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Galaxy Note 7 Owners Upset: Where’s Our Money?


report from The Guardian, says a number of individuals who suffered property damage when their Note 7 exploded say Samsung is resisting paying compensation.


Samsung Suspending Production Of Galaxy Note 7


After a number of replacement phones that was deemed safe after a recall — caught fire and sent at least one person to the hospital Samsung suspends the production of Galaxy Note 7.The report comes from the Korean news agency Yonhap. The New York Times corroborates the news citing a person familiar with the production stoppage. At least 5 replacement phones caught fire last week.



Phablets are a growing breed of mobile devices incorporating both a smartphone and a tablet computer in a single compact package (phone + tablet = phablet).

Smartphones take on more and more computer-like capabilities (viewing news, sports, photos, movies, taking photos and videos, and the like), there’s an increasing desire for screens with a larger display size and higher resolution. Combine this with the increasing number of users who want to “go mobile” with tablet computers, and you have the need for a more compact tablet computer. Since display sizes for smartphones are typically three to five inches and for tablet computers seven to ten inches, there’s a “gap” in the five- to seven-inch size. Enter a combined device: the phablet.

Several phablets are on the market, but one new arrival has attracted a lot of attention. Of course we had to check it out, and here’s what we found:

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3, an Android phablet, is a marvel of compact technology measuring 6 inches high, 3.1 inches wide, and a super slim 0.33 inches thick. The display measures 5.7 inches diagonally and uses AMOLED (active matrix organic light emitting diode) screen technology for a bright, crisp view at a full HD resolution of 1290 by 1080 (385 ppi).


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