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Trends In The Game Industry (eSports)


According to Newzoo, of the 1.3 billion gamers worldwide, 256 million are eSports fans today. That number will grow to 385 million by 2017. ESports generated over $493 million in revenues last year and are expected to jump to $696 million this year.

When you look at the gaming landscape, the only thing as “hot “as eSports is virtual reality. Newzoo forecasts global virtual reality and augmented reality will generate $569 billion by 2025. And gamers will be a big part of that revenue, with projections of spending $100 million on VR hardware by 2018.

The Electronic Sports League (ESL), and one of the giants in both the tech and gaming markets, Intel, are already laying the groundwork for virtual reality eSports. The eleventh season of the Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) eSports tournament just concluded in Katowice, Poland over two sold-out weekends this month. Over 173,000 people attended and another 40 million people tuned into the livestreams across Twitch, Twitter, and a dozen television networks globally. IEM Season 12 will kick off its year-long tournament tour schedule on May 6 in Sydney, Australia.

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Intel Adding More Women & Minorities To Its Ranks


Intel is becoming more diverse, announcing an ambitious plan to add more women and minority workers to its ranks.

Since January, roughly 17% of Intel’s senior hires were historically under-represented minorities — about double the rate last year. Intel also doubled its senior hiring among women to 33%

Moreover, roughly 41% of Intel’s hires for the year so far have been diverse. Up from about 30% a year ago. The diverse hiring has occurred throughout the company, including the engineering, human-resources and finance departments. Intel has roughly 106,000 employees.

Intel Surveys The Millennials


Intel Corporation surveyed  12,000 people aged 18 and older in eight countries. The survey revealed  that Millennials are tech-savvy young adults who grew up with smartphones and iPads. However, many think technology makes people less human.The survey also revealed that 18 to 24-year-olds want technology to be more personal and know their habits. Older women and those living in emerging markets are the most enthusiastic about the role technology can play in their lives, the findings showed. 

Close to 90 percent of young adults questioned in the poll said innovations in technology make life easier, but about 60 percent admitted people rely on it too much and that it can be dehumanizing. Seventy percent said technology enhances their personal relationships and about half believe it will have a good impact on education, transportation and healthcare.

Women age 45 and older, and those living in emerging markets such as Brazil and India, are more enthusiastic about the impact technology could have on their lives. In China, more than 70 percent of women said technology is not used enough.

The findings showed that Italians and Japanese held the most negative attitudes toward technology.The survey, which was conducted in Brazil, China, France, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan and the United States from July 28 to August 15, has a margin of error of plus or minus 0.89 percentage points.

Maker Faire 2013 New York/Bay Area


This year 3D printers were the talk of the town in New York’s Makerfaire. Held over the held only,  at the New York Hall of Science in Corona, Queens. The show highlighted the creations of hobbyists, hackers, and craftspeople in everything from electronics to rocketry to beadwork.  3D printers and related technologies—from established companies and newcomers were the  featured attraction. Intel futurist Brian David Johnson introduced Jimmie, an open-source 3D-printed robot, in a special presentation, and 3D printers occupied a large area within the show.

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