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Tesco-Is Big Brother Watching You?

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Tesco the supermarket giant in the UK  is installing hundreds of hi-tech screens that scan the faces of shoppers as they queue at the till to detect their age and sex for advertisers. The store giant has signed a ground-breaking deal with Lord Alan Sugar’s Amscreen in a move which last night sparked fresh concerns from privacy campaigners about the growing use of “invasive” technology in the nation’s shops.

The “OptimEyes” system will be rolled out into 450 Tesco petrol forecourts, which serve millions of customers a week.

It works by using inbuilt cameras in a TV-style screen above the till that identify whether a customer is male or female, estimate their age and judge how long they look at the ad.

The “real time” data is fed back to advertisers to give them a better idea of the effectiveness of their campaigns and enable them to tailor ads to certain times of the day.



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North Dakota and Minnesota are  among the various states using driver’s license and identification cards to compile databases of residents’ faces that, when used with facial recognition technology, are the photographic equivalent of fingerprinting.

Civil liberties advocates are worrie about how the technology will be used. Using the technology to detect identification fraud – can be  an acceptable government use of facial recognition – and now used by both Minnesota and North Dakota. But using an ID database and facial recognition software to identify people involved in a criminal investigation requires more care.  Using facial recognition technology – and using it on state ID records – could open the door to mass surveillance,

Morpho, the company that produces the software used by the North Dakota state government, said on its website that it is “quite improbable” that facial recognition will “achieve the same levels of precision” as fingerprint recognition in the near future.

There are some factors that can hinder proper identification include facial expressions, angle of the photo and low photo quality.

Congress Wants Some Answers About Google Glass


Imagine being at a crowded function , and someone approached you wearing pair of funny looking  glasses, one side of which had a thick aluminum frame. Not knowing that someone  is wearing Google glasses. This person approaching you would be able to identify you by facial recognition, and by the time he or she has walked up to you, they just done peeped your hole card, your name, your job, where you lived and how much you make? And guess what? your conversation was being recorded and that your photo, or whatever the wearer was looking at, could be posted online? What would you do? Unless you know the full capabilities of Google’s Glass project. How would you know to ask the person wearing the Google Glass headset not to record you? Chances are you wouldn’t. Worse scenario, The Google glass wearer shows up at your residence. Well some members of Congress is finding google glass kind of creepy and want some answers.  The  Bi-partisan Congressional Privacy Caucus sent a letter to Google CEO Larry Page asking questions about how Google planned to ensure that the privacy of users, and more important, non-users, was being protected. In other words the congressmen want to know what safeguards Google was putting into place to guard against the violation of privacy laws. Google has until June 14 to respond to the inquiries by the caucus. Unless they can ease the fears we can expect some regulations concerning Google Glass.

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