen sizes – an experience where sites and apps work flawlessly together. IE11 offers better touch performance, faster page load times, a continuous browsing experience across your Windows devices, and completely rebuilt F12 developer tools. The preview for Internet Explorer is only  accessible from the Windows 8.1 preview,for now.  The Windows 7 platform should see the IE 11 later on.


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