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Office Workers @ Stockholm Sweden’s Epicenter Choose To Be Microchipped


Many of the workers at the Epicenter in Stockholm Sweden have chosen to be voluntarily chipped with RFID implants in their hands. Epicenter members can unlock doors, access printers, and pay at vending machines without having to fumble for cash or a card. Most of the nearly 1,000 members still use traditional means, but a healthy handful has opted to volunteer.

Epicenter is part of a movement to construct office space of the future. Members are encouraged to participate in over 100 annual events, from workshops on biohacking to concerts. Long distance calls can be taken through telepresence robots that roam around the corridors. A “robotic” vending machine makes fresh fruit smoothies on demand. There’s even a “biohacker breakfast” that consists of bulletproof coffee and a pair of boiled eggs.

Their goal is to make the workplace a place for play as well as productivity and experimentation and to push forward as early adopters of untested technology.

Epicenter is founded by a group of guys who used to run big tech conferences, and one of their visions for epicenter is that it will be like a big tech conference on a daily basis. Every A Chip & Beer, a meet-up is held monthly, where members can come get implants and sip libations. (Alcohol thins blood, so it’s best to start with the implant.)

France gives employees the right to disconnect as soon as they step out of the office, there’s something suspect about Epicenter members quite literally taking their work home with them, even though these chips can be used far beyond the office – as membership IDs for gym chains and supercenters, and to pay for goods at small shops all around Sweden .

Biometric monitoring of employees continues to be a growing trend, the widespread use of these new technologies remains rare due to privacy and legal concerns. Privacy issues prevent many companies from instituting biometric IDs simply because — like anything else — they pose a hacking risk, too. 

They say the benefits range from accounting for employees in emergency situations to protecting employees and employers from unfounded complaints.

The Cons no more Privacy, Those with something to hide well BEWARE! Big Brother Is Coming Soon


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