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Large Banks Closing Branches In Favor Of Digital Wallets



JPMorgan launched a partnership with PayPal, bolstering both companies’ digital payment networks.

JPMorgan Chase (NYSE:JPM) and PayPal (NASDAQ:PYPL), two global payments leaders, have announced a partnership that will make it easy to add Chase cards via Chase Pay to PayPal accounts, and will soon offer customers the option of paying with Ultimate Rewards points when linked through Chase Pay at PayPal’s millions of online merchants.

In addition, PayPal will have the ability to process payments on ChaseNet, a unique, closed-loop payment netwo

The most recent round of bank earnings provides a window into the shift to mobile services. Bank of America and JPMorgan both expanded their mobile customer bases by double-digit percentages versus a year ago.


Payment On The Go


PayPal is rolling out a new program that will allow customers to make payments on the go. The new feature lets them make wireless transactions using one of the trendiest wearable tech pieces, smartwatches. At the moment, PayPal is launching a pilot phase of the program at campus Starbucks in San Jose, using Samsung Galaxy smart on-wrist tech pieces.




Elon Musk,  billionaire chairman and chief executive officer of electric-vehicle maker Tesla Motors Inc. (TSLA), will release designs next month for a system capable of whisking people from Los Angeles to San Francisco via a tube.

The project, aka can whisk passengers on this high-speed tube transportation system between San Francisco and Los Angeles in minutes and between California and the East Cost in under an hour, Yahoo reported. The “pods” that people might travel on in this system will be around two meters, Musk said on Twitter. The transport won’t happen inside vacuum tunnel Hyperloop, if they share his goal of doing the technology “fast and without wasting money,” according to his Twitter posts today. Musk, 42, is seeking “critical feedback” on the system and will publish his plans by Aug. 12 . Musk has hinted that his design won’t be patented and Hyperloop will be open-source . Musk, a co-founder of PayPal Inc., is the 182nd richest person on the Bloomberg Billionaires list. He is also chairman of SolarCity Corp. (SCTY), the rooftop power producer that’s more than quadrupled in value this year.

Big Data and Fertility ?


The Glow fertility app is designed to help couples improve their chances of conceiving by using Big Data analytics to pinpoint the time when a woman is at her most fertile. The app is said to  predict the days in which a woman has the best chances of conceiving.

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