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July 29, 2016-Last Day For Free Windows 10 Upgrade


Must have Windows 7 or Windows 8.1. to upgrade

Windows 10 New Name


Previously called Spartan, Windows 10 has a new name Microsoft Edge. The web browser is designed to put websites in the frontline and eliminate everything else — including icons and menus that could potentially slow page loads.

Microsoft Edge is “a browser built for doing” with “built-in note taking and sharing” a slide stated. As proof, Edge will support extensions that are designed for Firefox and Chrome with just a few modifications.

Microsoft Edge also has its voice assistant Cortana directly integrated. While Cortana will be baked into Windows 10 at a system-wide level, it will work a little differently in Microsoft Edge. For starters, Cortana in Microsoft Edge doesn’t talk to you at all. When you type certain keywords into the address bar or select topics on a website, it’ll jump into action, serving up relevant information such as the weather, maps and other extras in a window pane. Microsoft Edge will replace Internet Explorer. With Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge, Microsoft finally has a clear strategy for winning back users who turned to Firefox & Chrome.

Microsoft Releases Windows 10 Preview


Project Spartan is available for the first time for Windows Insiders to try out as part of the latest Windows 10 Technical Preview build for PCs. Be warned that you should be experience in computer use. Do not download the Windows 10 preview in your everyday computer.

The  bold new design for Project Spartan – one that is streamlined and puts the focus on the page, not the browser. This is part of our vision for a browser that doesn’t visually interfere with your life on the Web, but supports it.

Windows 10 Will Be Free Upgrade




Any device running Windows 7, Windows 8.1, or Windows Phone 8.1 will be able to upgrade to the latest version of MIcrosoft’s OS — for free. Release Date expected this summer

The Preview

Windows 10

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