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Blue Origin & Virgin Galactic
Jeffrey P. Bezos unveils Blue Origin’s crew capsule at the Space Symposium in Colorado Springs. (Photo by Christian Davenport) founder Jeff Bezos said on Wednesday he is selling about $1 billion worth of the internet retailer’s stock annually to fund his Blue Origin rocket company, which aims to launch paying passengers on 11-minute space rides beginning 2018.

The interior includes comfortable seats with, laid back headrests like a La-Z-Boy. The walls are padded and white, and there are handles all over the place so that the floating astronauts can hang on like people riding the Metro.

Virgin Galactic, founded by Richard Branson, also plans to fly tourists to space, and is in the middle of testing its new space plane, Space Ship Two, which would be tethered to the bellow of a mother ship and then launched in flight. Virgin charges $250,000 a flight; Blue Origin hasn’t decided what its tickets would cost.

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This is so backwards So whats going to transpire is that the uneducated with the cash can fly up in space and the educated scientist who is well versed in astronomy or aerospace only get to hear about it or will they have to apply for a grant or something will have to hear about? Who just want to hear “O the ride was wonderful or exciting! Where the details?




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